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Slot machines are a regular feature on casinos, big and small! Here are all the tools and information you will need to make the most of the games in online casinos. We bring you a round-up of the most exciting games available online. Let us help you experience and better deal with the latest casino strategies and make the most of the gambling opportunities available online.

Live roulette- your move

Hello, dear friends and people from all around the world, from different continents , but with one goal – to become better punters and bettors. It is very nice to have you around. Audience usually makes the author better, my mission is to be one of the best. I think that with your help, we could manage to be of a mutual help and co-operation.

Today article will about roulette , about its live version. I guess most or you had played it, practiced it and even got money at the end of the tour. Maybe and mostly like poker and live roulette are games of psychology . Maybe you cannot be the best or among them if you do not know what the bodies of your opponents say.

We as humans are constructed that way , that we are greedy and want more and more. The step to have more is to learn even when your opponents are in a sleep mode. I have made and focused on some key moments , when it is about playing in live games. Let me introduce to your attention some of them:

  1. The most honorable and the most value player in the table is the “croupier“. He is always with eyes on the bets placed, eyes on the hazardous people came here to waste a lot of money. He is the first big challenge you have to face and take a win over him.
  2. Always there is a tables showing the past 20 or 30 numbers. These numbers had been hit by the “croupier” as per the bets of the players changing during the play.
  3. Your first bet should be of a lower amount ,as you are making your survey when to do the big move and hit. Patience is your key to success.
  4. Men , as known as serious players do play on “dozens” , “columns ” or so popular :”tire“, “voasins” and “orphans“. Others do play on neighbors ( i.e 5-6 numbers around your favorite one ). Neighbors playing is one of the most serious way to win, when you knew how the croupier is trowing the ball.
  5. There is always a big player, according to whom the game is going to one or another direction. I will call this one ” the wind“. You should be the one who , when facing the way can come to a winning outcome.
  6. You can ask me after all these points and issues, with what bankroll to start playing. This is actually not a bad questions, but as we spoke in some previous posts ,the money are value at the start and at the end of the betting process, all the other things are discipline and motivation.
  7. Beware of superstitious bets. Superstition is for those , who just want to give their money as a present and do not expect anything in return. If you are that smart or that dumb, you can go and lace a single maximum bet and check my words 🙂

As you have already read this post, you should probably had found very common things as playing in live poker tables. The main value and gap is , always watch the croupier. Playing roulette, gambling as the whole process is a very intriguing sport, but you know, when this passion comes bigger then you thought, ask for help. The pleasure was all mine, see you soon in another interesting article.



Slots work for you

It is a nice and sunny Monday. Usually Monday’s are not the most beloved days of the week, but in my case it is different. When you see the sun on your window, suddenly smile and will to work appears in your mind. Maybe when we speak about betting in different levels or types, we always think or involve our minds.

Actually the slots are mind-storm machines, who are designed to make us feel good and not thinking of winning and losing, while we are playing. It is a kind of  “wonder land” , were we are taken away from the reality. Yes, the fun is great, but we have to be aware at any time how far we can go in this journey.

This blog has been created in favor of you customers, friends, bettors and punters. In favor of all, who want to be winners at the end of the day. I will give my best in today’s post to point you out some small tricks and tricks to be hero on slots, not super hero, but the one who stays on plus , when the night comes down:

  1. Number of lines on slots, can only cost you bigger bank roll. But, you may prefer one slot with many lines. The point is to now when to stop, when the machine is not giving any profit for a long run period.
  2. Then you decide, to change the machine or to reduce down the number of lines.
  3. Slots are designed like a numerous games of football or chess and mathematical formulas, can predict your behavior. It is just the way, to be one move ahead .
  4. Just see the bookies on my site, or bookies at all. They offer a huge range of machines. Usually the most popular ones, are in the net of a lot of casino game rooms and the chance these machines to pay you , is bigger.
  5. New slots always pay more, than the old ones.
  6. If you do not feel confident and in good shape, you may spin the wheel of roulette. Most of the time casino and slots betting is like a boxing game. You just sneak and try to capture the value and the best moment for winning.
  7. What maximum bet gives you? Several max bets can re-fresh your tactics  , or just put a mist over your mind. Max bet in slots is like the high pilot , sky way flight in the scene of arbitrage betting. You have to be aware in every muscle and cell of your body , what exactly are you doing!!!
  8. All you have to realize is that you are playing a mathematical game. Like solving a problem in geometry – just be patient and smart. The second thing is not that hard.

Let the sun come to your day and choose the best slot from the list of my advertised bookies. Be good and be winning . See you ……


Slots – fun and more

When I started , created and firstly wrote at this blog, I was thinking it was gonna be something connected simply and only with football. The time was passing and many interesting ideas came to my mind and therefore appeared on the site. I tried and I am currently trying to expand sports and other forms and types of bets. Step by step, me and you.Yes you, my dearest reader we came to the point to discuss and give opinion about slots.

Let’s try to see and give some explanation of this “phenomenon” in modern on line and land based betting – slots. What do we have ? Few smart people had invented and implemented animation and movement, changing graphics and symbols, in order to get someone’s attention and of course money.

I have to admit with hand on my heart, that some where and some time in the past , I was very keen on playing slots. Different types of slots: chasing jackpots, playing with 9,20,21, 25, 50 and 100 lines machines. It was a good experience , because I am now standing and trying to share with you my experience.

Let’s try to figure out in few points what , when, how and why to play slots. I will try not to be boring and to take too much from  your precious time. I will start from the beginning :

1. Slots are fun– you enjoy while laying them. You do not think about anything,just spin the reels and wait for what winning combination will come on the screen.

2. Machines are connected with popular images or heroes. You all perfectly good do know, that many of the films, cartoons are implemented in betting on slots.

3. To be accurate and confident which type of bet suits you most. Minimum or maximum, definitely do not cover my advise. Somewhere in the middle is perfect for a new start.

4. To make the choice, which slot is more suitable , the one with more or less lines. More lines, meaning bigger stakes, also and bigger chances for winnings.

5. Is it good enough to chase jackpots, super jackpots or mega jackpots? I know some people, who do hit kind of such winning, but their stakes are to big to afford.

6. If you want to win on this type of betting , you have to chose one or two favorite slots of yours. While you keep playing, you will get used to what the scenarios happen in different level of betting.

7. One golden rule in betting: ” If you are good enough on casino, you will be even more better on slots“. I had tried to figure out and explain to myself , why this sentence is true and filled with meaning , but the only thing that gives clear explanation is – experience.

8. The key word for success in slots playing and betting is experience. Make the difference , experience means to play more , not to lose a lot.

I hope you have found this article useful and helpful. If so , you my try some of the best games offered online by Mr Green. One of the best site for slots and casino.

Wish you the perfect day today.



Roulette -dare to bet

It is most interesting game for start up in online or land casino. I do not know about you,but on my opinion zero has special power and efficiency to obtain attention and plenty of bets.

I used to play European roulette long time ago. The main principle I would recommend is to fix a time and money frame,otherwise you will get involved in great losses.

Also you have to know where is yours exact place.For me ,live game is the biggest challenge. In live game , it is like you are playing poker or rolling dices. You are in the perfect mood and conditions to watch the other players and to feel the emotion of the game.

The day is all yours. Red or black,the choice is yours. Ball is rolling down to your sector.