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To win today

It is sad that Chelsea lost yesterday night. But this is the Russian rouletter called “penalties”. Liverpool were not the best team on the pitch, but their goal-keeper Adrian saved the most important penalty. That is why football is a phenomenon, because such derbies just make you shiver and yell from anger or happiness.

Today I will give you some predicitons for the 2ng games of Europa League qualifiiers. I have picked three games in wich , I hope there will be a lot of intersting things to happen.

Let’s concentrate on the games :

  • Apollon – Austria Vienna – the team from Cyprus won 2-1 in the first game at Wien. SO tonight I expect a lot of goals because Austrians have nothing to lose. In such cases the games cound end 2-2 or 3-3. My advise it to take as much over lines for goas up to over 5.5 goals.
  • Trabzonspor – Sparta Prague – the most sad thing here is that nearly 50 % of the players from the Czech team are with injuries. This automatically is a sign for very defensive game and tactics. The first match ended 2-2 in Prague and in Turkey there could be a lot of outcomes. I will bet over 2.5 goals in the gea and over line for yellow cards. I expect also at least 2 red cards. It is always very hard for visiting teams to play in Turkey. The fans are very fanatic ones and they support their favorite teams with insanity in the eyes and voices.
  • Aris – MOlde – this derby is a dramatical ” swan song: for the teams of Tessaloniki – Aris. The Norway team has won 3-0 in the previous games and here we can expect only goals. I cannot think of situation where only Greeks will score and Molde will stay and watch it. Molde is a very tough team. I expect here over 2.5 goals in the game and both teams to score -yes.

Conclusion ; it is up to you, if you like to play all the tips in single bets on in mutiples. As per my opinion single bet is the master choice. Good luck to all…

Bravo , Sari and Hazard

It is wonderful that I am here and currently writing this post. When I switched on the TV seeing Chelsea losing 1-0 from Liverpoo, just dared for equalizing goal and for penalties shoot-out.

The maing, magical and most important thing is the presence in the second half of one man- Eden Hazard. He reminds me a lot about Diego Armando – Maradona. When he is with the ball in his legs, it is like the top stops and all the players around him just gaze an try to touch him, while he dribbles and waves away from his opponents like a butterfly.

Ok, we won, But what is the most important – genius of one Belgian player or smart moves and substitutes from a grand Italian manager. I have watched a lot of games of Napoli. Maurizio Sari is a man of passion. Passion for footbal, passion for the players and passion for the fans. After the equalizing goal, the fans of ” Blues” just started , pardon continuing singing all our best chants. It was marvelous to sing loud in Anfield and all of the Pool fans to remain silent.

I have to add one good player as well – Willy Caballero. He is amazing goal-keeper and hes perfect presence.  I admire goal-keepers who play all the 90 minutes as gladiators. And the team as whole played like one fist point out for the success.

Bravo, Chelsea, Sarri and Hazard. This is the way of playing of the best time of our team. Blue is the colour ….


Two amazing games tonight

I love it when it is time to watch the Champions League games. It is not a pleasure only, it is a great passion. You might already have taken a bet or just taken a glass/ken of beer and the rest is just excitement. The referee blows the whistle and all the rest cannot be described with words…

Yesterday night Juventus suffered a lot in Turin. Without no doubt, Spurs are very, very strong and balanced team. Actually, at the end of the game, they were very close to take the victory in Italy. But this is football and 2-2 was fair enough result at the end.

Let,s try to make it game by game. The first one is Real Madrid vs- PSG I like and I am a fan of Real Madrid, but they will suffer a lot I guess. Neymar, Cavani, and M’Bappe are just too dangerous and fast for the defense of the WHite Ballet. Zizu is close to the exit door in Bernabeu and he will try to motivate his boys to play a really good game. Versus the French, it will be a huge derby. I think that Bale and Ronaldo have very big problems and cannot concentrate on the pitch. On my opinion, the game is draw result or win for PSG.

About the next game – Klopp revived the dreams of all the fans of Liverpool and made all the team play like one. It is just tremendous. I am a Chelsea fan, but Liverpool is doing a fantastic job this year. They can take points from Porto.

In a conclusion, visiting teams enter as favorites in those two games from Champions League. I suggest you bet on over 2,5 goals and both teams to score in both games and both halves.

Small London derby

It is interesting to write about small derbies in London. The big ones are Arsenal – Tottenham, Chelsea – Arsenal and all the three involved versus the hammers. Crystal Palace has somehow left aside from the big 4 rivalries in the capital of Great Britain.

At first, when you see that game, the first idea is of a draw result 0-0 or 1-1. It is the most predictable outcome. And looks too easy for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the stats which will help us for better bets :

  • Hammers are undefeated in 5 consecutive games.
  • Both teams like to score when it is about a game between them.
  • There are many players from both teams with injuries. In such games when a lot of main players are missing the reserves can surprise us with good quality of the game.
  • This will be the 200th  London derby of West Ham. They are not good in winning derbies, but we will see tonight the final result what will be.

Opinion from the specialist which markets to bet on:

  • over 2,5 goals in the game – 2,23 as per 1xbet ( the best bookie recently)
  • Draw game – money line X ( odds are 3,34 again as per the Russian sportsbook).
  • Asian handicap +0.5 and +0.75 for the team of West Ham – odds are 1,58 and 1,4 ( on the average basis).
  • Both teams to score – yes (1,9 in 1xbet).

If the game ends with less than 3 goals it will be a pity.