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Grigor Dimitrov

I want to say few words about Grigor Dimitrov. He is making a very good and impressive year in tennis. Is it because of his new trainer or because he is growing old and somehow his mentality is changing, we will see. In this article I will speak about human qualities, not for the professional ones.

I will get straight to the points, I do not want to lose mine and your time:

  1. Baby Fed – this is why I have put this pic for the post. This comparison maybe gave too much star dust and megalomania to the spirit and thinking of Grisho. Federer is humble and concentrate man,
  2. Bulgaria above all – your country  always stays on the top of everything. It does not matter if it is about money, fame, women and whatsoever. Dimitrov resigned to take part one year ago in the same tourney Garanti koza as this year, he won the same one. This was a very big mistake of his. There are children who admire him, and which tears I saw, when he told to the media, that he will not come. One month later he went to Istanbul for a tourney of the same ranking. You , dear readers can make the conclusion.
  3. To speak your own language – I am ashamed of the way he is speaking Bulgarian, he is born here, studied here and yes he is now training in USA, but.. What example this would be for the small children. He has to be the best ambassador of the country.
  4. Cheering the fans – you know how Djokovic is treating the fans, what a good and smiley man he is. He always is speaking Serbian , congratulating them and staying for a long time, in order for the fans to take pics. Grisho is like a snobbish star, who does not have time for this things.
  5. In the Olympics – most of his team maters from another sports, said that he is not looking at them , never cheering them up and somehow feeling ashamed. This is ridiculous and a gesture of total stupidity. They are all there for one goal, to defend their pride and the pride of their country.
  6. If you want to be American – just be : you can change your passport and be an American. All your deeds show that you are ashamed from your origin. But , I would like to remind you, that you are what you are now, just because of it. Because you breathe the air of honored man and women in this sacred land, because you are writing on the one of the first alphabets – Cyrillic. And when there were not too many countries in the world , Bularia was the 4ht in Europe and we had civilization and on the place of your favorite America, were only Indians.

You may think , that there is too much hatred in this post. NO, these are my thoughts and opinion. I am watching every step of this tennis player. And in a conclusion I will give one example. When you go to Belgrade, there are many big, very big posters of Novak Djokovic– he is also living and training abroad, but he would rather die , but never betray his country.


Poker players vs. Casino players

When you sit and start writing , it is a very delicate and interesting process. It cannot be described, just sit and expand your imagination. Words came like a game of tetris and go to the most suitable place, they have meant to be and fit.

For the needs of this article we have to put in one place, at one table both type of players : poker and casino. I give slight advantage to casino players, although the poker ones should be my favorite ones, because they count more on mats and stats. I will try briefly to formulate and figure in some steps , how this match would get going:

1. Poker is that kind of game, that expects your brain to make calculations every single second about every situation that is about to happen. In casino , especially roulette , you are thinking even harder, because you have your opponents on the tables + the ball.

2. Who should be better in calculations and figures? Definitely the advantage is on the side of poker masters , but when you are keen on playing roulette , you are always thinking and calculating, what and why this number will appear.

3. Cards and magic circle with a ball. In both games, we have magic and attention of great value. Some people say , that while you watch the roulette rolling , while waiting the ball to drop , you got hypnotized, I do not know is that affection too strong with poker and cards.

4.Is all about great instincts and perfect intuition. In both games, you should perfectly know your self and your opponents. One of the best poker players are masters of bluff. One of the best casino-roulette players , perfectly realize when and against who the croupier is playing.


5. slots -jackpotMoney is of no means until you left the table. Money won and money lost are just part of the formula to stay and be the owner of the victory at the end of the night or in the tourney.

6. Both kind of players, especially the best ones always improve themselves. if you think for a while , that you became the best, that is meaning that “star dust” is taking you too far away from reality.

7. In such virtual combat , I stay on the side of casino-roulette players. They do have better instincts .

I would be more that happy and satisfied, if at the end of the day or at the end of every single article you read in my blog, something stays deep in you and makes you think. I appreciate your attention.

The day is all yours , same with the night. Take the very best from both of them with a smile on your face.


How I started betting (Chapter 8 )

Hello , dear friends. It has been several months since I started writing and creating new articles in my blog. Especially the series “How I started betting” are my favorite ones. Here comes the new one.

When you had created account in some bookmaker i.e the ones you see on my site with bankroll of 200 $.You place your first bet in sport book , then you decide to flip some slots or play poker. The main mistake is to play all the different options of betting , that you have in every single bookies.

The first thing is to recognize yourself, where and what bankroll would you like to give, invest or lose for fun. Just answer the simple questions, where and in what are you good enough.This is your key strategy.

My specialties are sports betting and roulette (European one). Slots are just for fun( when you realize how much you have lost, you had better , never started).

We spoke a lot about sports betting and I made some notes about betting on roulette and how the things are going there and what you could expect.

With the bankroll of 200 $ as I mentioned, you can calculate a percentage between 5-10% to be your single stake , no matter if you bet on one event , multiples or simple bets. If you stake the whole sum in one bet, that you have to deposit more , more and more.. This will lead you to e total collapse .

Fix yourself a time frame . Why not month or two? Create a table and write a table with every bet you make. The power of success is to write, see and understand all the figures. Even if you start losing, you can all the time analyze on what path of the road are you.

Remember, money is not important. Important is your discipline. If you accepted the 10 % bankroll stake, than 20 bucks are not bad for a single bet.

What odds to be your leading signs? Just follow few teams in one sport and try to learn everything about them. Betting or sports trading is nothing, but manipulating right with information. Information, mathematics, statistics and analyze are your weapons, which you will have to use correct in every single move you make.

The most reasonable and confident thing to get , to the winning point is never stop walking the small steps. They are the main source to what is standing around the corner and waiting for you.



How I started betting (chapter 7)

When you find yourself confident in betting on sport ,you want to try to bet on some other opportunities.

In my case I trued real-time slots and roulette. Actually the passion is about roulette -systems ,supetsticious minds, believe in luck and favorire numbers. Let me tell you my point of view in betting on lets ephasize-european roulette:

1. First you have to know perfectly know the rules and which sector ,how much pays back to you.

2. What is “voisins“, “tirre“and “orphans “?

3. Which is better to bet on dozens or on neighbors?

4. Do not do the mistake to write down the sequence of numbers?

5. My advise is never to be on red or black. It is definite waste of time and money.

6. Type of bets. Here is the key to success on betting on roulette…

About the slots . It is game for ladies :free spins bonuses ,scatters and big jackpots.

My advise is to bet smart .Take the value and if you find yourself in serious addiction ,search for help.

It was all my pleasure.

P.S And always remember ,play for fun .If you are good and smart enough ,you will get profit at the end.