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Nedbets.com – the ned kid in town

It is very interesting, when somehting new shows up. I mean not only good site or blog, which has been created. I mean different sort of challenging new-commers on the scene of sport, betting and casinos.

It is normal most of us to be very pretencious, to work and and strive to find a better decision or choise. In the modern world that too much information, we want to find the best source and the most reliable blog, media or funnel.

From my personal experience, one good site is seedn and felt since the very first steps. It is an impression of great value and importance from the very first 3 seconds. I am mentioning those 3 seconds as this is the time, the pit stop of our mind to like, dislike or just close any imge, site, videoclip or just to stop listenning to a stranger or friend. WHy is that hustle?

It is because , I have found on very new and intriguing blog. It is about sports, gambling, betting, sports predictions and reviews for slosts, casinos and online bookmakers. Its name is www.nedbets.com

What you can find and see from the very beginning ?

  1. It is a neat and cozy site – the only disadvantage is that it is still only in Bulgarian language. I guess in the upcoming 6 months or one year the site will got translated onto many other international languages. It is a matter of success, time and how the audince will like it.
  2. It is Bg bookies represented +1xbet.com – this is just the first step. YOu will find all the neccessary information from bookie review, hot to make a registration and all the processes of depositing, withdrawing, verification and getting different bonuses.
  3. The site looks all fast and clean even on mobile – this is the future. I am doing all the bets, checking info and all the routine daily via my mobile. If one site is not mobile- friendly, it will definitey lose its auditory from the first glance or stop.
  4. Not a lot of banners, but static pics– you know that banners are getting too irritating those days. I have been regularly visiting Asian blogs and sports site and I am getting mental all the time. They load between 5-10 secs and also it is signals and banners selling and sending thousands of messages.
  5. Lives score on the spot there you can check and see the results on live sports regularly ( even in you do not understand Bugarian language).
  6. Voting for each post – this is a tricky move from the creators of the site. You can give in starts from 1 to 5 for the content, you have already checked and understood.

Try the new blog and come back with the critics or just few good words. Wish you a good and beneficial Sunday. There are a lot of derbies coming or already in-play.

Juventus – Lazio ( not just a derby)

Good evening, dear mad and crazy fans of football and betting. I know it is hard for you to get to sleep as some very dramatic games are about  to be played in one or two days time. Tonight post will be about the game of Lazio versus Juventus,-the consecutive, 5 times champions of Seria A.

Maximiliano Allegri had to swallow a very bad pill, after the lost from Fiorentina. ” La Viola ” played very good game and reasonably took the win with 2-1 result. In the game with Lazio, all the odds and stats say that the team from the capital of Italy , would lose this match.

Simone Indzhagi is a very smart trainer, in the game of Lazio for Copa Italia, he made 2 changes (after the half time when result was 2-2, at the end Lazio won with 4-2), letting go Milinkovic- Savic and Immobile on the pitch , to change the result. Those two aces can surprise bad the ” old segnora“. Unfortunately “the eagles ” d not have a win against Juventus from 29 of January 2013, also Juventus have not made any singe draw game, yet.

As this is also a site for sports betting and predictions, I have to give you my advises upon this game. On my opinion the final result will be 2-1 for Juve or a draw result with goals, like 1-1 or 0-0. Bad news for Lazio is that Lulic will not be playing as he had made many yellow cards and he will miss this great derby. All of you perfectly know how the game will look like. Lazio will try to make something on counter-attack and Juve will dominate the game and will have the bigger ball percentage. As per my perspective and professional point of view, I expect corners, yellow cards and goals. Odds in bet365.com are the following :over 2,5 goals – 1,85 ; over 9,5 corners – 1,83 and over 5 cards ( Asian line is 1.9- I give you that outcome as I am not sure, will there be 5 or 6 card.If they are 5 , your bet will be void). Also some interesting market Wincast – Gonzalo Higuain to score and Juventus to win , odds is 4 and also Pipita as a goal scored and draw result, the odds is 23. One last option – Philip Djordjevic to score and draw result 26.

In a conclusion, we all will expect one great game in Torino. It will be an early game from 12:30 EET, so many people are expected in front of their TV with beer in their hands. I am Lazio fan, but I think that this will be one of our very and too hard games. We play very tough and not that easy against Juve and Napoli. On Juventus stadium no visiting team is welcomed and treated good. All we want as supporters and bettors is a game with many goals and breath taking moments. I am sure that the stadium will be full and also many fans from Roma will come. The hatred between those two teams is very big. In Italy Juventus is the most hated team. Have a wonderful evening, dear fans and punters. I cannot wait for the football weekend to start. Upload your accounts with funds and start winning. If you still have not created any, feel free to chose any of the bookmakers , I have introduced to your attention..


Bookies review

It is very nice having you around. I forgot to tell you, welcome and good day is coming again. Good days as per my opinion ,are those in which we produce and create more than the previous one. Today I have the intention to take you on a tour with all the bookies and betting houses , casinos -you see or already seen on my blog.

Have you ever thought , how hard it is to make an account at the most appropriate place. When I started ,this creation called blog, I decided to take , invite and have the most powerful, interesting and best bookies nowadays. Believe me , it is not that easy to compare and evaluate bookmakers. The world of betting is developing much more faster, as anyone had ever thought about. I tried  and made efforts to be as much precised as I could, according to my experience as a 7 years bookmaker and a guy who is in this business for nearly  10 years.

The main thing in what we are gathered for is easy deposit, easy withdrawal and good odds. Odds, no matter if they are fractions ( UK mode), US or decimal, are the meaning of everything. Also all of us want to have plenty of markets on our favorite events. It is a great mixture of qualities and quantities , that have to be achieved and accomplished in order , we as customers to get and have the confidence to put our money to a special bookmaker.

Now it is time to start the review . I will try not to give you to much information, in order to make your choice easier, if you already do not have an account at the bookies listed below:

  1. Pinnacle sport – arbitrage friendly, high deposit and withdrawal value. Many methods of acceptance for withdrawals and deposit, competitive odds. Probably the best bookie for Us sports markets and events. They have higher odds and lower margins.
  2. Dafabet – one of the most powerful and influential bookmaker not only in Asia , but all around the globe. They are proud sponsor of Celtic, Blackburn and Everton. Very nice interface, good platform for online betting, many casino, side games and option for betting on poker. They are gaining confidence among players every day.
  3. 888 sports- on of the most genuine booking house in my blog. They have everything you need : many deposit options, many slots and poker to bet on, too. It probably one of the trade mark you , see a lot while watching UK , Premier league games.
  4. William Hill – when it is about tradition, we only can trust and admire. They have experience in the betting industry from 1934. Great range of betting options on all kind of sports, including many bonuses on horse racing, rugby and other traditional UK sports. A five star, premier bookie , you can enjoy trust and bet.
  5. 10bet – I had wrote several months ago a post about this bookie, called “10 bet – the diamond of Sb tech”. This brand and the company that owns it, are among top 10 companies in this business for the last 5 years. They are improving everything , that you see on their site, also they do have support on 12 different languages and do accept players from all around the world. Very good, friendly and rapidly growing booking house.
  6. Unibet – the universal soldier. This was the pioneer, who had invented first the “cash out” option for betting on live events. Also they created the new brand – maria.com which is directed only for women. They also gained the reward of EGR Magazine for best bookmaker operator of the year for the last 2 years. They do offer everything you need, plus the live betting and odds are very decent.
  7. Ladbrokes – the school for traders and on-line betting business. One of the best UK bookmaker houses with plenty of options and markets. If you hesitate to bet with them, do not hesitate, they do have a very good bonuses for new depositors.
  8. 5 dimes – to love sports, especially US ones. If you love hockey, baseball, american football and basketball , this is the right place to invest your money. Many bonus options, rake back fees and nice slots games as well. The software is fine and the support is friendly.
  9. Bwin – to come back , to where you belong.  They were among top 5 bookies, now they drooped out from top 10, but their trying to get back the confidence they had in customers. A great merger is about to come, and they will be back to the top places. Very good live betting they have and many poker and slots promotions.
  10. Paddy power – the Irish miracle , conquering the world.  I will start the review of this bookie, with the unexpected part. They do have one of the best slots around, money back specials on great variety of sports and also they do have special and bets on politics, which can make you laugh and have fun when you bet with them. I strongly recommend you this sport master.

The time has come for the casino and slots operators to come on the scene:

  1. Mr. Green – the handsome and good looking gentleman landed on my page. The pleasure is all mine. Great variety of slots , casino games, roulette and live roulette. Very friendly support and perfect interface of the site.
  2. Mansion – they came back stronger than before. They are proud sponsor of Crystal Palace and Bournemouth. They have a great range of bonuses for new depositor and customers. They work with the best suppliers for on-line casino , casino games, slots and live roulette. If you have not tried them till now, your chance and time had come.
  3. Casino luck/Next casino– one of the most generous offers for new customers and new depositors in the sector. Vet nice looking site and many, many games and slot, with which you will have a lot of fun.

On the last place I recommend you the payment method – Skrill. It is easy to use, you may upload funds it VISA and Mastercard and withdraw with VISA and to your bank account . It is one of the most trusted payment operators in the betting industry.  The fees are not high and they are one of the best guaranteed payment method.

They are football games to come and many more other events in different leagues and sport, also there are slots and roulette is waiting. If you have not still made your choice, just scroll back and read again the reviews of every bookie and casino operator on my blog. Wish you day full of surprises and a plenty of bonuses , benefits and jackpots won.