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Spanish fever, English classics

Good morning, dear punters. Yesterday night, there was a gorgeous game for the Spanish Cup ( Sevilla – Real Madrid). Real are unbeaten in 40 consecutive games, this is record for Spain( the previous one was held by Barcelona). The team from Madrid came back in the game after losing with 3-1 till the 78 minute. Great match, even Real were not playing with many of their stars : James, Ronaldo.

Ronaldo had played previously in the team with most titles in UK – Manchester United. They made a good win against Hull City and are in a good winning streak. Is it because of the smart trainer – Jose Mou , is it because of the magician -Ibrahimovic, or just because the whole team is playing good, it could be many reasons. ON Sunday United are facing one very strong team, the brave boys of Jurgen Klopp. This will definitely will be a great clash. But we are not also fans, but bettors, lets concentrate on the both event which are about to gain much attention and great sum of bets:

  1. Manchester United – Liverpool : this is definitely a “high voltage” derby.  The pressure will be bigger on the shoulders of Klopp’s players( LIverpool lost from Southampton and are out from the tourney for the FA Cup). “Red devils” will not lose this game, if they take the win , they can jump up in top 4, also depending from the results of their local rivals and Arsenal. At first I was about to advise you to take correct score 1-1 or 1-0 for United. Over 2,5 goals options seems quite hard to happen. I will give you tips are per the odds for yellow cards in bet365 ( yellow card before 27th minute- yes @ 1,83 , United and Liverpool yellow cards, both teams over 2,5 : 1,83 and 1.9 ). On derbies like these, the most normal things will be the great number of yellow cards.
  2. Sevilla – Real Madrid : as I said in the beginning of the article, we watched episode 1 now , later on Sunday will be episode 2, but Real will enter more prepared in this game. Double chance X2 for Real and many goals, this is what appears to me as a first impression. “Los Blancos ” are playing in a killing counter-attacks style, which is something Zinedine Zidane learnt them best. Ronaldo will be playing on Sunday and there will be problems for Sevilla on Ramon Sanchez Piszjuan. Both teams are playing open and attractive football, so the live of over 10,5 corners in bet365 @ 2 odds, deserve your total attention and maximum stake, regarding your bankroll.

Tomorrow are also interesting games, but in Sunday there will be a huge attention and expectations, from fans, trainers and presidents of clubs. Also the “betting war” between punters and bookies is now opened. You can search the variety in different sports book, but I recommend you bet365 , tipbet, betfair and dafabet. Be good and be on the winning side of live ) See you very soon 🙂


Wayne vs. Kevin

Hi again from sunny and beautiful Sofia. It is very nice to see you again, also I like to emphasize the fact that is it a great pleasure for me to have you around and to fulfill your time with interesting materials. It is a very special and rare feeling when some great game, some derby of great importance is on its way.

Tomorrow, dear fans , dear fellows and dear readers , tomorrow at the Theater of Dreams it will be not like a boiling pot, it will be more then an earthquake, it will be a bomb of emotions and wishes for eternal and final success in the battle for Manchester. When such games are about to come trainers, players, ultra fans, wives of the fans, the whole city can not sleep for an entire week, before the starting whistle of the referee. The brains of the trainers are like the engines of the Formula 1 -super speed cars.

We will have tomorrow a brilliant clash between two super-smart and super motivational trainers : Van Gaal and Manuel Pellegrini. They do have the eyes of hawks , which observe all the details of the play of every key player of the opponents and also their personal stars are under very strict control.

When we are speaking about stars , I have to say why the heading of my post looks this simple. We have standing in front of us, two great man, two people who will to destroy the opponents and score as much as they can. If they were gladiators, I would not know on whom to place my bet. I think , I would give a slight advantage to Kevin De Bruyne. We all remember what remarkable games he had with the shirt of Wolfsburg.  He has that fire in the eyes, which can burn and start the great riot, which can flame the will for hegemony and marvelous victory of the “citizens “on the pitch of their rivals.

On the other hand of the arena, we have Wayne Rooney.  There are too many hings written about him. I will try not to be boring , I will just say what my opinion is about his best qualities. He is very fast. I always like and admire players, who run not for the sake to be monitored by the fans or by the cameras, it is just the burning will to have, take, possess and have control over the ball. This is called hunger for the game, this is called also devotion with some measurements of craziness . Only the mad people, can have the big wins in the most intriguing games.

Here comes my point as a punter. Let’s see what odds had prepared William Hill traders at our attention. One of my favorite markets Race to 2 goals , both teams will score 2 goals , the odds are as following : United -2.7 and for the City -3.  Also it is worth to be backed the following over goals line  : over 2.5  , over 2.75, over 3 , over 3.25 and over 3.5 goals. In the last 5 games of Manchester City there were score as a whole : 25 goals,meaning 5 goals per game. On my opinion this will be a score draw game, something like 2-2 or 3-3 final result. Also there will be a lot of corners in this game – over 12 @ William Hill is with odds 3.2 . About the yellow cards, I think that there will be between 4-6, which as odds looks like decimal – 2. The last bet can be backed with 10 % of your bankroll.

I am about to go now and leave you with your personal prognosis and predictions. You make take all of what I gave you , as a free tips. Wish you a lot of luck and do not miss my next post. Also do not forget to watch as much football games as you can. Weekend is one of the most favorite time for us – men. It is time to meet with friend, watch games and drink beers. Cheers and will meet you soon here 🙂

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