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Weekend predictions

When it is about betting, the time at the end of the week is the most appropriate one to have big winnings , stay in front of the TV, drink beer and support your favorite team. On weekend you feel the “super power” of big punter. It is just because, there are many games from top 5 Championships and the profit and value is sneaking around the corner.

Today I will give you some betting tips of mine. As , we all are part of one big and very dramatic industry, let’s try to stick to some rules and try to capture what belong to us:

  1. ChelseaCrystal Palace : as per statistics , this game should go to over 2.5 goals as a final result. Mourinho and his boys are obliged to have also the win at the end. Also they will win in both halves.The big name here is Pedro : he can pass, score and give the difference in important games.
  2. Bayern MunichBayern Leverkusen : both teams are goal making and hard attacking machines. Leverkusen had beaten Lazio, earlier in the week for Champions League qualification. Bayern are always ready to score and win at any time of the week. My prognosis is for both teams to score and over 3.5 goals in the games and win for the team from Munich : 4-1.
  3. Manchester CityWatford : the squad of Pellegrini had shown great class in the previous game with Chelsea . This season ” the citizens” might have come champions again. I will bet here on -2 asian handicap for the Manchester team, also them to score in both halves. The line for over 2.5 goals is very low, that is why I would pick over 3.25 goals.
  4. Litex LovechBeroe : this is a typical Bulgarian derby for teams outside of the capital -Sofia. Usually in games between these two opponenets there are not many goals. On my opinion this one will go under 2.5 goals and the home squad will take the win by one goal.

I hope you liked my predictions. The choice is your which and what to take from them. Let’s have nice and profitable weekend. See you 🙂


How I started betting ( Chapter 10)

Hello , dear visitors . It has been a long time since I wrote the last article in this thrilling and I guess very interesting sequel for you and for me. The funny point here is that article was pushing me, squeezing and asking to be written. The truth is that I was not ready and prepared to write it and to give it to your precious attention. Now I am ready and let’s see what I have and what I will share today with you.

We have passed through many interesting times and ways of betting. One of the most winning and profitable part for the bookies is the multiple bet sections. This is what I want so speak about.

Multiple bets are kind of to want to live the dream with a small stake. To try to be David, and to take the Goliath’s ( bookies) jackpot or treasure. It is not impossible, but it is hard to be achieved. My point of view is how professionals do the multiples , which guarantee money, value, passion and of course emotion of wining. I will try to emphasize, show and explain what types of multiples I see and figure to be the ones, that will bring you back profit at the end of the day:

1. Beware to play favorites , when it is according to multiple bets. There is an unwritten rule, that the small odds kill the big wins in multiple betting.

2. The best multiple is consisting of two, maximum 3 games. Do not be greedy. Me , myself as a mathematician, human, tipster and trader do like the big odds and the big sums, but as I had spoke with you several articles ago, we do make small steps in big marathon , called the “world of betting”.

3. Is it smart enough to combine prematch and live events? This is a hell of a good question. If you are an arbitrage player and want to hedge your funds during the one of the games, yes you can do it. If you are rookie in this industry , I do not suggest you to do so.

4. Over o,5 goals in the half time and over 2.5 goals at the end of a game, this is about combining live games, when we saw the starting line-ups. This is multiple bets for professionals. I do give you advise to try some of them.

5. When it will be an open game to combine over 2.5 goals line and over corners in the game ( two or three way market).

6. If you think, you are empowered with tons of solid info, you may make a multiple on outright winners in few well-known Championships in football.

7. One very important thing, which I was about to forget to mention. The meaning is in the combined events, not how big the stake will be. When you are fighting for a multiple to be at the winning side, the stake is the last thing you are thinking about.

I had a great time, while I was writing this special article, I guess you enjoyed it as well. Have a wonderful evening and will see each other very soon..



Experience the difference

Hello to all readers, bettors and curious people from all around the globe. As you have noticed, this is a “young” blog with the ambition to become one of the bets in the sports betting industry. If this is your first time, please sit comfortable , read some article and experience the difference. As I have promised in some of my first publications,I do intend to create and write something a little bit different.

Every , single one of you is mad about sports and betting. These are our main goals. We are walking together one road , all that matters are the direction. All , that I  kindly ask from you is to have several steps with me . Let’s talk and discuss how we can beat the bookies.

I do love all type of sports, as it is perfectly seen from the range of articles in my blog. I am also keen in mathematics, statistics and world of figures and numbers. At the end of the day , my mission will be accomplished and I will get the best prize, if you think on some of my thoughts or just word that did make you good impression, or just had changed your point of view.

World of sport is one big , let’s say one enormous “universe“. What you need in this travel, in the “universe“? I think you need a good companion and a solid ship. You have the total choice , right to take the best ship(bookmaker) and if I am your choice for a companion, I will be very delighted.

If you had gone that far in this article, you may think to your self that I am doing and writing all these thing for money. No, it is not about the money. It is about the passion. When you have passion for something that best way to feed it and to give her wings is to share it. I want to share all I know with you.

You might have been, registered or keen to another tipsters, sports betting or other sports related sites. My efforts will be prized , if you put my blog next to the, why not on first place some day.

Let’s experience the difference together. It is a long journey and I do not want to travel it alone.


What to bet on summer?

Summer time is approaching and many of the biggest championships all around the world will soon be over.

The main question of all bettors is what to bet?

There are some asian champs running on and also Copa America will soon be coming.

As you perfectly knew there is no vacation when you are in the world of betting

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Have a wonderful one ahead.


P.s When there is not enough football is also better to orientate yourself to another sports : basketball and tennis. Basketball will be a long theme in mu future predictions and articles, not to forget that Nba-Summer League is coming and many surprises happen there, also not forgetting to mentiona the Ncaa-basketball Championship.