Margins are for losers, value is for players

Hello all,

I have a wonderful feeling that right after the pause regarding to European Qualifications 2016 the upcoming matches from top 5 Championships in Europe will bring us many nice and profitable emotions.

Have you ever said to yourself , why all the figures of all bookies look different?Where should I make my bet on 3% , 10 % or 1 % margin markets? Yes it seems frightening, but figures numbers have their own language and you just have to understand it and kepp them on your side. It is and it will never be hard for understanding.

Is it good to bet on 1.9 or 1.96 – who is robbing me the figures or the bookies, the lack of value or the lack of knowledge?


Have the best weekend you ever dreamed of.

P.s No matter on what you place bets and stakes, just remember numbers and figures are invented from humans , so let them play for you and obey you 🙂

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