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Ronaldo is the KIng – CR7

Ronaldo is a great, man, player and a boilitng pot of energy and power. He is the sun around whom all the planets and stars look very small and plain. Yes, the world is pain.

He started from Sporting Lisbon, via Manchester United and we all know the whole winning story and trophies road at Real Madrid. He is an ambitios star with one single plot to conquere and win all.

He is in Italy – great choice. Yes, I am a Lazio fan, but Juventus are instituton and religion for their fans and players. CR7 is the top algorithm for success and glory whenever he goes. All the tickets for all the games of Juve are sold out. All the players in Juventus are playing on 150% of their capacity. Everyone in Europe and world is speaking about this symbiosis – Ronaldo and Juventus.

And what is happening with Real Madrid? Great suffering and sadness- no wins, sad players and angry public. Zinedin Zidane was the engine which motivated all the competitors to fight like gladiators. But he is not there at “Santiago Bernabeu” and the star of Christiano is shining in Turin.

CR7 is a sun, a galaxy which makes everyone around him to shine and glitter as much as he is capable of. I see and feel that Juventus will win the  Champions League this year , because of Ronaldo and because the love of the public he felt before joining the team…

Bravo , Sari and Hazard

It is wonderful that I am here and currently writing this post. When I switched on the TV seeing Chelsea losing 1-0 from Liverpoo, just dared for equalizing goal and for penalties shoot-out.

The maing, magical and most important thing is the presence in the second half of one man- Eden Hazard. He reminds me a lot about Diego Armando – Maradona. When he is with the ball in his legs, it is like the top stops and all the players around him just gaze an try to touch him, while he dribbles and waves away from his opponents like a butterfly.

Ok, we won, But what is the most important – genius of one Belgian player or smart moves and substitutes from a grand Italian manager. I have watched a lot of games of Napoli. Maurizio Sari is a man of passion. Passion for footbal, passion for the players and passion for the fans. After the equalizing goal, the fans of ” Blues” just started , pardon continuing singing all our best chants. It was marvelous to sing loud in Anfield and all of the Pool fans to remain silent.

I have to add one good player as well – Willy Caballero. He is amazing goal-keeper and hes perfect presence.  I admire goal-keepers who play all the 90 minutes as gladiators. And the team as whole played like one fist point out for the success.

Bravo, Chelsea, Sarri and Hazard. This is the way of playing of the best time of our team. Blue is the colour ….


България – Норвегия ( прогноза)

Никой не знае или не се интересува какво се случва  с националния ни тим. Тъжно е , защото е имало и се надявам да има времена, когато футболестите да умират за родината си на зеления килим. Да мачкат и да остават без дъх. Да са истински лъвове, а не телевизионни и таблоидни звезди.

От къде идва надеждата? Петър Хубчев и нахъсан и не се съобразява с чужди намеси и внушения. Той иска всички да си раздават и да изпълняват плътно и точно тактическите му указания. Нашата игра като компастност на терена ми наподоби тази на Италия срещу Полша в петък.

Няма какво да си кривим душите – в нашия отбор звезди няма. Единственото, което може да ни изстреля нагоре е колективен дух и себераздаване 90 минути.

Как виждам мача и какво да очакваме като фенове:

    • Пламен Илиев е израснал много и пази добре.
    • Защита – Чорбаджийски и Бодуров трябва да внимават с острите влизания, тъй като европейските съдии не са като българските.
    • Божидар Краев – нека и днес да отбележи гол или два.
    • Норвегия са силов и крив тим. Като цяло не играем добре срещу скандинавски тимове. За никого не е тайна, че те първо тренират ски спортове и после се включват в най-великия спорт.
    • Физически да издържим и двете полувремена. Обикновено второто полувреме нашите играчи “увяхват”.
    • Над 2.5 гола в мача и победа за нашите момчета.

Pie for Champions

The picture you see is on the highest peek of the world – Everest. Many climbers and just humble people want to go there and to climb it , or just to put the flag of their country on it. To be on the top of the world is not an easy game. Even in me, at the age of 37 there is a big feeling and emotion, that tells me to go and try. To take many or more challenges is the main part and point in our live at this magnificent planet…

In the beginning of this season Champions League competition, there were many bets, tips, predictions and even long analysis of who the two finalists will be. You know some give advantage to their beloved teams or just want to see Barca and Real always at the final place. There were even big hopes for Monaco – Mbape and Falcao are even now Champions of France and their team is playing brilliant football, but …

  1. Juventus – a dream came true : Maximilaino Alegri created from the team of Juventus, just a marvelous machine. Some kind of a robot, who can survive in any situation. They did not accepted a goal from Barcelona in the two elimination games at the quarter-final stage.. This is more than a miracle… And they have the best goal keeper in the world – Buffon. This man deserves to win the final in Cardiff on the 3rd of June. Also I have to say few words for the Argentinians that create masterpieces : Dybala and Higuain. Even if they are blind or with some covering on their eyes, they can communicate and give brilliant passes all along the stadium. They are a killing duo, that no ones wants to face or can stop. Also great words for Mario Mandjukic, who has a heart of a Gladiator, running back and forth every single game. This Croatian is magnificent. Every player of “Old segnora” knows what to do in every situation , in every fragment of the game. But they will face …
  2.  Real Madrid – brilliance and beauty. Zidane was hell of a player. For me top 3 for all times, among Pele and Maradona. Now he is doing better things as a trainer. Just look at the games with Atletico Madird, he is a strategist, a player, a human and a brilliant motivator. Some will say, that with players like Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale you can win anything, but it is not true. When you have many stars in the team, you have to think every single day how to find the balance between them and to make them play on 120% of their skills and potential.

Soon , I will have a post on the sure outcomes, regarding this magical game. On the last place, pray for Manchester and for the killed innocent victims two days ago. Terrorism is a bad thing and we have to fight against it in any means.