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Mou is killing the competition

Two derbies in England

It is Sunday, for some of you it may be a fun day, nut for me it is a kind of a work day. Yeah, I am not officially at work, but blogging is also consuming and taking my spare time. But I love to be in front of the PC and to share my experience and knowledge with you.

We all know that this post is about two derbies in UK , Premier League : Liverpool – Everton and Manchester United – Manchester City. It is the easiest way to take both games in a combo with wins for the home squads, but this will look a bit not serious. Let’s try to take a brief look and analysis on both games:

  1. Liverpool – Everton : easy win for the boys of Jurgen Klopp. Seems fine and easy to take with a maximum stake. Yes, Liverpool are in good shape. My first prediction is over 2,5 goals, We all know what is happening with the defense of the reds. On the other hand we have Wayne Rooney who is eager to score more and more in every single mage or derby.
  2. United – City : the derby of Manchester, We all remember the thriller when those trainers – Mou and Guardiola have met in Spain( Real Madrid and Barcelona). Between those two it is always and will always be a total war. But I think that only Jose knows how to beat and defeat City. The boys of Pep are in a total winning streak of 13 consecutive wins in Premier League, they will want to make this games come up to 14. In my opinion the game is a classic draw derby with maximum 2 goals and result 1-1. United will play on counter-attack and will try to surprise City.

Wish you all a very beneficial day. See ya soon..

What winner wins ?

It is a very provoking word ,verb -to win. Every single one of us wants to win something , somewhere in any means. This is how ,we are constructed -to be driven by passion and goal to conquer and win.If this is first article you read in my blog ,I will try to make you stay and read at least 2 or 3 more.

We, here are constantly speaking about players, winners , casino and poker players, bettors. All the kinds and group of participants, want to win and to have it all. But what exactly they want to have and to gather? I will give some few points of view :

1.When you start to play with a bet, with money involved, you are determined and convinced that you are totally right. You are fighting for some right of yours.

2. Obligation to pay. When you win , it is not necessary to get paid. It is necessary to be promoted as a winner.To be the winner , it is an inner feeling to stand and raise above the crowd with biggest smile in the world i.e all of you had seen when some poker players had won big tourneys.

3.Games are designed that way :losers and winners. Every participant in betting or playing marathon, wants to take most from a bookmaker or from his opponent.

4. To win for the sport. These are “beasts” who have the hunger for continuum series of wins, no matter of the price and the means to have it.

5. Have you ever thought that bookmaker houses do win from you, even though you just have an account with them. Simple example : when you have account with some bookie you log and see the odds , the promos , the live platforms, casino and poker games. So they attracted your attention.

6. To attract attention is the biggest win.

7. Who is winning from this article : you or me 🙂 ?

I am very grateful for our attention, dear visitor or reader of my blog. We will see you soon and bear in mind , that best spent time is the most powerful investment in future.