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Wimbledon – masterpieces on grass

The oldest tennis tourney is about to start just in a day. All the worlds critics , fans, trainers and players are filled with passion and eagerness to see, applause, win and cheer for all the nice and breath taking moments that soon will conquer the world.

I do not know about you, but when sports are played on grass it is a different feeling and emotion. There is some kind of miracle and a piece of magic when the ball hits the white lines on the grass i.e like in tennis, baseball,football, american football etc.

This tourney will answer many questions. Is Djokovic too good enough and will he have any competition till the final? Can Grigor Dimitrov make it to the semi-final, why not to the final? Is Federer too old and tired to make something to remember in London? When Nadal will show his great power and the skills we were used to see from him ? Will Sharapova be able to attack the second place in WTP standing? Will Petra Kvitova have the title again, as she did in 2014?

Let me tell you what my expectations are . I think that Djokovic will take the men’s title , as he is playing tennis from another planet. The choice he made , with exquisite trainer and former player Boris Beker, gave him all the discipline, sharp and strong hits , that guarantees number one place in the ranking for a long period. Grigor Dimitrov can do someting here, as he was Champion in the youth format of the tourney few years ago. Roger Federer will be the leader, sneaking in the shadows and trying to take the maximum here. Andy Murray has the advantage of the home crowd, which is not to be underestimated.

As per women, I have a doubt between Sharapova and Kvitova. Williams is not that good on grass. Much of the surprises in this tourney , I expect in the women pool.

About the doubles, I think Bryan brother will make their best effort to have the title this year. Their main competition will be the winning double from previous years : Vasek Pospisil and Jack Sock.

It will be a wonderful tourney, no one has a doubt about it. We will watch , bet and shout for our favorite tennis players. What I can wish you is never lose your focus and try to watch the tournament from the very singe game.

Take the best from this marvelous Sunday.


Balls or numbers

Hello, dear mates. It is starting to get very interesting having a blog and sharing different feelings about the world of betting and sports as a whole. This magic keeps us passionate, leave us without sleep or make us cry from great and indescribable joy.

As from my point of view , every single game looks like a sequel and row of figure, numbers, possibilities, odds and percentages.This is just because I am for too long time in the industry and had changed my mind above the limits .

The most interesting and intriguing sports are the ones with balls : football, basketball ,volleyball, tennis, baseball, handball , snooker , rugby , cricket , american football etc. I will try to explain you, how every single game from any of these sports, looks from my points of view:

1. When it comes to football it is a great range of numbers. When you see the starting line ups , you start thinking about the first things to happen : corner in the first 5 minutes , card in the first 5 minutes, odds for the ball possession for the both halves, percentage of accurate shots on goal who will have more corners, will the underdog score first . When you know the performances of the most valuable team players, you just count and calculate all the outcomes and odds of all the events of the game , that you have on your mind.

2. Baseball – when you know the starting pitchers, you start to think when the first home run will be scored and automatically there is an odd and definitely and possibility when it will happen. You have thoughts on you mind over or under i.e 6.5 runs will there be in the game. When you think of possibilities, you transfer the mathematical and statistical way into the odds you perfectly are aware of : fractional, decimal, american.

3. Handball – the main players there are the goal keepers. Here you have Asian handicap and over/under line. Regularly in the sports with balls and many players, you have first to see the best and the worst of them,this is the main key to calculate the correct outcome of any market.

4. Snooker -this is close game to poker. Snooker player are much alike like poker and chess ones. They have in their heads geometry of every single shot and possibilities , percentages. Snooker players, poker players and chess player could be on of the best traders and punters in the betting industry.

5. Rugby – it is something difficult . You have to have deep knowledge in order to calculate all the issues and outcomes.

6. Cricket -for some people it is “terra-incognita”, but it is one of the most intriguing game. Yes, the game usually takes to long, but when there is a wicket scored it makes all the fans and public wake-up.

7.Basketball – this is probably after the baseball, the sport with the biggest stats for everything. When you see the starting line-ups  , you just start to imagine : rebounds made, free throws percentages,3 points attempted and scored , method of first basket in the game, over/under lines for quarters and for the game as a whole, who will be the player with most assists, which team will have most turnovers…

8.Volleyball and tennis – this games depend on the service. In tennis , you have a second chance , but in volleyball service has to be precised and very powerful. Tennis is also a scene and field of mathematics, odds and percentages are also calculated upon the form of the player and how is playing forehand, backhand , on the net and from the back of the court. In volleyball, main part plays the blocks of the defense.

9. American football– the thing here comes from the quarter backs, they are the engines of the teams.Without a good quarterback , you can not score good touch down , have steals and fetch the attention of the public. As form previous lines we can compare quarter back to snooker, chess and poker players.

I hope you liked this article. At the end of the day, no matter losing or winning, the main principle is to have fun. I like many sports and also the figures and possibilities that stands behind the scene.

Have the best day in your life today. See you soon …………………..


What to bet on summer?

Summer time is approaching and many of the biggest championships all around the world will soon be over.

The main question of all bettors is what to bet?

There are some asian champs running on and also Copa America will soon be coming.

As you perfectly knew there is no vacation when you are in the world of betting

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Have a wonderful one ahead.


P.s When there is not enough football is also better to orientate yourself to another sports : basketball and tennis. Basketball will be a long theme in mu future predictions and articles, not to forget that Nba-Summer League is coming and many surprises happen there, also not forgetting to mentiona the Ncaa-basketball Championship.