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Old but gold

Saturday is one of the most productive days for writing, especially when there is no sun outside. When the time is passing, you think for yourself what exactly the age is. Are we just getting older, or just getting smarter in order to help the youngsters to be better than they can imagine.

There is one slogan, which I recently met and read ” Youth has no age“. I definitely agree with these words.When you have a young, powerful and strong spirit , you can overcome all the hardness and difficulties in life, no matter if you are a professional sport player or just a modest man. Sometimes old guys are the ones that gives us light, motivations, bring back the sparkle in out eye, makes us believe in the power of a single smile and the power of making good deeds.

This article is meant to be and intended to go through the lives of some special sports men. Not just men, they were and are heroes in the eyes of different generations, because they had hearts like they were in all their active periods of play like 18 years of age boys. They were like candles , that never switched down or fell asleep. Let me introduce you some of my idols, who gave me inspiration in what I did and what I cam currently doing:

  1. Peter Shilton – a goalkeeper  that everybody knows. He was actively playing till his 42 years of age. That guy was just brilliant in and off the pitch. Hats down for him.
  2. Michael Jordan – I was training basketball for over 7 years and could tell you with hand on my heart, that this man was above all limits, all gravity and all the things that you can explain. For me he is from another planet. Also he played till he was 37 years of age. Brave man and athlete, on my hunble opinion , he could participate in every single sport, he would wished for.
  3. Charles Barkley – the one , the man , the diamond. He was the most loved and hated player, something common like Lebron James. Sir Charles was the “sun “, not only the leader of Phoenix Suns, he was shining so bright, that even now when I am writing these words, I feel his heat.
  4. Diddier Droghba – a single man , who made the win in the final of Champions League agianst Bayern Munich several years ago. “The King” of Stamford Bridge , that is how public was shouting for him on his last game.
  5. Federer – he is currently playing, but every time I think or write about him, I remember a slogan on a game of his – ” Sh–t , genius at work”. He is working like a precisely made swiss watch. One of the best players of all times. He can hit the ball that fine, that even a computer cannot solve and calculate that good and effective hit.  He is not a man of gold, he is a man of diamond value.
  6. Serghey Bubka – the man of whom the records ran away , just when the crowd was saying his name. One brave and very talented Ukrainian.
  7. Tiger Woods – this is the guy, because of whom I learned golf and understood that this game has its magic, its fans and its brilliance. He is also playing with that smile of a chess gross-master , like he knows what will happen in the next moment.

I hope you enjoyed every single row. There are names, which I did not include here. There will be many new more articles and these names will appear for some reason there. Which you a remarkable weekend.

Even if you are getting old, do not forget that you are gold, not because of your age, but because of your unique way of presence on Earth 🙂


Outright betting – lack of knowledge or..?

Hello to all. This is an article, which was about to appear long time ago, but I said every time to my self that I am not ready to write it. Now the time has come and let’s try to figure out with mutual efforts this type of betting, which actually is more interesting for the professional punters than to the ordinary bettors.

First of all, in my betting experience I rarely put outright bets. The reason for this is that in football, basketball ( Euroleague and NBA), baseball -seasons are too long and you cannot predict every situation that is about to happen. Most of the people do bet on their favorite team, this is now wring way , but mostly is the mosrt profitable for the bookies. The main clue, the most important reason is to have deep and solid info what is happening with the team on and off the pitch. Usually most memorable and important thing do happen in the Lockersrooms.

I will try to give you some examples with some outright winners , in already finished Championships in Basketball and European football:

1. Real Madrid and its Euroleague title. Real have not won this one for a long period. They were dominating the whole season in Spain and by all reason they finished the season with winning the Euroleague title .

2. Chelsea and the early killed competition in UK , Premier League. Mourinho is type of rare genius, who is eager to win everywhere , everything.Previous season he did not won anything, so the simple logic and the statistical measures do had directed to winning of at least 2 titles, which have happened.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers and the way to the final. This is most probably the event in outright section of bookies , with best turnover. The Lebron mania is something which can be compared with the era of M.Jordan. This product of basketball and marketing is created so , that in order great sales to be made, his current team, could go at least to the final. Congratulations to Stev Kerry and marvelous Warriors, they were just incredible.

4. “Old Segnora” – who had e doubt that they will take the both titles in Italy –Scudetto and Coppa Italia. The good and unexpectedly competition cam from Lazio. The squad from Roma, tried and gave their best to finish third and to try to compete and win against the best in Italy.

5. Zenit Petersburg – the magic from Petersburg. I am very sad for them , because they were very close to eliminate Sevilla in Europa League semi final. Probably one of the best teams in Europa in the last 10 years.It was more than expected , they to be entitled for the Champions in Russia Premier League.

6. Mexico to win the ConcacafGold Cup 2015. I had an article which you may read after this one. Meico and USa were the two favorites, but my opinion is that the pressure came too much on the shoulders on Jurgen Klinsmann boys.

7.Bayern– they always win few months before the end of the  season. The only thing they did not win , was the DFB Pokal. With this layers and the amazing trainer – Pep Guardiola, I do have expectations that they can take this year Champions League.

I hope you like this article and may find it useful for your future outright betting. The main point for me is to be able to sort and deal very delicate with information and to implement it in the most profitable way for you.

Have a wonderful day, dear reader , bettor and friend 🙂


To know the game

Dear mates, I can not describe you how happy I feel when I am starting to write this article. I love basketball, as some of you may already know. If you you are a first viewer or “tourist” in this blog, you might have thought to yourself that it will be just for football/soccer. You will be totally out of the point.

As the interest is getting bigger, I gave promises in previous articles that I will try to do my best and to cover as many sports I can. Actually my heart is totally in love with basketball. Everything started when I was 13 years of age.

I was in the big break in school and watched some bigger boys playing outside in the court. One of them made an incredible jumps and was scoring 3 pointer after 3 pointer. You know, the first thing I got amazed, was the move of the ball and the gentle , sweeping move into the basket. Like there was a magical vow between the ball and the basket, and especially if there was a net on the basket, it was like a masterpiece of sport, art and nature. Actually the court, the playground, the pitch in this lovely game is a small like, nothing in common like football or american football. I will try to make a smooth analysis of what I love and I am passionate about this thrill, this piece of heaven on Earth called basketball:

1. Passes : you perfectly remember Larry Bird and John Stockton, the guys who could pass the ball so easy that someone from another galaxy could catch it.

2. Dribble : Michael Jordan, Iverson, Kobe and Magic Johnson. They are the “gods” of dribble, you just see the ball, some magnificent fingers and …waaw, the words cannot express the feelings.

3. Rebounds : in no other game there is no such passion about catch the ball , pass it to the guard and organize a counter-attack.

4. One of the most dynamic games in the globe. In parts of the second some 3 pointers could be scored, many dramatic moments could occur, your emotion could turn from smile to tears.

5. NBA and Euroleague gained fans in a rapid speed.

6. Basketball is one of the smartest game in the world. It is a simple game for smart people.

7. It is about athletes, men and women who are able to move so softly , so smoothly like they are flying, like there is no gravity existing for them. Everyone of you had seen an eagle or some bird flying with a great ease and grandeur, same is happening nowadays and in previous moments and times. Just remember the Slam Dunk competitions before NBA All Stars games.

8. Assists : here comes the greatest of all time. Assist like in football is the most generous thing you can do, not be selfish and to give the ball to another team mate , who is in better position than you.

9. Betting in basketball is something unique, when you know the game in deep , you understand what the figures and odds stand for.


The pleasure was all mine, dear visitors. More interesting articles will come about this incredible game.

Stay cool and remember, gravity is for the ones , who do not dare to stand , make the first step and then the jump….

Jump with me ……………