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Who is prepared?

Good day , dear friends. We are in a several hours distance from the new 2017 year. This will be the last post in this blog for the back going 2016. I know that most of you are not in a mood for sports and betting , but there are matches in England , which deserve our attention.

One of this games will be a derby . A derby which will give answers to many questions. A derby which tends to be a great spectacle for the fans of both teams. Also it will be a great clash between two great managers – Klopp and Guardiola.

All you know now, that today tips will be about Liverpool- Manchester City. I will try to stay and keep strict to the bookies, which give best odds and have huge number of markets for this derby. Let me show you now, which outcomes deserve your stakes :

  1. Over 2,5 goals in the game – both teams are high scoring and like the attractive and open football. For some of you over 3,25 goals in the game will also have value.
  2. Over 10,5 corners – this is a very favorite market of mine(also as er bet365, they do have the best variety of corner markets). The odds for this outcome is 1,83
  3. Both teams to score – yes: odds is 1,5 with a trend to go down at a level of 1.42 before the game starts.
  4. Over 4,5 cards in the game – bet365 give 1,83 odds. In derbies like this even 5,5 line for cards is a reasonable line.
  5. Players ( goalscorers) – in game like this, the great players show their potential with assists and important goals. Any time Goals scorers – Firmino – 2,62 and Aguero – 2,05.
  6. Correct score in the game – on my humble opinion , there will be 4 goals in the game. Final result will be 3-1 for Liverpool or 2-2. The main point is who will achieve to get closer to the leader in the table – Chelsea.

In a conclusion, we will be expecting a great game. Fans of both teams, will be happy if one of them will be the winner at the end. Fans of Chelsea will be happy from a draw result. Bettors and bookmakers will be happy and impatient to show their skills pre-match and in-play of the game. I will be happy to help you with all I can. Happy New Year and many winnings on the way.

Who will lift the cup?

The big final is coming after some hours. The big opponents and best playing teams in Copa America 2015 are about to decide the destiny of one dreamed cup, and most wanting final to be taken. On one side is the domestic team of Chile, represented by its stars – Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal , on the other is the galaxy “stars” team of Argentina filled with such names like : Messi , Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria.

Both squads have great pluses and advantages. Chile are playing like a solid , balanced machine, who had destroy anything on its way. Argentina have one new weapon and it is called : the assists of Messi.

When it come to the final point of the tournament, anything can happen. Here is how the final score of the 2015 final game in Chile looks through my eyes:

1.  If the both teams are two nervous, the situation may come alike like the final in the World Cup in Brazil previous year . We may see event penalties shoot out.

2. Can some one stop Messi ? This is one of the most important question for the Chile defensive players.

3. Another interesting question appears. Will the referee give a shoulder to the domestic team of the tourney ? You can clearly remember what happened in the final with France, Wolrd Cup 1998 and South Korea , World Cup 2002 ( they were pushed to the semi-final).

4. If there is an early opening goal, we may see a big showtime . Argentina has players , who can score as many as players do in basketball or in handball.

5. Which number will be greater after the game end, Messi’s goals in tha game or Messi’s assists?

6. My professional advise , what  bet to take in this game. As far as I am concerned with world football for over 10 years, I think that is better to take goal/goal opportunity in the game and also over line of the corners in the game.

7. Not to forget that ” Tata ” Martino is very smart trainer. He has something in his mind. We have few more hours to wait and see.

Passion and fever are knocking in hour hearts, just some time before the great clash of these very good football nations. Let the better wins. On my humble opinion, the title will go to the team of Argentina.