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New entry – american football

Good evening , dear readers and bettors from all around the globe. The tie has come to a new challenge, a new section in my blog. Every new start has its risks .also its passion and fever. I like to provoke myself and also you – my fans. If no one is feeling provoked, may be not a lot of the best researches, brave deposits and new arrivals on the scenes of sports and science will never occur and be known to all of us.

I did not know a lot about American football till I started trading it live. I was very pessimistic , whether this new sport will become favorite of mine one day. In this new , early,first steps I started to like this game, the rules the players and the crazy crowds on the different stadiums . All the atmosphere , all the power and enthusiasm in the college games as well, suddenly make me feel in love with this game.

As I stated before,in some previous posts of mine the main figure in American football is the quarter back. This is the captain of the team, who has to have eyes of a hawk , brain of a chess gross master, to be fast as a rabbit or even as a tiger and at the same time to be a balanced person. Quarterback has great similarity with the pitcher in baseball. Both are the chosen ones, to be the heroes in one matrix of minds, brave men and fast decision.

As in soccer , I like the high scoring games – to be many touchdowns scored, many field goals , even safety which is not regular to happen. One of the most interesting type of bet is 1st scoring play. As you know , I give you odds as per my official betting partner and odds provider William Hill. I will give you my tips about the game Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals just in the several lines which will soon appear under my fingers.

The most thrilling part of the games are the yards – rushing , receiving and passing ones. It is like the contest before the All Star games in NBA . Performance of players is not measured by points and also by yards. Yards are the milestones, that keep the attention of the fans and coaches always there, down on the field. Accomplished pass, rush or receiving attempt, means that all the swat and training worth it .

Let’s concentrate on my predictions  , which are impatient to come. As in European football, I will focus on the totals- over/under lines , scoring plays and payer props. The last ones are master class of high value punters, who are fighting with odds and stats. Let’s stop for now with words and try to emphasize on figures and bets:

  1. Jeremy Hill Total rushing Yards – over 78,5 @ 1.91 and Isaiah Crowell total rushing yards over 35,5 @ 1.91. We have a huge favorite here and there will be a great thought on both squads for scoring more. Rushing yards are hard to be done , but not defense will be the hot point here.
  2. The over/under line of the game is 44.5 in William Hill. The last who games were under this line, as per my opinion after few hours I am expecting a lot of points, touchdowns and field goals.
  3. First scoring play- Cincinnati Bengals to score a touchdown – 2.05, you know where.

This is all from me by now , dear friends. Let’s hurry and stake our bets, as long as the match is soon to come. Win a lot and dare more, to learn and to read new things. I will see you very soon in another new and intriguing post of mine 🙂




Blink before you think

Hello, dear team. I am calling you team, because we are on the one and the correct part of the betting industry and it is definite on the victorious one. Sun is melting around me and the high temperature and the motivation to right something good are on my side. I was about to write about the upcoming snooker tournament which will take place soon in Sofia, with the participation of my favorite player – Ronnie O’Sullivan – ” the rocket”, but I changed my mind.

Snooker is sport of high class, I will put it in between the intellectual ones like poker and chess. I do promise you , that there will be soon a post about snooker, but the truth is that post, you are currently reading , wanted to take place and appear on the scene first . Maybe this will be for good, we will see at the end.

Usually most of the bettors, do think firstly with their hearts, which is not the right way and advise. To bet and back on all the outcomes of your favorite team, will lead you in long term to a bankruptcy. Thinking is the guiding star, that prevents us from being prisoners of our emotions. Thinking is our key to success.

What we know about blinking? Is it just a reflex of the eye, or is it is something deeper?  Blinking is maybe one of the most pretty reflexes that our bodies have. It is like the butterfly flying but multiple by two. When we combine blinking and thinking, we achieve great goals and conquer unknown horizons. Here are the steps and my point of view about these verbs and symbols of action :

  1. Why poker players wear glasses in big tournament? It is because, they are blinking a lot before they do their decision. Also they do not want their eyes to be seen from their opponents.
  2. Kasparov, Karpov, Anand, Topalov – if you had watched some chess games they played, just look into their eyes.
  3. Pirlo – the great Italian master and football magician. When he scores a penalty , just before the whistle of the referee , he is thinking and blinking as well.
  4. Blinking is that doze of reality and precise success generation point, which help us to concentrate like yoga masters. Somehow we do not realize it, but it is the inner voice for the reflex of body and mind, which clear thinking and emotional vibes , in order to take the 100 % of one special moment in our life or in a sports competition.
  5. Look at the pitchers in a single baseball game. They have a million of thought, how to throw the ball. The best of them are blinking that much , like if they were shooting with Kalashnikov, it would have been a shot of over 250 bullets per minute.
  6. In basketball, when there is a special free throw to be made and scored in the very last seconds of the game. Sometimes  players do not realize that process of blinking, but it is essential for their concentration and strategy to score into the basket.
  7. Blinking and thinking are like the two wings of a super modern airplane, like the wing of an eagle , like the hands of professional box player, who is determined to make the best hit in the last second of the round. They can not exist separately.

Sometimes is hard  to be motivated or to stay focused for a long period of time. My purpose and goal is to have you all – my readers focused in all the articles you are involved or feeling currently part of. When you have a good strategy, that can help you survive and win for a long period of time. Keep focused and let’s learn and win together 🙂



Sports madness

Hello, dear all. It is raining in my country and I am very positive about how we will grow up. I say “we”  , because without you, my blog would have gone away, long time ago. Writing is not just a pleasure , it is an adrenaline that does not let you down till you finished your post, or until the last word of idea that is coming regularly to your mind and dreams.

The dream come trough is when you watch, participate, feel, love, adore and cannot live without sports. In my daily routine I do practice fitness, basketball and table tennis. It is no need to explain you what energy you have and how powerful you feel after practicing the most beloved sports. It does not matter from the age or from your social status, but sports are the most valuable motive and scenario, which helps us to survive during the long way called life and freedom.

Have you ever thought that the most free people are the mad ones, they do not obey rules and do follow directions , whispered by their inner voice. We have come today to speak about sports madness and how I had such one several years ago. It was a crazy decision taken by impulse and I never regret about it. I gave myself a word , that I will watch sports events for 24 hours, no matter of the sport, no matter of where the event is watched – PC or TV, just watching and obtaining emotions .During that process , I tried to keep all of my senses open, because afterwards, I was about to make an analysis.

This day was a sunny Saturday morning. I started with football from South Korea, with the morning coffee. The next episode was a game from Japan, J-League 2.( When you are totally in love with sports, the time just passes like that, like a blink of an eye, or just a click with  fingers). The third game was Philippine’s basketball game(in this country, they do play very nice and interesting games, with many players from US and the rules of NBA ). On the scene came the early game from UK, Premier League on the TV. There are moment, when you just hear how the fans are singing. I have my favorite moments , when I listen to fans singing from Italy, UK ,Germany,Japan and Argentina. The most memorable thing is that they sing not only during the time-play of the game , they sing even before and after it. The feeling is gorgeous. It was time to change the sports and watch some tennis. I love Nadal, Rafa, This is the guy who knows how to play not only in clay. He has very smart hits and is moving like a tiger all around the corner, chasing every hard ball accepted. In my opinion there are top 5 best tennis player for all time – Nadal,Djokovic, Federer , Agassi and Sampras.  Suddenly , I felt interest to watch football again and switched the TV on Eurosport for a German, Bundesliga game. I have to say big thanks and to ask you to move your hats down for the fans of Borussia Dortmund ,Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich. In all of the games of these teams, I had watched, they were that noisy , that the feeling was as you have been in the center of volcano or like storm going strong. During the time of that marathon, I tried not to be for a long period away from my source of sports madness.It was 20:05 and was about time for the early game in NBA. When I watch basketball, I do totally crazy. I begin to shout , to jump , to say bad words 🙂 I am totally in the game. I love this game and most magical and amazing team is when the ball goes in the basket, trough the net. Three hours later , there was another game from the best basketball Championship all around the globe. I watched a lot and decided till 09:00 in the morning on the next day to watch only baseball. It was not long ago, when I traded baseball. It is not that popular here , in Europe, but it is a sport with a special magic and blaze of glory.

After the final game ended , it was time to mane an analysis, about what was the feeling during that 24 hours marathon in watching different sports:

  1. My mind was full with new impressions and ideas. My eyes were hurting , but it did not matter. I was happy.
  2. Sports is some special world, when you are in the deep parts of it, you never want to leave it or to stay away from it. I was one with fans, with players and trainers.
  3. I was united with ball, net , bat and the spirit of the different games. I watched the eyes and the strategies in different games , no matter if they were individual or team ones including.
  4. I watched every game in a different language . But the most powerful and inspiring thing is that the language of sport is one and it is unified. If you are in love with what you watch and practice , you perfectly realize what and how is happening.
  5. My adrenaline was on an unknown level. This was what I wanted to achieve, to jump that high in order to get to a new orbit. I love that orbit and that place.

Actually, my dear friends, I introduced you to a small part of my universe. I guess, you liked being part of it. If I was not in deep love with sports, we might never had met each other. The pleasure is all mine . See you in the next post. Be mad for every thing that you do, in order to shine not just to glitter 🙂



It is all about the base

The funny thing here is when I started trading and betting on baseball, I really hated this sport. I found everything that happened on the itch a total nonsense. I even could not realize why there was so big crowds at the stadiums. Step by step, with every single game I watched and traded , I began to fall in love with this sport. Its origin is actually cricket ( maybe some day there will be article also for cricket).

Actually most of the fans around the world are impressed by the pitchers. Those magicians , who can do incredible things with the small ball and to make every single batter to look like a small, stupid and awkward boy. Other do like and love when there is a massive hit, a home run is scored , or even the best situation that could occur -grand slam ,4 points scored.

All I like and love are the bases : 1 base ,2nd , base, 3rd and most dangerous one 4th base (home run or the last castle of defending team). Let’s try to figure my point of view :

1.Actually I like most strategy in all games with balls ( soccer,basketball, handball,volleyball,baseball and american football). Strategy is everything that should happen according to the directions and movement of the ball.

2. Everything in baseball looks so simple, but it is not just like that. It is a piece of cake for the professional players, for us the spectators is far not that easy.

3. To steal,fight, take, have or to win a base. This is the most important issue in this magnificent sport. Every player on the pitch had its eyes open on 12 , because without a hit or strike or anything else, you can steal a base if the defender has his attention focused not only at the game.

4. To have the guts after good hit ,to run from base 1 to base 3. There was a Japanese player, I do not remember his name, he was the king of doing this exercise. He had the guts , the will and the experience to take bases like little children, eat hot dogs.

5.To save , protect the base. The most dramatic situations happen usually on 4th base, when a home run can be prevented. You can see one of the best and most beautiful defensive plays on base number 4.

6. When you are a keen fan of baseball, you listen to the sounds around the bases. Is the defender too nervous? Can someone run that far from base 1 to base 4? What the eyes of everyone on the pitch telling?

7. When you know and you are aware of all the details, all other things that happen when the ball is hit or missed , they just do color the masterpiece of the pitch called : “baseball game”.

Baseball is attracting more and more fans all around the globe. If you are the one that is hesitating , please read again this article. See you in the soonest time at base 3:)