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Summer mood

It is very strange to me when this time of the year has come. I have these feelings since I was at age of 8. There is no Uk, Italy , Germany , Spain or France broadcasting of top games , teams and derbies. You cannot see any match from Champions League or Europa League. It is just the big pause, which is killing us- the sick and mad football fans. Also there is not big football forum and we prepare bit by bit for the summer and the long vacations….

I will dedicate this post to few memorable managers through the whole season  , which were the main motivation engines and the power to survive for the fans, players and most of all the pride of their teams:

  1. Jurgen Klopp – he is in idol. It is not because fans and players love him. I think this man is not sleeping , he is thinking and dreaming only for football. He is like a kid, who every day starts believing and achieving one completely new dream.
  2. Zizu – Zidane – the magician. The things Real Madrid did with Juventus, cannot be described by words. To score 4 goals in the net of the team, which for 180 minutes, did not give any chances to Messi and Barsa – this is just incredible. The whole performance of “los blancos” is just marvelous. They are playing for the fans , for Ronaldo , for Madrid and of course for the 12th title in the Champions League history. This team with this manager – a piece of dream.
  3. Guardiola – to lose yourself among big money and selfish players. This is such a pity, no trophy won with so much great stars ….. English football is not for everyone.
  4. Jose – too much of provocation, Zlatan and the Europa League March. This man , like a professional poker player played his cards and was laughing proudly to his opponents and haters. He was so self-esteemed.
  5. Max Allegri – the winners take it all, nut only 2 of 3 gold medals. The “dominatior” in Italy and Juve were so close to take the final, but with Real was almost impossible.
  6. The eternal Wenger – he will stay till the end of the Universe in Arsenal. The won FA CUP Final versus Chelsea saved his guts.
  7. Conte – the maestro of modern football. One lost game from Arsenal 0-3 and after it Chelsea started to create, write, dominate and smash all its opponents. Conte was also so emotional that with this reactions he inspired fans and players.. Big Bravo for him….

Football is a magnificent game, but mostly the great power, suspense and inspirations come from the trainers. They are the generals who lead their “armies” to great battles, which we never will forget…..

When to stop ?

In the world of betting always comes a time when you have to make a stop or a pause for a little wild. The world is designed that way, that always we need time to think, rest, resolve something or just we have to relax.

You may ask yourself why am I writing these lines. I will try to explain you in few simple steps :

1. It is summer and usually people go to vacation.

2. Yes, the bookies do not have a rest, but when there are no serious tournaments to bet on , your concentration is not on a 100 %.

3. Copa America is not that “fruit” or that trophy , where you can gather the value, which is the main aim for harvest, for the punters.

4. NHL and NBA are about to finish also. Late at nigh , there is only baseball and some asian football tourneys.

5. Summer in betting is the time to scratch the line and to calculate all , that you had done or achieved for the passed 6 months. This is a good period for the stats and many interesting thing and fact could occur from your figures and percentages of lost and won bets.

6. Summer also is the perfect period to search for any new bookies, who had come on the scene. Make a comparison with the other, that you already have account with and consider if it is right or wrong to have one new account.

This is all for today from me. Wish you nice holidays and many creative ideas after it…