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Some football analysis

It si nice when there are plenty of games on the European football scene. I am spaking for the round of Seria A, La Liga and Bundesliga. Not forgetting to mention EFL Cup in England.

In that article will try to take a look at the most interesting games of the passed few days. It is not always about main teams playing , but also the VAR system. The video assistant referee will be a matter of great discussions not only in my blog. So I will try to split, the games I have wathced as per the different countries and their most-famous teams.

England – EPL Cup :

  • Liverpool – Arsenal – what a game? When the result is 5-5 , you think it is like a hockey game or the start of a handball one. Arsenal were having a lead all the time 1-3, 2-4 and 4-5 but Pool equalized just before the end of the game. The rest is history ,Liverpool were better in the penalties shoot-out.
  • Chelsea – Manchster United – United is the ” black cat” this year for the team of Lampard. Marcus Rushfford was amazing , eventhough I am a huge fan of the Blues. Obviosly Hazard, Higuain and Giroux are missing a lot. Huddson Odoi was not in the shape everybody wants to see him.

Italy – Seria A :

  • Juventus – Genoa – it is always hars when Juve is playing, if they are not winning in the regular time some efforts and favours have to be made bu the referees. You pretty good know what I am talking about. There was no penalty against Ronaldo. He even had to take yellow card for simulation. VAR was in favour for the team from Genoa as a gola of CR7 was just deteled as per off-side situation.
  • Napoli-Atalanta – obviously the team from Naples will not be able to make something serious in Seria A this year. Was there a penalty for the away team – I will leave this to you. VAR is the big problem this year in all the major leagues. Not forgetting to mention that currently on the standing the team of Father Carlo in on the 6th place with the same points as SS LAzio – 18.
  • Lazio- Torino – I will speak here about two guys and great friends : Immobile and Belotti. The sad thing is that Belotti scored an own goal, but he is amazing striker and we all know it. Immobile scored two goals and I remeber the scene from the end of the derby, when Ciro just hugged his friend Belotti. Amazing people.

Spain – LA Liga :

I will not analyse any games by that championship but it is very strange to me that Athletico Madrid are continuing to make draw results – one after another. Barcelona are having the lead now with one point before Real Madrid. The strange thing I never will understand is why Griezman went away from Madrid. I do not believe that this was his best and smartest choice.

Lazio – Roma, derby della capitale

When you watch such amazing derby you understand , that something amazing is happening. I can tell that ultras ot Lazio and those of Roma did not stop singing yesterday for 90 minutes. It can all be clarified with one word – passion.

Even the game ended draw (1-1) , it was amazing ans showed a lot of things to all the fans and spectaros from all aorund the world. Football in Italy is on the raise, you saw one day befoe how Juventus and Napoli scored as a total 7 goals.

I will ephasize on the most important milestones in that amazing derby:

  • Ciro Immobile – an amazing goal-scorer. He did not make any goal , but he was covering a great perimeter.
  • Strakosa – everyone of you seen what happened in the first half. Plenty of side-bars ana amazing saves by the Albanina goal-keeper. He is in very good shape so far.
  • Milinkovic-Savic – the brain in the midfield. Each season there are speculaitons that he will go to Chelsea, United ot Manchester City. His best place is to stay as long as he can in Lazio.
  • Luis Alberto – the Spanish player has amazing touch and scored the equalizing goal. From time to time he has not such breathe to run 90 minutes but he has and is having amazing potential for big games.
  • Simone Indzaghi – he is a great coach. He is in the game even before , afer and long ago as it has been finished.
  • The tifosi – amazing ultras, this is what for football is amazing phenomenon and excitement for the masses.

Final words : Roma also played well. Their goal-keeper saved them from definite lost. Also there was a VAR decision when Lazio scored the goal for the win 2-1 but the ball was out of the ptich. Amazing game.

Napoli- Lazio, lets win

Cior Immobile, the best player of Lazio. Who will score in today game versus Napoli

It is very curiosn and interesting fo me, when starting a post regarding Seria A. I am a great fan of this league, regardless the las decade of not good examples. The best team not over there is Juventus. I must admint, I am a big fan of Lazio. On the other hadn I like the city of Naples and their strange language.

Football is my and your life. This is a game and emotion. This is a credo, therefore we also love to bet on it. Bet is a very common word for me, besides children were playing with balls, I was learning all the tricks in betting since I was 6 years of age. You may have come here for the first time, but above all this will not be your last one. Good blogs are like good bars. Usually you are afraid at first, however you become a great fan of all the surroundings. As a results in not time, you start telling your friends to come and visit. SO my friends ,lets’s take a depp look:

  1. Napoli – the team who is fighting for the title with Juventus. Fair enough, but obviously they continue struggling. Carlo Ancelotti is the current manager of the team. I like him a lot, nevertheless he is not so loved in his home country. Likewise he could have been a great poker or chess player. He is having good players like : Hamsik, Callejon, Insigne. Mertens and Hisaj. In the previous game Napoli wn versus Lazio 2-1 at Rome.As per the bookies Napoli is here considered as a favorite, however I think Lazio can steal at least a point. We will see after seven hous, above and beyond our human skills is to predict exact scores.
  2. Lazio- Indzaghi and Ciro Immobile, two names that create history. As a result of their effort, all other players give the best of them. I am speaking about: Lulic, Correa, Milikovic -Savic and Strakosha. All the team will try to steal some point is Naples. I am positive they will do.

Europe League games

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There is one interesting issue, I like sometimes most the games from Europe League than the one alreadt passes or played in the Champions League. This is because many of the teams in EL are with equalized performance and tied strenghts.

I will be about to make and give you 3 matches with my personal approach in order to maximize winnings. Some of the analysis will be based on the previous games player between the opponents. Let’s start right away:

  1. Lazio-Olympic Marseille – the previous games played in Marseiile finished 3-1 for the team from Rome. Here the only oucome I see is win for the “eagles” and over 2.5 goals in the match. Also both teams to score is relevant market.
  2. Spartak Moscow-Rangers– Scottish donot play good away at Russia. I watched the first game and it was a fair tied , end result. Here reuls like 1-1 or 0-0 will be good enough. The most reasoanble market seems to be over corners and over cards to be takes with 50% of your flat stakes you usually tend to make.
  3. Real Betis-Milan-the team of Gatuso is playing very strange this year. They can win and lose from any opponene, no matter of the tourney and value of the game. They look like desperate gladiators, that are not totaly aware of the outcome of any given game.