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What player are you?

There were some ideas running recently in my head and the time has come to appear in the blog. Everyone recognizes himself as any type of player: good, bad , risky, mice heart or lion in every single bet.

I will just tell you, on my opinion what kind of players I know and you might fins yourself , somewhere down below:

1. ” Mice heart” – playing small stakes, always comparing with the big ones , but nothing at the end.Waste of time and money.

2. ” Double or nothing”(Russian roulette) – all the bankroll in single event, then the wining plus the stake again and again till the losing of everything waits on the final. Beware of such type of bettors, they will surely go to bankruptcy.

3. ” King of multiples” – in every bookies you have a plenty of events on many sports including pre-match and live . This kind of players want to take all the fortune in the world with a bet of 0.5 $ . It can not happen, maybe they have hit once in their live one multiple 5 bet and had explained to everyone what “champions” they are. It is not the right way.

4.”Someone told me” – yes , there are may men and women in the industry who tell someone, something , but they tell one piece of gold for a long run. If you hear something is 100 % sure , do not believe it. There are : mats, stats and other sciences which give you the sense and the logic.

5. “Paid bettors” – this are the bettor who paid to proven tipsters and follow their policy and strict rules. If you have enough money, you can try this way.

6. “Soldier ” – it is kind of player, who perfectly knows his bankroll, percentage of a single bet and long term priorities . Discipline is the key world, if you are motivated enough and want to achieve something in the world of betting try to stick yourself to this group.

7. ” Value bettor” . This is the most dangerous group for bookies. They bet on odds of over 3 (decimal) and find and get the profit in a short term , withdraw the money and fly away. These are the real kings of betting.

8. ” Arbitrage betting” – betting on the both outcomes on the 2 way market in order to get the percentage difference, when the bookies are updating slowly their odds. This type , requires too many accounts in different bookies.

9. ” Play for fun” , these are players who are perfect for bookies, losing money and in long run , they could not obtain any big winnings.

I hope you have found this article useful.

What type of player are you ? Have you find your self somewhere in the lines above 🙂 ?


How I started betting(chapter 4)

When you are in the betting industry,the first thing you have to learn is that money stands an the beginning and at the end of gambling cycle,all other time you are dealing with value.Actually “value” in betting is the ball in football and basketball. When you are not having in it , there is a big problem going on. I will call “value” , the ball in this article.

So , you have to be in full control of the ball. It is your opinion, who and why to trust. My advise is trust to yourself. Rebound the ball, do as many passes as you can, beware and watch the game( the bookies issues in pre-event and live status), listen what the “old dogs” are doing and score a goals ( basket) in the most unexpected moment. Surprise is the time and moment , when you can hit and hurt the bookies more. When you have a profile of easy to predict player, then your time with sports betting is finished.Also one very special thing to add: invest and spent your time smart. So when you are able to deal perfectly with the ball, surprise and time, you can even overcome and over score Jordan and Pele.


I learnt that the value is the most important thing in betting. There are different types of value:to have specific info,to be better than the others in mats and stats.

When you woke up and read this article,I wish to all of you to find your specific value and turn in into income and positive profit.

Have a wonderful day and never close your eyes,value is everywhere around you!



Margins are for losers, value is for players

Hello all,

I have a wonderful feeling that right after the pause regarding to European Qualifications 2016 the upcoming matches from top 5 Championships in Europe will bring us many nice and profitable emotions.

Have you ever said to yourself , why all the figures of all bookies look different?Where should I make my bet on 3% , 10 % or 1 % margin markets?

Is it good to bet on 1.9 or 1.96 – who is robbing me the figures or the bookies, the lack of value or the lack of knowledge?


Have the best weekend you ever dreamed of.

P.s No matter on what you place bets and stakes, just remember numbers and figures are invented from humans , so let them play for you and obey you 🙂