American, Uk or decimal odds – pick the value smart

Hello dear friends.

I have been thinking recently which are the favorite odds for everyone. Are asian lines , american or just decimal? UK odds give you confidence , a fraction on tour advantage in front of the bookie, but actually it is on the contrary.

Odds are nothing more but colors who give you the direction, a sounds or whispers , who directs you to the high way or to a hidden path.

My high way is called decimal odds and variety of margins and formulas. I like to drive on this speed way with at least 150 km/h.

What odds should you pick up as per your account ammount:

  • decimal odds – 1.2 , 1.5 or 3.5 it is always a choice of confidence. How much and how far we believe in what we bet on? I mean , that I always run away from odds uner 1.85 This is my way of thinking. Small odds are “killers” of value. I mean if in a long run , you are in a bad beat ot losing streak, just caculate how much value you will lose.
  • US odds – + 500, +600 or +1200, which in deciman odds stay for 6, 7 and 13 are the most beautiful figures around in our world of gambling, betting, sports and great entertaiment. -120 it is the odds you need to get in order to win 100$. It is simple and pretty nice.
  • UK odds– fractions which we all learned in school are the most popular numbers for betting in the United Kingdom , Ireland and Scotland. If you say1/2  it is 1.5 decimal. 3/4 is 1.75 , 100/1 is 101 . It is like all is strictly divided.
  • Honk Kong(Malay) odds – I was not about to mention these odds , but you are most likely to see them in the Asian bookies you came across most recently.  So how they look like : 0.800 is decimal 1,8  , 4/5 – UK odds, -125 US odds. So the HK odds are minus 1 ( 100% or your stake). Thus you will understand them easily.

What about you, tell me about your speed way?

Good day ahead from me:)

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