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Hello dear friends. I will start my post with one sentence : ” Ani sana in corpore sano”.For those who are not aware it means – Strong spirit, in strong body. As this article is under the section of fitness and health, we will speak today about our bodies. Some of us do treat their bodies very bad. As this is a blog about all aspects of sports, let’s speak today about “body”.

I have a very good story , in which the main here is me, myself and I. I give myself 3 points of view, as I struggled a lot, but become stronger and smarter at the end of this marathon. I learnt a lot of lessons and tried , probably had succeeded to take a deep look to a very hidden parts of my soul and mind. In order to be a better sportsman, punter, bettor, tipster, gambler and trader, you have to know yourself more than perfectly well.

I will start this paragraph with the most powerful sentence , that nothing is impossible and before I am about to jump in this true story, I would like to say special thanks to my wife, who is always next by me and helps me to win together. She is with me in ups and downs always- I love you and I always will .

I was fat, in figures 110 kg. I smoked a lot, ate a lot and drank a lot. Discos and bars were  first home of mine. Sleep and rest were my enemies,this could not have been gone for so long any more. I woke up one day an felt like a pig, like an elephant , who had too many kilos in extra but did not now where and how to lose them. I was determined to start new life.

Actually the new live, means to change all your habits, to change the way of thinking, the way of living, to change even your friends, to wash your eyes with the water of reality, to shake your inner parts and to start everything all over from the first step. You are currently not starting from zero, you are starting several steps sub zero.

I had started to delete several bad ingredients and products, which actually kill you softly every single day. No sugar, no liquor, no bread no gas drinks. I ate only apples and yogurt for 2 months. I felt very bad for a long time, but I was determined to lose weight and to become new man, with completely new parameters, like a new sporting car. During that period I also stopped drinking , but I was still smoking cigars. It was incredible when I lost first 5 kilos, I felt like a ball, flying high in the sky, like M. Jordan going to make a grand slam-dunk. Most of the people said and never missed the chance to tell me , that I will not make it. They were totally wrong, my wife was always close to me and never let me hesitating or mourning for stupid things. At some time I began liking the taste of yogurt and apples a lot.

On the second day of training,I started going to the gym. From seven days of the week , I was training for 6 or 5. The main goal, when you are losing weight is to drink a lot of water. World is born in water , we are born in water and our spirit is made stronger in water. In the gym , I was practicing cardio at the end and in the beginning of the training. When you see your body sweat in the mirror, you get more determined that the previous day or the previous training in the gym. I was very close to the results, I wished to achieve. But when I was running and driving a bike, I did not have any breath left and could not breath. On 31st of August, 6 years ago, I stopped smoking.

After two and a half months , I had achieved great results : 85 kg , all the body of mine was with muscles, no drinking, no smoking and I was feeling more that perfect, I felt like a God. Even tough , the people who never believed , that I will come to a winning and victorious end came to me for advise and even started diets and went to the gym. I do not want to be your guru or something. If you are on a hard way , or you fell some how left or alone, do not forget that someone had passed your way. If you lose motivation or discipline anyhow or anyway, just read this post. I am always glad, if I could help you.

It is always sad, when a long post comes to an end. But this is how things go in our lives, nice things pass and others are on their way. In betting , sports , live and self acknowledgement , you have to know the level and the limits of your spirit, body, soul and mind. When they are in perfect conditions you can win in any areas or with any bookie , you would wished to. There is one very special thing, you have to listen to and it is called your “inner voice”.




Zero – king or hero

Good morning, dear fellows. It is nice to have you around with me on my page. This will be a very interesting article. You have thought some things , when you read it , but believe me , I will surprise you.

When I started betting on roulette, zero was my favorite number. All other figures were red and black, but zero was with green color. Something different and unique. Every one of us is attracted by the things that do not obey to any rules. Some of the players , due to any prejudice, never play or put a bet on it.It some thing common like the room 13 in any of hotels(many of them do not have such room ).

It started and ran to be a very abstract article, but as already all of you know, we prefer and love to talk about sports and maths. Zero has its special value, not only for me , but for every smart and respective mathematician, physician and anyone who is in love with the figures. Its magnificent color and presence is undeniable.

I am on a special position , and do have many arguments that I like to share with you today. Also I am a physician and maths specialist, including all the previous staff that you know already about me. I will make the effort to give you any other , different point of you, about this astonishing figure:

  1. Zero is the favorite point and the trampoline for every billionaire. You had heard that most of the billionaires had collapsed and went to bankruptcy several times. First name that came to my mind was of Donald Trump.
  2. Zero is symbol of universe and the cycle of life. Just look at its shape. The circle, the continuum , the movement of the point and meaning of living. Zero is the ball we all roll, during every single day of our wonderful lives.
  3. There are 3 types of zeros. Minus zero, positive zero and the absolute one. I would liked to write more about this definitions and measures. All I want is to have your attention at 100 % during the reading of all of my articles.
  4. When we speak about percentages– the main, key figure there is the zero factor. Just look at this symbol and tell me what you think ” % “. Zero has the power to consist everything and to give birth of every new beginnings.
  5. Zero is the “king” of roulette. If you ever played this wonderful game, you might have noticed the grandeur and the inner power , that it spreads.
  6. This is the time, point and value from which everything starts. Before you start counting from 1, there is zero hiding back around the corner. Actually zero is the beginning and ending of everything.

This number is the milestone that shows us the way , this is the direction that tells us not to fly to high in the sky. When you see and accept many zeros, it is like when you are getting many “no’s” on your way to live your dream. When zeros and no,s are close, you are close to get billionaire or to move to the next level.


Roulette -dare to bet

It is most interesting game for start up in online or land casino. I do not know about you,but on my opinion zero has special power and efficiency to obtain attention and plenty of bets.

I used to play European roulette long time ago. The main principle I would recommend is to fix a time and money frame,otherwise you will get involved in great losses.

Also you have to know where is yours exact place.For me ,live game is the biggest challenge. In live game , it is like you are playing poker or rolling dices. You are in the perfect mood and conditions to watch the other players and to feel the emotion of the game.

The day is all yours. Red or black,the choice is yours. Ball is rolling down to your sector.