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1xbet prelievi

Stiamo sempre cercando di fare la scelta giusta e qualche volta  con tutte le alternative che abbiamo risulta molto difficile farla.  Avendo lavorato per piu`di 10 anni nel settore , penso che  posso fare la differenza tra un sito affidabile e uno che lo e`di meno. Lo so quale e` la cosa che interessa i clienti.
Per quanto riguarda le scommesse sportive le cose principali sono due- le quote e  la velocita` dei`pagamenti. Poi ci sono anche due “secondarie ” – i bonus e i limiti.

Io vorrei facilitarvi e dirvi perche` secondo me  1xBet e` la scelta migliore per il momento per quanto rigurda le scommesse in Europa.

– e` il sito con i piu`veloci pagamenti che abbia mai visto. Ci sono numerosissimi possibilita` di  deposito e prelievo  ( piu`di 150! )  , se scegliete di prelevare con i portafogli online   ( tipo skrill ) i soldi saranno trasferiti subito al vostro contro skrill.

– i documenti vanno chiesti una volta sola ( di solito basta uno solo – carta di identita` o passaporto poi siete sicuri che potete prelevare senza problemi in qualsiasi momento. Non esistono le storie degli altri che ti chiedono dei documenti,certificiato di residenza, copie bollette ecc,ecc, solo per poter prolungare il tempo di pagamento .

–  su 1xbet troverete le quote migliori su tutti i mercati di scommessa prematch  o live. ( Il sito non ha licenza AAMS  ecco perche` puo`   avere  condizioni migliori per i propri clienti ,senza rispettare le quote prestabilite dallo stato.
– e` molto facile creare il conto  anche  direttamente da facebook o dal cellulare e iniziare a scommettere

Riepilogando posso dire che questo bookmaker russo fa per chi  vuole  scommettere e prelevare veloce, senza  perdere tempo con registrazioni lunghissime e senza avere dei limiti messi dai quotisti..

Mou is killing the competition

Two derbies in England

It is Sunday, for some of you it may be a fun day, nut for me it is a kind of a work day. Yeah, I am not officially at work, but blogging is also consuming and taking my spare time. But I love to be in front of the PC and to share my experience and knowledge with you.

We all know that this post is about two derbies in UK , Premier League : Liverpool – Everton and Manchester United – Manchester City. It is the easiest way to take both games in a combo with wins for the home squads, but this will look a bit not serious. Let’s try to take a brief look and analysis on both games:

  1. Liverpool – Everton : easy win for the boys of Jurgen Klopp. Seems fine and easy to take with a maximum stake. Yes, Liverpool are in good shape. My first prediction is over 2,5 goals, We all know what is happening with the defense of the reds. On the other hand we have Wayne Rooney who is eager to score more and more in every single mage or derby.
  2. United – City : the derby of Manchester, We all remember the thriller when those trainers – Mou and Guardiola have met in Spain( Real Madrid and Barcelona). Between those two it is always and will always be a total war. But I think that only Jose knows how to beat and defeat City. The boys of Pep are in a total winning streak of 13 consecutive wins in Premier League, they will want to make this games come up to 14. In my opinion the game is a classic draw derby with maximum 2 goals and result 1-1. United will play on counter-attack and will try to surprise City.

Wish you all a very beneficial day. See ya soon..

Napoli – the new Champion

There are several hours till a great derby in Italy, Two teams who have one common player who divided the ultras culture and made fans of Napoli go mental 2 years ago. The pic of the post is very old but the interesting fact is that Higuain makes and made the difference in performance of the team from Naples.

Since Argentinian left Sao Paolo stadium, Napoli started playing much better football. Actually, Hamsik revealed most of his talent and Mertenes began to score more. It is not a just good circumstance that Napoli is leading now the table of Seria A. They are playing the best from all the teams participating.

What we must say about Juventus. They are tired, You, know in history everyone who has climbed every peak wants just a little time to take rest. And to get rid of everything. This year Napoli and Inter are showing amazing performance and phenomenal will to take the title.

But I do not want to lose your time with any thoughts that might get you bored. Let’s get straight to the point- tips for tonight derby:

  1. Over 2,5 goals in the game – odds are as per 1xbet 2,08 And an early goal in the first 10 minutes of the start of the game.
  2. Both teams to score – yes.-1,8
  3. Asian handicap -1 for Napoli – 3.32
  4. Napoli to win the game – 2.19

I will strictly comply with less number of tips. Let’s see and count which of them will be wining. Buona notte

Come on Chelsea

Yes, Chelsea is playing in few hours and I did not have enough time today to write about their game at “Stamford Bridge” with Swansea.

So as most of you already know, I will stick to the odds of 1xbet. They are good guys and regularly are getting and giving the highest odds on the planet for the top football leagues in Europe – football.

Let’s get straight to the point – It is blog for tips not for those or in the case – me, who are exercising in writing in a bit funny style. Ant the time has come for the winning predictions , which will give us a good profit. Here they are,hold your breath and write/bet:

  1. Over 2,5 ; over 2,75 and over 3 goal sin the game definitely the Blues from London will try to score an early goal and leave the rest in the legs of Eden Hazard.
  2. Asian handicaps for Chelsea ( -1,5 ; -1,75 and -2) – odds are as per 1xbet – 1,57 , 1,72 and 1.91
  3. Correct score 3-0 for Chelsea – odds are 7 at the already mentioned bookie.
  4. Last prediction – Chelsea to score in both halves – yes.

There are few hours before the game. Take some rest , take as many beers as you can drink and lets enjoy the game the The Bridge. Come on Chelsea :):)