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Champions League tips

What’s up guys? Do you want to win with me tomoroow? I mean tomorrow as today, I do not see anything appropirate for mine/your money. World of betting is a world of smart and precise decisions. If yoy want just to gamble and spent money, do not read anymore.

It is not secret to anyone, that I love all the gams in the Champions League competition. It is the football tourney that has all in it. They might take it is the tournament of the richest teams in Europe, but there is always a chance small teams to get the the Group Stage..

So let’s take a look what games I have picked up for you:

  • Copenhagen – Crvena Zvezda – the first games ended 1-1 and there were massive fights in the sctros with Zvezda Ultras. My point here to pick the home team as a winner and over 2.5 goals in the game is that Dannish team has a very good experience. They play regularly in the group stage. But we have not to underestimate the Serbian team. If they score first a goal, the match will become very dramatical. My final prediction here is 2-1 victory for Copnehagen.
  • Ajax-Paok – I am always on favour of the Dutch teams playing. I like the Ajax team and how they elliminated last year Real(Madrid) and JUventus. The whole spirit in Amsterdam and in Johan Cruyff arena is somehting special and unique. I will take here over 2.5 goals and win for Ajax.
  • Olympiacos – Basaksehir– when Greek and Turkish temas are playing we speak always about derbies and great passion. Obviously the home team will win here and there will be a lot of corners and yellow cards. I do believe that there will be also one red card.

Final words : Previously I was giving tips with correct odds for the appropriate markets. Then I decied just to give my opinion, You are intelligent enough to pick the odds from the most appropriate bookie for your region.

88cashbet Bonuses

88cash bet is a new-comer in the market. The funny thing here is the number 88. In Asia people beieve that eight or eights bring luck. It is the common faith and belief like we have for the number of 7. I.e in many countries there ar clubs with number 777 or four sevens. Also in the slot games and industry sevens are seen very often.

So 88cash bet hold Curacao license. This does not have to give you any doubt or worries. Many bookmakers are holding and having such license, meaning that they are loyal and correct enough with payments and winnings to their customers.

So let’s try to focus on the bonuses of 88cash bet:

  • 100 % up to 100 eur – welcome bonus for new clients. The bonus + deposit should be rolled over 20 times per 14 days on accumulators, at least with two selection with minimum odds of 1.85. It is kind of hard issue, but at least you can play on all the available sports markets pre-match and live.
  • Free spins – if you have made a deposit between 10-19 EUR/USD or GBP you will have 5 free spins on the next day after. If the deposit is 20+ in EUR/USd or GBP you will get qualified on the next day for 10 free spins. For more information, pls get in touch with the Customer Support Department.
  • Cash-out option – as part of the strategy of the most well-known bookies, here you will find the cash out option, which is determined and offered as per sole discretion of the trading team of 88cashbet.
  • 5 % cash back – available for slots and live casino betting. If you are losing 10 or more eur on bets on the upmentioned events, yu have to cliam your refund to the CS department.

Conclusion : 88cashbet is a new brand who is figihting to get a decent amount of customers and offering good bonuses so far. The future will show how they will evalute in the gmabling industry.Let’s wish them luck and to offer us as many new bonuses as they can.

Топ мач за днес

Palmsbet Sports Betting Bulgaria

Шампионска лига ми е един от любимите футболни формати не само в едропейско, но и световно естество. Говорим не само за класни двубои и сблъсъци, но и за атмосфера на стадионите и психо “атаки” по време на пресконференции на мениджърите.

Мачът, върху който ще конценрирам уменията и бетинг стратегиите си днес ще бъде Наполи и Пари Сен Жермен. Говорим за една война. Тук е исторически момента. Борбата и битките между Италия и Франция. Ще разделя мача на няколко аспекта. Вие сами преценете как и до колко да ми се доверите:

  • град Неапол – някой е чел за него, друг е бил, трети го свързват с мафията. Там всеки ъгъл, момче, човек, поглед, емоция и желание е футбол. Не говорим само за иконата – Диего Армандо Марадона. Футбола тук е религия, верую и смисъл за по-добър живот.
  • Стадион ” Сан Паоло” – един безумно луд стадион, който е в сърцата на всеки един неаполитанец още преди да проходи, проговори или осъзнае тази лудост.
  • Най-лесно е да ви кажа заложете на над 3 гола в мача и победа за Наполи. Това ще го направите Вие , след като дсъзнаете и притеглите през своето съзнание и призма. Атмосферата е такава, че няма как да на се получат много голове.
  • Ще разсея съмненията, аз съм фен на Лацио, но когато играе италиански тим го подкрепям. Естествено на първо място е България и Левски. А и да не забравяме какво се случва когато играем срещу французи. Никога не мога да забравя и името на Киню, който не свири две дузпи за България срещу Италия.

Желая Ви успех и един велик мач. Не казах нищо за ПСЖ, но ще спомена едно име и то няма да е на Неймар. Едисон Кавани – бивш играч на Наполи, който има хъс на хищник и вкарва много. Разбира се, че трябва да се внимава и за МБапе. Дербито ще е велико, сигурно и Марадона ще го гледа, защо не на живо и от “Сан Паоло”.
Palmsbet Sports Betting Bulgaria

Lazio can make it

Palmsbet Sports Betting Bulgaria

Lazio is playing one of the most attractive football and in Italy, Europe and the whole world for the last couple of years. The main role of the development and evaluation in the team is on the shoulder of Simone Indzaghi. He is not just a trainer , he is  a pure motivator and the blues from Rome are playing without any fear versus any team in Italy and Europe.

Juventus on the contrary are struggling to achieve another consecutive title in Italy, Seria A. They are on point behind Napoli and will chase the victory after few hours on Olympico. It will be a great derby with whats of thrilling moments and great expectations.

What are mine predictions and team regarding this game :

  • Lazio will win – this is hardly optimistic prognosis.  I saw last games of the team and I am very happy that Felipe Anderson is playing close to his 100% potential.
  • The lost semi-final for the Cup versus Milan – when it is about penalty shoot-out it is kind of a Russian roulette. Anyone can win.
  • Juventus were defeated from Lazio in the previous game in Turin. SO today my expectations are great and hopefully Juventus will lose a lot of points in this derby.
  • Curva Nord- fans will be there and will sing with passions long before the starting whistle.

Forza Lazio 🙂