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Hit and run

Dear mates, It was an intention of mine from long time ago to write the first article about that magnificent sport called baseball. Actually, it was not my favorite before I started it, trading it as a sports trader.

If you want to love something, or to like it from the deep parts of your heart , you have to feel some passion about it. At first it was very boring or me , to see , watch and trade some people, who look too lazy, too fat or too ignorant for what was happening on the pitch. It was this way for a half a year and more. You may ask yourself, what changed my point of view. I will try to be short :

1. Pitcher – the magician , that can produce such a throw with the ball , that all the lessons in physics and maths in school or university, cannot explain this moves and the curves of the ball in the air.

2. It is one on of the most thrilling thing on Earth to wait for a home run, for a steal of a base,or your favorite team to make 3 outs , because pitcher is among the best in the world.

3. Japan and Mexico dominates in MLB. It is not secret for all the keen fans of this magnificent game, that one of the best players in US are not real Americans.  I like most Japanese players, who are like a small miracles , that could do anything with a ball and a bath.

4. Grand slam: you see all the bases full, 2 out and just one hit from the big 4 points play . Home run it the only chance in the last hit.. All the eye are on the batter , he does not care, he knows what he is doing and how to do it right. Bam and hit, the ball is flaying away from the borders of the stadium and splashes into the near lake. It is miracle – grand slam, 4 point plays, this is one of the best things in the world of sports as a whole.

5. Bottom of the 9th inning. Another interesting situation we have. When all the crowd and the players are bored, some of them fell asleep long ago, trainer are balls of nerves, pitchers are looking bad… At the bottom of the 9th inning only a man with strong hand and heart could bring the victory.

6. Pitchers as quarterback in American football hold the game into their hands. Every strategy and tactical game depends on that little man , with brain of Ainstain.

This is my first article about baseball. ,soon more to come. Let’s hit the ball, maybe we are better that the defenders and will score .



Balls or numbers

Hello, dear mates. It is starting to get very interesting having a blog and sharing different feelings about the world of betting and sports as a whole. This magic keeps us passionate, leave us without sleep or make us cry from great and indescribable joy.

As from my point of view , every single game looks like a sequel and row of figure, numbers, possibilities, odds and percentages.This is just because I am for too long time in the industry and had changed my mind above the limits .

The most interesting and intriguing sports are the ones with balls : football, basketball ,volleyball, tennis, baseball, handball , snooker , rugby , cricket , american football etc. I will try to explain you, how every single game from any of these sports, looks from my points of view:

1. When it comes to football it is a great range of numbers. When you see the starting line ups , you start thinking about the first things to happen : corner in the first 5 minutes , card in the first 5 minutes, odds for the ball possession for the both halves, percentage of accurate shots on goal who will have more corners, will the underdog score first . When you know the performances of the most valuable team players, you just count and calculate all the outcomes and odds of all the events of the game , that you have on your mind.

2. Baseball – when you know the starting pitchers, you start to think when the first home run will be scored and automatically there is an odd and definitely and possibility when it will happen. You have thoughts on you mind over or under i.e 6.5 runs will there be in the game. When you think of possibilities, you transfer the mathematical and statistical way into the odds you perfectly are aware of : fractional, decimal, american.

3. Handball – the main players there are the goal keepers. Here you have Asian handicap and over/under line. Regularly in the sports with balls and many players, you have first to see the best and the worst of them,this is the main key to calculate the correct outcome of any market.

4. Snooker -this is close game to poker. Snooker player are much alike like poker and chess ones. They have in their heads geometry of every single shot and possibilities , percentages. Snooker players, poker players and chess player could be on of the best traders and punters in the betting industry.

5. Rugby – it is something difficult . You have to have deep knowledge in order to calculate all the issues and outcomes.

6. Cricket -for some people it is “terra-incognita”, but it is one of the most intriguing game. Yes, the game usually takes to long, but when there is a wicket scored it makes all the fans and public wake-up.

7.Basketball – this is probably after the baseball, the sport with the biggest stats for everything. When you see the starting line-ups  , you just start to imagine : rebounds made, free throws percentages,3 points attempted and scored , method of first basket in the game, over/under lines for quarters and for the game as a whole, who will be the player with most assists, which team will have most turnovers…

8.Volleyball and tennis – this games depend on the service. In tennis , you have a second chance , but in volleyball service has to be precised and very powerful. Tennis is also a scene and field of mathematics, odds and percentages are also calculated upon the form of the player and how is playing forehand, backhand , on the net and from the back of the court. In volleyball, main part plays the blocks of the defense.

9. American football– the thing here comes from the quarter backs, they are the engines of the teams.Without a good quarterback , you can not score good touch down , have steals and fetch the attention of the public. As form previous lines we can compare quarter back to snooker, chess and poker players.

I hope you liked this article. At the end of the day, no matter losing or winning, the main principle is to have fun. I like many sports and also the figures and possibilities that stands behind the scene.

Have the best day in your life today. See you soon …………………..


US Sports vs. Soccer (the big clash)

Hello, dear mates.

It has been a great discussion recently among my mates and some fellows about the meaning and the power of those two main group of sports, that make the people joy, lough, cry or even jump from the best excitement.

Have you ever thought what bring you more emotions : the last minute basket with the buzzer or goal from penalty in the last minute? Did you feel solid as a rock when Michael Jordan scored his amazing dunks or King Lebron did his magics, comparing with the miracles of Messi and Ronaldo?
What about the home runs scored at the bottom of the 9th inning?How do you feel when the touch down is made right after any other possibilities or chances for winning have been disappeared :)?

It is something very irritating and thrilling. As a former US sports trader, my opinion is that Us sports and soccer do not have to be compared , we just have to watch and enjoy( in our case to do also good bets).

Let’s say something about all the sports mentioned:

1.Basketball – according to me this is the best and the most smart sport in the world. You have 10 players and a billions of possibilities in defense and offense. Here is the time to mention the NCAA -basket championship and March Madens , which recently passed( in NCAA, you can watch one of the most dramatic games in USA). Also in Europe , there are marvelous games in Euroleague. Thank D-r Nasmith for the invention of the most powerful sport and also one of the best ways to grow up a child and to teach him right on discipline, self-esteem and team spirit.

2. Baseball- I have to be honest, when I traded baseball -this was my horror nights and shifts, as I did not realized the deepness and the great meaning of this game. I will say to those , who still do not like it: the magic is in the hands of pitcher and batter. Pitchers are real magicians , they can throw that little ball in a thousands of different ways.And the batters , they are the point and the solid players, who make the crowd jump and applause for a home run or why not for a ” Big Slam”.

3. American football – something close to rugby ( rugby union). American football is the best show of the American sports industry. Short season, greatest salaries and full stadiums. It is all about touch -downs and field goals and many , many strategies .And not to take the glory from the shoulders of the quarter backs . They pass, run and think like the most powerful computers in the universe.

4. Ice hockey .What to say about hockey, when I was a little child, I liked it a lot. But when I grew up , I found it two boring. The main figures are the goal -keeper and the main purpose in betting and in stats of this sport are shots on goal.

5. Soccer- it is a phenomenon and no one can say a single world against it. I like it, love it, watch it and bet on it. It is the point and the meaning of my life.

About the other sports the main thing which I liked to bet on : over/under goals (Us football) , over under homer runs and match winner.

Have a nice day and watch every sport you like.And bet whatever you like, but the way to be the winner at the end of the day.