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It is all about the base

The funny thing here is when I started trading and betting on baseball, I really hated this sport. I found everything that happened on the itch a total nonsense. I even could not realize why there was so big crowds at the stadiums. Step by step, with every single game I watched and traded , I began to fall in love with this sport. Its origin is actually cricket ( maybe some day there will be article also for cricket).

Actually most of the fans around the world are impressed by the pitchers. Those magicians , who can do incredible things with the small ball and to make every single batter to look like a small, stupid and awkward boy. Other do like and love when there is a massive hit, a home run is scored , or even the best situation that could occur -grand slam ,4 points scored.

All I like and love are the bases : 1 base ,2nd , base, 3rd and most dangerous one 4th base (home run or the last castle of defending team). Let’s try to figure my point of view :

1.Actually I like most strategy in all games with balls ( soccer,basketball, handball,volleyball,baseball and american football). Strategy is everything that should happen according to the directions and movement of the ball.

2. Everything in baseball looks so simple, but it is not just like that. It is a piece of cake for the professional players, for us the spectators is far not that easy.

3. To steal,fight, take, have or to win a base. This is the most important issue in this magnificent sport. Every player on the pitch had its eyes open on 12 , because without a hit or strike or anything else, you can steal a base if the defender has his attention focused not only at the game.

4. To have the guts after good hit ,to run from base 1 to base 3. There was a Japanese player, I do not remember his name, he was the king of doing this exercise. He had the guts , the will and the experience to take bases like little children, eat hot dogs.

5.To save , protect the base. The most dramatic situations happen usually on 4th base, when a home run can be prevented. You can see one of the best and most beautiful defensive plays on base number 4.

6. When you are a keen fan of baseball, you listen to the sounds around the bases. Is the defender too nervous? Can someone run that far from base 1 to base 4? What the eyes of everyone on the pitch telling?

7. When you know and you are aware of all the details, all other things that happen when the ball is hit or missed , they just do color the masterpiece of the pitch called : “baseball game”.

Baseball is attracting more and more fans all around the globe. If you are the one that is hesitating , please read again this article. See you in the soonest time at base 3:)



Hit and run

Dear mates, It was an intention of mine from long time ago to write the first article about that magnificent sport called baseball. Actually, it was not my favorite before I started it, trading it as a sports trader.

If you want to love something, or to like it from the deep parts of your heart , you have to feel some passion about it. At first it was very boring or me , to see , watch and trade some people, who look too lazy, too fat or too ignorant for what was happening on the pitch. It was this way for a half a year and more. You may ask yourself, what changed my point of view. I will try to be short :

1. Pitcher – the magician , that can produce such a throw with the ball , that all the lessons in physics and maths in school or university, cannot explain this moves and the curves of the ball in the air.

2. It is one on of the most thrilling thing on Earth to wait for a home run, for a steal of a base,or your favorite team to make 3 outs , because pitcher is among the best in the world.

3. Japan and Mexico dominates in MLB. It is not secret for all the keen fans of this magnificent game, that one of the best players in US are not real Americans.  I like most Japanese players, who are like a small miracles , that could do anything with a ball and a bath.

4. Grand slam: you see all the bases full, 2 out and just one hit from the big 4 points play . Home run it the only chance in the last hit.. All the eye are on the batter , he does not care, he knows what he is doing and how to do it right. Bam and hit, the ball is flaying away from the borders of the stadium and splashes into the near lake. It is miracle – grand slam, 4 point plays, this is one of the best things in the world of sports as a whole.

5. Bottom of the 9th inning. Another interesting situation we have. When all the crowd and the players are bored, some of them fell asleep long ago, trainer are balls of nerves, pitchers are looking bad… At the bottom of the 9th inning only a man with strong hand and heart could bring the victory.

6. Pitchers as quarterback in American football hold the game into their hands. Every strategy and tactical game depends on that little man , with brain of Ainstain.

This is my first article about baseball. ,soon more to come. Let’s hit the ball, maybe we are better that the defenders and will score .