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Pinnacle bonuses

Pinnacle is one of my favorite bookmakers and it will always be. I love them, because I loved betting on US sports – baseball, American football, Ice hockey  and basketball – NBA.

I have to salute those guys , who are giving maximum efforts to offer the best bonus scheme 0 the scheme for top punters and arbers:

  • lowest margin on the planet, biggest payouts and arbitrage welcome- this is one of the most eminent and recognizable motto of Pinnacle.com
  • I will give you an example , if you would liked to bet a 500 $ in one bookie on over 185,5 point for a basket game- the odds there would be – 1,83 ; 1,85, 1,87 ; or maximum 1,9 in Pinny you will have 1.92 , if it is NBA you will have 1,975. You may readers are smart people and can count the difference.
  • Bet huge without a doubt , when you open an account and already have made registration , you are seeing the total exposure and maximum bet which you can place. This is massive.
  • top odds for out rights – even for this type of betting pinny are *1 .

About the casino/slots game – bonus you will get 0,3 % cashback bonus on selected games. This is fair enough.

Also they won for 2016 the EGR gamazine award for the best e-sports operator.

Are you still hesitating, click here and start your endless adventure in the world of betting at Pinnacle.com

How I started betting ( Chapter 10)

Hello , dear visitors . It has been a long time since I wrote the last article in this thrilling and I guess very interesting sequel for you and for me. The funny point here is that article was pushing me, squeezing and asking to be written. The truth is that I was not ready and prepared to write it and to give it to your precious attention. Now I am ready and let’s see what I have and what I will share today with you.

We have passed through many interesting times and ways of betting. One of the most winning and profitable part for the bookies is the multiple bet sections. This is what I want so speak about.

Multiple bets are kind of to want to live the dream with a small stake. To try to be David, and to take the Goliath’s ( bookies) jackpot or treasure. It is not impossible, but it is hard to be achieved. My point of view is how professionals do the multiples , which guarantee money, value, passion and of course emotion of wining. I will try to emphasize, show and explain what types of multiples I see and figure to be the ones, that will bring you back profit at the end of the day:

1. Beware to play favorites , when it is according to multiple bets. There is an unwritten rule, that the small odds kill the big wins in multiple betting.

2. The best multiple is consisting of two, maximum 3 games. Do not be greedy. Me , myself as a mathematician, human, tipster and trader do like the big odds and the big sums, but as I had spoke with you several articles ago, we do make small steps in big marathon , called the “world of betting”.

3. Is it smart enough to combine prematch and live events? This is a hell of a good question. If you are an arbitrage player and want to hedge your funds during the one of the games, yes you can do it. If you are rookie in this industry , I do not suggest you to do so.

4. Over o,5 goals in the half time and over 2.5 goals at the end of a game, this is about combining live games, when we saw the starting line-ups. This is multiple bets for professionals. I do give you advise to try some of them.

5. When it will be an open game to combine over 2.5 goals line and over corners in the game ( two or three way market).

6. If you think, you are empowered with tons of solid info, you may make a multiple on outright winners in few well-known Championships in football.

7. One very important thing, which I was about to forget to mention. The meaning is in the combined events, not how big the stake will be. When you are fighting for a multiple to be at the winning side, the stake is the last thing you are thinking about.

I had a great time, while I was writing this special article, I guess you enjoyed it as well. Have a wonderful evening and will see each other very soon..



Betting advice ( Juve- Barca)

Today is the big day, end of European Club football season. The big clash is about to come – favorite and underdogs, magicians against defenders, but both fighting for treble.

I will try to lay out the odds odds of the game and how it it will look like, according to the bookies, you see on my blog:

1. 1 half – On my opinion first half will be a draw result . Something like 1-1 , because both teams will not think that mach for defense . Here are the odds for the bookies advised : Ladrokes  -1st half draw – 2.15, Dafabet – 2.25, william hill – 2.1, unibet – 2.3 , 10bet – 2.15,bwin -2.25.

2. The mores reliable bet -both teams to score ( William Hill – 1.95, bwin -1.91, 10bet -1,95)

3. Full time result – draw .I think that Juventus will lay the best tactical game this season and will finish the game before extra time with result 1-1 . They have  a brilliant defense and will not Barsa to score more goals . Here are the odds : Pinnacle  sports -4.22 , 5dimes – 4.21,Ladbrokes – 4.2 , William Hill – 4 , bwin – 4.1, Unibet – 4.2 ,dafabet – 3.96 .888sport – 4.2, 10bet – 3.95.

4. The next bet is -under 2.5 goals.  The first half can be also draw result :0-0 . But as a total the game will be 1-1, which covers the under 2.5 goals .Lets see the odds of the bookmakers houses for this event: 10bet-1.88 , 888 sport – 1.94 , dafabet – 1.91 , Unibet – 1.94 , Bwin – 1.87, William Hill – 1.91, Ladbrokes – 1.9, 5dimes – 1.93 amd Pinnacle  sports – 1.98 .

This is how I see the game will go. Bet , stake, think, evaluate, read between the lines and take what is yours . This is final, but what will happen can be given to stats, maths , emotions and also for  love of this wonderful game. I thought previously to give you more hints and tips, but I think this is enough for now.

Wish the best day of the year, stake your bet to make the game interesting and watch it somehwere tonight with friends.


American, Uk or decimal odds – pick the value smart

Hello dear friends.

I have been thinking recently which are the favorite odds for everyone. Are asian lines , american or just decimal? UK odds give you confidence , a fraction on tour advantage in front of the bookie, but actually it is on the contrary.

Odds are nothing more but colors who give you the direction, a sounds or whispers , who directs you to the high way or to a hidden path.

My high way is called decimal odds and variety of margins and formulas. I like to drive on this speed way with at least 150 km/h.

What about you, tell me about your speed way?

Good day ahead from me:)