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Lazio can make it

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Lazio is playing one of the most attractive football and in Italy, Europe and the whole world for the last couple of years. The main role of the development and evaluation in the team is on the shoulder of Simone Indzaghi. He is not just a trainer , he is  a pure motivator and the blues from Rome are playing without any fear versus any team in Italy and Europe.

Juventus on the contrary are struggling to achieve another consecutive title in Italy, Seria A. They are on point behind Napoli and will chase the victory after few hours on Olympico. It will be a great derby with whats of thrilling moments and great expectations.

What are mine predictions and team regarding this game :

  • Lazio will win – this is hardly optimistic prognosis.  I saw last games of the team and I am very happy that Felipe Anderson is playing close to his 100% potential.
  • The lost semi-final for the Cup versus Milan – when it is about penalty shoot-out it is kind of a Russian roulette. Anyone can win.
  • Juventus were defeated from Lazio in the previous game in Turin. SO today my expectations are great and hopefully Juventus will lose a lot of points in this derby.
  • Curva Nord- fans will be there and will sing with passions long before the starting whistle.

Forza Lazio 🙂

Run for fun

It is a great thing , a marvelous piece of sport, art and movement Just to go outside – in the park or on the street and just .. run. This article was not meant to be here. Actually it was not also meant to be vivid or created. But , as you perfectly know some things are about to happen- karma.

We will speak about running and its essence and total implemented meaning of this process in our routine life. I thought to myself, is there any kind of sport which is not connected with running? Yes, there are some , but they are lazy sports, some of them are lazy, other are connected with “running” of your brain , like – chess, backgammon, poker, snooker and darts . All the other marvelous sports, that most of us are in love with are connected with great runs, jumps and movements : football, baseball, american football, basketball, tennis and volleyball.

What actually we are running for ? I use to run a lot, because I was training basketball for seven years and this gave me power in legs and spirit to win and never to surrender. When I was on the stadium , I was running with guys from another sports: football, volleyball, boxing and athletics. They gave me motivations. As some of you perfectly know, the best way to improves yourself in no matter what you do is to have very good and “healthy” competitions, to compete with others in every single step and move.

What are we competing and who we are fighting against, when we are running ?

1. We are fighting with gravity . This is the main power in our planet, that gives us motivation to never stop every single day.

2. We are saying to our body ” you can do more, I will test you and continue testing ..”

3. We are watching the surrounding , while we are part of velocity. This is the velocity of people, who do not like to stay on one place or phase. The will of people, who want to change.

4. To run like Forest Gump. Everyone remember the marvelous words :” Run Forest, run…”

5. The essence of our life is to modify our bodies and souls. While you are running , you are putting your mind and body in special , intense situation. Your heart is bumping hard, your, lungs are getting bigger, your brain is full of energy. You are pumped with motivation and will to move forward.

6. When you are running in the park, you and the nature become one. While you are breathing in intense way, you are breathing the same air as birds, trees  ,the cats and dogs. Air is freedom, running is passion.

7. The most blessed players on Earth are the basketball ones. They jump and run. Jumping is the little brother of running. With jumping higher and higher, you say to gravity , “I am bigger than you:)”.

If you liked this article, take your sports shoes and go running for 20 , 30 min or just for the sport. Running is like the refresh button of your body and soul. Why not click yours today?



Slots – fun and more

When I started , created and firstly wrote at this blog, I was thinking it was gonna be something connected simply and only with football. The time was passing and many interesting ideas came to my mind and therefore appeared on the site. I tried and I am currently trying to expand sports and other forms and types of bets. Step by step, me and you.Yes you, my dearest reader we came to the point to discuss and give opinion about slots.

Let’s try to see and give some explanation of this “phenomenon” in modern on line and land based betting – slots. What do we have ? Few smart people had invented and implemented animation and movement, changing graphics and symbols, in order to get someone’s attention and of course money.

I have to admit with hand on my heart, that some where and some time in the past , I was very keen on playing slots. Different types of slots: chasing jackpots, playing with 9,20,21, 25, 50 and 100 lines machines. It was a good experience , because I am now standing and trying to share with you my experience.

Let’s try to figure out in few points what , when, how and why to play slots. I will try not to be boring and to take too much from  your precious time. I will start from the beginning :

1. Slots are fun– you enjoy while laying them. You do not think about anything,just spin the reels and wait for what winning combination will come on the screen.

2. Machines are connected with popular images or heroes. You all perfectly good do know, that many of the films, cartoons are implemented in betting on slots.

3. To be accurate and confident which type of bet suits you most. Minimum or maximum, definitely do not cover my advise. Somewhere in the middle is perfect for a new start.

4. To make the choice, which slot is more suitable , the one with more or less lines. More lines, meaning bigger stakes, also and bigger chances for winnings.

5. Is it good enough to chase jackpots, super jackpots or mega jackpots? I know some people, who do hit kind of such winning, but their stakes are to big to afford.

6. If you want to win on this type of betting , you have to chose one or two favorite slots of yours. While you keep playing, you will get used to what the scenarios happen in different level of betting.

7. One golden rule in betting: ” If you are good enough on casino, you will be even more better on slots“. I had tried to figure out and explain to myself , why this sentence is true and filled with meaning , but the only thing that gives clear explanation is – experience.

8. The key word for success in slots playing and betting is experience. Make the difference , experience means to play more , not to lose a lot.

I hope you have found this article useful and helpful. If so , you my try some of the best games offered online by Mr Green. One of the best site for slots and casino.

Wish you the perfect day today.



What player are you?

There were some ideas running recently in my head and the time has come to appear in the blog. Everyone recognizes himself as any type of player: good, bad , risky, mice heart or lion in every single bet.

I will just tell you, on my opinion what kind of players I know and you might fins yourself , somewhere down below:

1. ” Mice heart” – playing small stakes, always comparing with the big ones , but nothing at the end.Waste of time and money.

2. ” Double or nothing”(Russian roulette) – all the bankroll in single event, then the wining plus the stake again and again till the losing of everything waits on the final. Beware of such type of bettors, they will surely go to bankruptcy.

3. ” King of multiples” – in every bookies you have a plenty of events on many sports including pre-match and live . This kind of players want to take all the fortune in the world with a bet of 0.5 $ . It can not happen, maybe they have hit once in their live one multiple 5 bet and had explained to everyone what “champions” they are. It is not the right way.

4.”Someone told me” – yes , there are may men and women in the industry who tell someone, something , but they tell one piece of gold for a long run. If you hear something is 100 % sure , do not believe it. There are : mats, stats and other sciences which give you the sense and the logic.

5. “Paid bettors” – this are the bettor who paid to proven tipsters and follow their policy and strict rules. If you have enough money, you can try this way.

6. “Soldier ” – it is kind of player, who perfectly knows his bankroll, percentage of a single bet and long term priorities . Discipline is the key world, if you are motivated enough and want to achieve something in the world of betting try to stick yourself to this group.

7. ” Value bettor” . This is the most dangerous group for bookies. They bet on odds of over 3 (decimal) and find and get the profit in a short term , withdraw the money and fly away. These are the real kings of betting.

8. ” Arbitrage betting” – betting on the both outcomes on the 2 way market in order to get the percentage difference, when the bookies are updating slowly their odds. This type , requires too many accounts in different bookies.

9. ” Play for fun” , these are players who are perfect for bookies, losing money and in long run , they could not obtain any big winnings.

I hope you have found this article useful.

What type of player are you ? Have you find your self somewhere in the lines above 🙂 ?