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Something to think about

I had some thoughts recently, regarding chess and how chess players turn into genius or just best gamblers. Why not onto teachers, which can point is the right way how to think  in a non standard manner? Because, the main clash when we speak about betting is ” Who is smarter? “.

Bookies, do have a huge staff of employments, who are monitoring every single step you take. But I have started which chess players ,as they have in their heads many scenarios and immense strategies. Strategy is not always about winning, it is mainly defending and turning your disadvantages onto great pluses. You may think, that I am writing some “smart” sentences just in order to have a content for this post. Here is the right way to give and example or just few of them:

  1. When I was a little kid i had just one passion – chess. When I was at the age of 4, my father learned me the most important steps in chess. With every cent I had left, I had saved it and bought to myself 7 different set of chess. I started to read in few years and got hypnotized from the images of such geniuses as : Alehin, Capablanka, Bobby Fisher , Karpov and Kasparov ( The POlgar sisters and many more others). It was all about one dess of 64 squares , 32 figures and great fight of minds. All the schemes and movements have been played in your head for thousands of times. This was not just a world, this was an universe of great opportunities and challenges and surely  I got impressed and challenged for whole my life. These first steps in chess playing and realizing the way how the “system” works, helped me a lot in the world of betting.
  2. Anatoly Karpov vs computers– do you think that is easy to beat a computer? Do you know what is the capacity of PC memory versus the mind of a human? We are like a little babies when it comes to a comparison on those two features with personal computers. Them man, the legend , the minds or the genius – all these words are just vague description of the magnificence of one man. A Russian chess player, which made all the machines and Pc’s look pity. Actually this guy showed to the world that nothing is impossible.

At the end of the day or the post, the main thing and point is , that if you do not feel luck and winning enough in world of sports betting, you have to change your way of thinking. You have to find a key in your internal universe and  go to see what is behind unknown door. If you change your priority sooner, there will be no secret or hidden way in the world of sports predicting and wining. Thinks and put yourself in deep action. It is your move now……


Betting advice ( Juve- Barca)

Today is the big day, end of European Club football season. The big clash is about to come – favorite and underdogs, magicians against defenders, but both fighting for treble.

I will try to lay out the odds odds of the game and how it it will look like, according to the bookies, you see on my blog:

1. 1 half – On my opinion first half will be a draw result . Something like 1-1 , because both teams will not think that mach for defense . Here are the odds for the bookies advised : Ladrokes  -1st half draw – 2.15, Dafabet – 2.25, william hill – 2.1, unibet – 2.3 , 10bet – 2.15,bwin -2.25.

2. The mores reliable bet -both teams to score ( William Hill – 1.95, bwin -1.91, 10bet -1,95)

3. Full time result – draw .I think that Juventus will lay the best tactical game this season and will finish the game before extra time with result 1-1 . They have  a brilliant defense and will not Barsa to score more goals . Here are the odds : Pinnacle  sports -4.22 , 5dimes – 4.21,Ladbrokes – 4.2 , William Hill – 4 , bwin – 4.1, Unibet – 4.2 ,dafabet – 3.96 .888sport – 4.2, 10bet – 3.95.

4. The next bet is -under 2.5 goals.  The first half can be also draw result :0-0 . But as a total the game will be 1-1, which covers the under 2.5 goals .Lets see the odds of the bookmakers houses for this event: 10bet-1.88 , 888 sport – 1.94 , dafabet – 1.91 , Unibet – 1.94 , Bwin – 1.87, William Hill – 1.91, Ladbrokes – 1.9, 5dimes – 1.93 amd Pinnacle  sports – 1.98 .

This is how I see the game will go. Bet , stake, think, evaluate, read between the lines and take what is yours . This is final, but what will happen can be given to stats, maths , emotions and also for  love of this wonderful game. I thought previously to give you more hints and tips, but I think this is enough for now.

Wish the best day of the year, stake your bet to make the game interesting and watch it somehwere tonight with friends.