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Smile and enter

Hello, my beloved ones. This is the place and time to tell you something more. Something more about me and my blog. Something more about books and of course sports books ( have you created your account at William Hill or you are still concentrating on the banner of your language ?). It is time to open the book of interesting stories, maybe the book of creation. As I mention the word creation, there is a marvelous book with that name by the brilliant author Gor Vidal – a man of high and true educated mind and soul.

If we were not living in the era of global communication, internet and the social network, you might have read this posts or articles in books or newspapers. This blog of mine gives me the perfect pleasure and measure to reach to a great audience and try to produce a positive influence. It matters when after reading 1,2 or 10 posts , you had left with a smile, or just with a wish to change something in your betting live, something in the surrounding or something in the grey day-to-day activity. I just want to bring colors and these colors, to be our columns of success.

I apologize if I sound to deep or mind oppressing, I just want you to welcome to my world. Maybe I want to reveal you some secrets, or just want to have you next to me and to tell you the story of this beautiful blog which may produce a brilliant novel some day . In the contents of great creation, big idea, enormous building or a very long bridge stay the huge belief , madness and passion. Let’s see how passion helped me out, to bring some crazy ideas and to serve it to you in good shapes and pictures :

  1. I love reading all type and kind of books . I started reading since I was 5 years of age. I was curious to know a lot and everything about sports , history, geography, horror stories, adventure books.
  2. There was a time when i read 5 or 7 newspapers about sports a day  , in order to gather all the information needed. In that times there were no cell phones or internet invented. Very good times, I can say 🙂
  3. When you have learned or discovered a big island in the ocean of knowledge, you want to share the things you know, with good and honorable people. I learned many things about sports and sports betting, but did not know at first how to proceed.
  4. I had practiced basketball for 5 years in high school and wanted to be a professional player some day, but bad injury killed my dreams in one day . During the time , I was training I had a diary where I wrote what practices need to be done and what will be the next goals to be achieved. These were the small steps to big writing..
  5. I lost one dream, but the other to write a book , or something that will keep me in this wonderful and crazy process, was alive. While I was practicing my betting in different spheres like : roulette, slots, poker, sports betting and live betting, I read a lot of books. It is interesting fact, that the most powerful and influential thing you need, come from the corner of a book or of an author who has nothing in common with your interests.
  6. “Always read between the lines ” ,this was what my grand dad told me . Lines could be odds or odds movement in a sports book, or lines of a book or post in a blog. Reading is a great process, when you are devoted enough to it, there comes a moment when you start writing…
  7. On the 29 of March i wrote the first 5 posts in this blog of mine. This was the start , one dream came true and you my visitors, readers and fans,make it happen and live every single day. I have a big passion about sports, all kind of them and of course about betting. I want to share, to give and to advice you the best way I can. I want to be your friend, maybe your guru, if you let me 😉 I want us to be on the same winning and smiling side.

So , if this is your first post, do not hesitate take a long time and deep breath . I did and I am doing my best to give you plenty of useful information and useful odds, when big games are about to come. So, please smile and enter, you will like my world and I will be pleased and happy enough if you bring your color to the picture of this blog. Thank you for coming and reading 🙂



Experience the difference

Hello to all readers, bettors and curious people from all around the globe. As you have noticed, this is a “young” blog with the ambition to become one of the bets in the sports betting industry. If this is your first time, please sit comfortable , read some article and experience the difference. As I have promised in some of my first publications,I do intend to create and write something a little bit different.

Every , single one of you is mad about sports and betting. These are our main goals. We are walking together one road , all that matters are the direction. All , that I  kindly ask from you is to have several steps with me . Let’s talk and discuss how we can beat the bookies.

I do love all type of sports, as it is perfectly seen from the range of articles in my blog. I am also keen in mathematics, statistics and world of figures and numbers. At the end of the day , my mission will be accomplished and I will get the best prize, if you think on some of my thoughts or just word that did make you good impression, or just had changed your point of view.

World of sport is one big , let’s say one enormous “universe“. What you need in this travel, in the “universe“? I think you need a good companion and a solid ship. You have the total choice , right to take the best ship(bookmaker) and if I am your choice for a companion, I will be very delighted.

If you had gone that far in this article, you may think to your self that I am doing and writing all these thing for money. No, it is not about the money. It is about the passion. When you have passion for something that best way to feed it and to give her wings is to share it. I want to share all I know with you.

You might have been, registered or keen to another tipsters, sports betting or other sports related sites. My efforts will be prized , if you put my blog next to the, why not on first place some day.

Let’s experience the difference together. It is a long journey and I do not want to travel it alone.


How I started betting(chapter 5)

Hello my friends from all around the globe. I am very pleased and happy to write my new article especially for you. When it is about passion of what you are doing, it is not a job , it is a pleasure of heaven.Actually , I was wanting all of my life to have a special place, where to write my opinion for sports, sports betting and all the related articles and options.

This is the place- my blog.All I want from you is when you have opinion, share it with me and I will be more that happy to discuss all the upcoming new ideas and fresh thoughts. We are in the world on sport and betting, where impossible is anything. Just have to be patient and armed with a huge discipline. I am 100% sure, that everyone who is a reader of my blog has all these quantities and qualities. Let’s walk the road together.

When you are deep in the world of bets and strategies you have to know perfectly which sport and which segment and parameters are right for you. Knowing perfectly sport is like knowing perfectly yourself, your body and to be able to predict every single and small hints, that differ big losers from big winners.

Beware to risk your value and knowledge on the field where everybody else do.The big betting guru’s and players have their own paths,this is what makes them just “great”.Concentrate your self on one sport and three main markets.

I am a keen fan and player of basketball,but my biggest passion is football.
What sport are you mad and passionate about?