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Your day

Hello all ,it is me again. You are on the right place, with the best predictions on football. Soon I will try to give you tips on another sports( I am currently thinking which should be the right ones for all of us 🙂 ). It is nice when there are plenty of football games to watch and to bet on. My odds provider and betting partner William Hill is serving us some good odds on nice games tomorrow.

I have promises you in some other article , not long ago that I will focus my efforts on 2 games. Today I will add one more. My main sympathy goes to UK, Premier League and Italy , Seria A. Do not get me wrong, I like also to watch football from Germany , Spain and France, but my main focus and betting experience is focused on Italy and England.  Somehow in the top Championships in football, in these both countries the competition is balanced between too many teams, not like in France and Germany ( one team is leading with many points and the other are fighting and playing for the silver medals).

The main focus on my prediction will be on goals and corners, betting on who will be final winner ( 3 way market) will never be my favorite outcome. When there are great games, there are many small markets, which are not shown in the main stage, but do have their value and point for just being offered. Let’s check which are the games and what will be the best options for us to take from William Hill as good punters :

  1. LiverpoolManchester United :  two great teams, which deserve more and have to be playing and fighting for the title , not to be out of top 5 . On “prima vista” it seems to be game with many goals,cards and corners. It will be a game of high pressure as well. Let’s focus on the traders work @ William HIll : race to 2 goals for Liverpool and United – 2,7 and 4 ; match result and 4 or more game in the game – Liverpoll @ 8; Wayne Rooney and Christian Benteke to score anytime – 3,1 and 2,8 ; total match corner , over 12 –  3; totla match cards 4-6 ( including) – 1,91. I think that Liverpool with take the victory here with result 3-2.
  2. Stoke CityArsenal : Arsenal have the potential to take this game , but it is very hard to play on Britannia Stadium.  Here are the winning markets, I chose for you : correct score 2-1 for Arsenal – 8,5 ; both score no draw – 2,75 ; Arsenal to score in both halves – yes @ 3 ; race to 2 goals for Arsenal – 2,3 ; total match corners 10-12(including) – 3,1.
  3. MilanFiorentina : it will be a very nice Italian derby on Sunday. Boys of Paulo Souza had lost their previous game at home from Lazio ( 1-3). They are the best when they have to play on counter-attacks. Both teams will score and “la viola”will not lose the match. Here are the odds for this derby : total match goals, over 2,5 – 2 ; first half over 0,5 goals and second half over 1,5 goals – 1,44 and 2,1 ; both score no draw – 3

Wish you all to have a remarkable weekend. If you make a W. Hill account, then you will follow my picks, and will add some value in your sports betting knowledge.




UK fever

What a surprise, I am here again with you , with another article. The reason is the upcoming games from UK , Premier league tomorrow. Also there will be some kind of derbies , and I am more then feverish and thrilled to write about them and to give you the odds from my proud odds provides and betting partner William Hill.

There will be only  2 games. I had observed from myself experience, that the best predictions are given only on two games. As I said they will be from English Premier League. I will focus on my favorite markets and will try to give you most of the important markets that deserve our attention:

  1. EvertonStoke City : two very brave team will meet each other tomorrow. Roberto Martinez managed to take the win in the very last seconds of the game against Newcastle yesterday. Arnautovic and Shakiri knocked -down United and are prepared to take points in Liverpool as well. On my opinion it will be a draw gae with many goals , result like 2-2 will be fair enough for both teams. Let’s see the markets , which will be taken into mine and yours consideration : race to 2 goals for Everton and Stoke City – 2,25 and 4,4 ; 1st half and 2nd half over 1,5 goals – 3,1 and 2,2 ; double result ( draw/draw @ 5) ; Romelu Lukaku to score anytime – 2,3 , Marco Arnautovic to score anytime – 4 ; penalty awarded – yes @ 4,33 , certainly at William Hill.
  2. Manchester UnitedChelsea : both teams are in big crisis and do have dutch trainers. It will be more then derby, it will be a game of honor. I do like and want , “the blues” to take the win, but it is more likely to be a draw result. This season when Chelsea desperately need to take the victory, they manage to make draw results, something like the game played yesterday ( 2-2 finished with Watford). I expect in this game many corners and cards, I am not sure about the goals. Let’s check the odds and markets , that have to be backed: over 12 corners – 3,6 ; Diego Costa and Wayne Rooney to score at anytime – 8,5 ; total game cards 4-6 ( including 4 and 6 ) – 1,95 ; match result and both teams to score , draw – 4 ; correct score 2-2 @ 17 ; correct score group betting – 1-1 , 2-2 , 3-3 draw @ 4.5 ; 1st and 2nd half over 1,5 goals – 3,4 and 2,37 and the last one – over 2,5 and over 3,5 goals in the match – 2,2 and 4,3.

Good luck and do not waste your time. Creating account with William Hill is very easy process. Sum and the funds , are at your convenience. Have a memorable Sunday. Bye for now 🙂


Wayne vs. Kevin

Hi again from sunny and beautiful Sofia. It is very nice to see you again, also I like to emphasize the fact that is it a great pleasure for me to have you around and to fulfill your time with interesting materials. It is a very special and rare feeling when some great game, some derby of great importance is on its way.

Tomorrow, dear fans , dear fellows and dear readers , tomorrow at the Theater of Dreams it will be not like a boiling pot, it will be more then an earthquake, it will be a bomb of emotions and wishes for eternal and final success in the battle for Manchester. When such games are about to come trainers, players, ultra fans, wives of the fans, the whole city can not sleep for an entire week, before the starting whistle of the referee. The brains of the trainers are like the engines of the Formula 1 -super speed cars.

We will have tomorrow a brilliant clash between two super-smart and super motivational trainers : Van Gaal and Manuel Pellegrini. They do have the eyes of hawks , which observe all the details of the play of every key player of the opponents and also their personal stars are under very strict control.

When we are speaking about stars , I have to say why the heading of my post looks this simple. We have standing in front of us, two great man, two people who will to destroy the opponents and score as much as they can. If they were gladiators, I would not know on whom to place my bet. I think , I would give a slight advantage to Kevin De Bruyne. We all remember what remarkable games he had with the shirt of Wolfsburg.  He has that fire in the eyes, which can burn and start the great riot, which can flame the will for hegemony and marvelous victory of the “citizens “on the pitch of their rivals.

On the other hand of the arena, we have Wayne Rooney.  There are too many hings written about him. I will try not to be boring , I will just say what my opinion is about his best qualities. He is very fast. I always like and admire players, who run not for the sake to be monitored by the fans or by the cameras, it is just the burning will to have, take, possess and have control over the ball. This is called hunger for the game, this is called also devotion with some measurements of craziness . Only the mad people, can have the big wins in the most intriguing games.

Here comes my point as a punter. Let’s see what odds had prepared William Hill traders at our attention. One of my favorite markets Race to 2 goals , both teams will score 2 goals , the odds are as following : United -2.7 and for the City -3.  Also it is worth to be backed the following over goals line  : over 2.5  , over 2.75, over 3 , over 3.25 and over 3.5 goals. In the last 5 games of Manchester City there were score as a whole : 25 goals,meaning 5 goals per game. On my opinion this will be a score draw game, something like 2-2 or 3-3 final result. Also there will be a lot of corners in this game – over 12 @ William Hill is with odds 3.2 . About the yellow cards, I think that there will be between 4-6, which as odds looks like decimal – 2. The last bet can be backed with 10 % of your bankroll.

I am about to go now and leave you with your personal prognosis and predictions. You make take all of what I gave you , as a free tips. Wish you a lot of luck and do not miss my next post. Also do not forget to watch as much football games as you can. Weekend is one of the most favorite time for us – men. It is time to meet with friend, watch games and drink beers. Cheers and will meet you soon here 🙂

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