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Blue is the colour

Good morning , dear all. It is very bad day with too many rain, probably the winter is knocking at the door. But till there are great football games to watch and to bet on ,  I am  fine. Usually the mood depends on the people you are surrounded with and the football teams you are supporting..

Tomorrow , there will be not a derby but  a match with power of a nuclear bomb. One trainer is coming to the stadium he was adored – ” Stamford Bridge ” , many of the players are stars , but on the other hand there is an Italian guy, not just a trainer but general- Mister Antonio Conte.  Chelsea is the most inconvenient opponent for Manchester United. We like to beat them , wherever we catch them 🙂

I remember sir Alex Ferguson times, when these games were so tense and with big suspense , that even these emotions lasted few weeks after the games ended. I clearly remember the lost final in Moscow, when Terry missed this horrible penalty under the heavy rain. I remember the amazing goals scored my Droghba and the brilliant saves by Czech. But those we would have to remember and watch is how the Chelsea fans will react on Mourinho presence on the bench of one of their most hated enemies.

So what we have on the table of UK, Premier League – Chelsea s on the 5th place United are on the 7th with 2 points difference ( 16 for the homes squad). On first observations about this game, I can say that Chelsea will not lose this game. Conte knows that in such derbies the motivation and the self-esteem of the players are built, kept and evaluated. Costa, Pedro, Fabregas and Hazard will be the nightmares for the defense of United. On the other hand there are players who can do whatever they want with the ball: Ibrahimovic, Poghba , Rooney and De Ghea , which is the best goal keeper after Buffon.

I can speak for ages about this game and about those two teams, but lets see what odds can bring us value and money to our sports betting accounts. There will be a tough match , so the first bet should stand for over 4,5 cards in the game – 1,66, also the line of over 10,5 corners is reliable for your attention and for plenty of stakes. The game will be with one or maximum two goals, so here it comes the under 2,5 goals line – 1,7 is the odds. Both trainers will play defensively, counting on counter-attacks and seeking for the opponents mistakes. All the odds given are proudly represented by bet365 .

Wish you a pleasant weekend and lets see what emotion the big teams from top countries have prepared for us.  We – fans are like people , who do support their teams in good and bad moments, but our love and devotion are eternal. Their will be many derbies and many bets upcoming, but the most important is to stand up for your team and to give it love and passion. If the team is winning, then it means that more and ore beer and chants will be on their way after the derby day :):):)





Old but gold

Saturday is one of the most productive days for writing, especially when there is no sun outside. When the time is passing, you think for yourself what exactly the age is. Are we just getting older, or just getting smarter in order to help the youngsters to be better than they can imagine.

There is one slogan, which I recently met and read ” Youth has no age“. I definitely agree with these words.When you have a young, powerful and strong spirit , you can overcome all the hardness and difficulties in life, no matter if you are a professional sport player or just a modest man. Sometimes old guys are the ones that gives us light, motivations, bring back the sparkle in out eye, makes us believe in the power of a single smile and the power of making good deeds.

This article is meant to be and intended to go through the lives of some special sports men. Not just men, they were and are heroes in the eyes of different generations, because they had hearts like they were in all their active periods of play like 18 years of age boys. They were like candles , that never switched down or fell asleep. Let me introduce you some of my idols, who gave me inspiration in what I did and what I cam currently doing:

  1. Peter Shilton – a goalkeeper  that everybody knows. He was actively playing till his 42 years of age. That guy was just brilliant in and off the pitch. Hats down for him.
  2. Michael Jordan – I was training basketball for over 7 years and could tell you with hand on my heart, that this man was above all limits, all gravity and all the things that you can explain. For me he is from another planet. Also he played till he was 37 years of age. Brave man and athlete, on my hunble opinion , he could participate in every single sport, he would wished for.
  3. Charles Barkley – the one , the man , the diamond. He was the most loved and hated player, something common like Lebron James. Sir Charles was the “sun “, not only the leader of Phoenix Suns, he was shining so bright, that even now when I am writing these words, I feel his heat.
  4. Diddier Droghba – a single man , who made the win in the final of Champions League agianst Bayern Munich several years ago. “The King” of Stamford Bridge , that is how public was shouting for him on his last game.
  5. Federer – he is currently playing, but every time I think or write about him, I remember a slogan on a game of his – ” Sh–t , genius at work”. He is working like a precisely made swiss watch. One of the best players of all times. He can hit the ball that fine, that even a computer cannot solve and calculate that good and effective hit.  He is not a man of gold, he is a man of diamond value.
  6. Serghey Bubka – the man of whom the records ran away , just when the crowd was saying his name. One brave and very talented Ukrainian.
  7. Tiger Woods – this is the guy, because of whom I learned golf and understood that this game has its magic, its fans and its brilliance. He is also playing with that smile of a chess gross-master , like he knows what will happen in the next moment.

I hope you enjoyed every single row. There are names, which I did not include here. There will be many new more articles and these names will appear for some reason there. Which you a remarkable weekend.

Even if you are getting old, do not forget that you are gold, not because of your age, but because of your unique way of presence on Earth 🙂