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It is nice having you around  , dear friends. Yesterday night , I was at the gym an this post just came on my mind. Every single activity , we do is about sports and achieving some goals. It does not matter if we are betting, if we are on the gym , if we are running to the next level of our evaluation.

Maybe it is not a good idea, to have so many verbs in the heading of this article, but it worth trying and making some new moves, in order to surprise you and me. I want to be a writer and one who can inspire, but doing it in a different way. Let me share you, why I had used these so many verbs:

  1. When you start something new, you dare to change the rules and the directions in universe, in order to make the first step, the new move or the great invention, which could change the move or the plan of the total history.
  2. Risk – this is one of my favorite verbs. Who is able to risk? Is it actually risk part of us, or we are born with the ability to make as many risks as endorfine and adrenaline limit us? Is it risk the other name of limit? I do not know, but I like the passion of taking risks in every single thing I do , every day.
  3. Lift, usually I connect this verb with elevator, but the actual lifting for me is when I lift a big weight in fitness or in life, when I achieve something more that I had expected. Lift is the green color, which is kind of motivation for everyone . It just has to be a partner in your every single routines.
  4. Pump – it is something about to pumping up the level of your ideas. I try to pump up and refresh every new-comings to my mind every single minute and hours. It is kind of brain storm, which I like you to teach to play, in order to achieve bigger profit in betting.
  5. Bet – this is all that we are gathered here and mainly for. Bet is the chance to show to your self that you are perfectly right and convinced in all the efforts and means of this action. You can be either a hero or a loser, but always with chin up 🙂
  6. Evaluate – if you are gone to this level, we are on the same page. To reach the evaluation is like to reach the basket in basketball and make the best slam dunk in your life. This stage is the cream of the coffee, the cherry of the cake, the kiss of Gods . If you are following all the steps , you could achieve more, and more and spread the knowledge . This is also a main part of this process.
  7. Smile – this is the father and mother of all activities, which you want to finish with success. I put it on the last place, because I want to emphasize on it. Smile is like your shadow , it will never let yu down if you use it the right way. Always keep smiling, even if you are losing.

Thank you for being with me. I am going to watch a German game in football, Bundesliga. Beer is waiting for me and I am waiting for your comments, shares and thoughts. Have a good and profitable night 🙂



Hello dear friends. I will start my post with one sentence : ” Ani sana in corpore sano”.For those who are not aware it means – Strong spirit, in strong body. As this article is under the section of fitness and health, we will speak today about our bodies. Some of us do treat their bodies very bad. As this is a blog about all aspects of sports, let’s speak today about “body”.

I have a very good story , in which the main here is me, myself and I. I give myself 3 points of view, as I struggled a lot, but become stronger and smarter at the end of this marathon. I learnt a lot of lessons and tried , probably had succeeded to take a deep look to a very hidden parts of my soul and mind. In order to be a better sportsman, punter, bettor, tipster, gambler and trader, you have to know yourself more than perfectly well.

I will start this paragraph with the most powerful sentence , that nothing is impossible and before I am about to jump in this true story, I would like to say special thanks to my wife, who is always next by me and helps me to win together. She is with me in ups and downs always- I love you and I always will .

I was fat, in figures 110 kg. I smoked a lot, ate a lot and drank a lot. Discos and bars were  first home of mine. Sleep and rest were my enemies,this could not have been gone for so long any more. I woke up one day an felt like a pig, like an elephant , who had too many kilos in extra but did not now where and how to lose them. I was determined to start new life.

Actually the new live, means to change all your habits, to change the way of thinking, the way of living, to change even your friends, to wash your eyes with the water of reality, to shake your inner parts and to start everything all over from the first step. You are currently not starting from zero, you are starting several steps sub zero.

I had started to delete several bad ingredients and products, which actually kill you softly every single day. No sugar, no liquor, no bread no gas drinks. I ate only apples and yogurt for 2 months. I felt very bad for a long time, but I was determined to lose weight and to become new man, with completely new parameters, like a new sporting car. During that period I also stopped drinking , but I was still smoking cigars. It was incredible when I lost first 5 kilos, I felt like a ball, flying high in the sky, like M. Jordan going to make a grand slam-dunk. Most of the people said and never missed the chance to tell me , that I will not make it. They were totally wrong, my wife was always close to me and never let me hesitating or mourning for stupid things. At some time I began liking the taste of yogurt and apples a lot.

On the second day of training,I started going to the gym. From seven days of the week , I was training for 6 or 5. The main goal, when you are losing weight is to drink a lot of water. World is born in water , we are born in water and our spirit is made stronger in water. In the gym , I was practicing cardio at the end and in the beginning of the training. When you see your body sweat in the mirror, you get more determined that the previous day or the previous training in the gym. I was very close to the results, I wished to achieve. But when I was running and driving a bike, I did not have any breath left and could not breath. On 31st of August, 6 years ago, I stopped smoking.

After two and a half months , I had achieved great results : 85 kg , all the body of mine was with muscles, no drinking, no smoking and I was feeling more that perfect, I felt like a God. Even tough , the people who never believed , that I will come to a winning and victorious end came to me for advise and even started diets and went to the gym. I do not want to be your guru or something. If you are on a hard way , or you fell some how left or alone, do not forget that someone had passed your way. If you lose motivation or discipline anyhow or anyway, just read this post. I am always glad, if I could help you.

It is always sad, when a long post comes to an end. But this is how things go in our lives, nice things pass and others are on their way. In betting , sports , live and self acknowledgement , you have to know the level and the limits of your spirit, body, soul and mind. When they are in perfect conditions you can win in any areas or with any bookie , you would wished to. There is one very special thing, you have to listen to and it is called your “inner voice”.




To fit or to build

Dear readers , I am pleased to introduce you to the first article from a new session. It will be all about fitness and health. Some may call it body building or what so ever. This is not a sport activity which you can bet on, or maybe will astonish some of you, who are coming in search for betting tips.

I owe it to myself, the exist and the birth of this new section. If you think to your self , which are the most popular sports , I can tell it straight in your face : athletics and fitness. Every modern, interesting and most watched sport is consisted from those two – “Queen” and “King” of all major sport activities.

The whole sentence, the symbol of bodybuilding is the beauty of the body, to be able to modify and shape every single muscle with much tension and hard work-outs. It is a daily routine, a marathon with your laziness and with the talks of the other, who do not believe in you. The serious body builder is kind of a magician or even a creator of body art.

I started practicing fitness when I was 14 years of age. At first , I was not that impressed because when , I was training in the gym , it looked to me too static. This was all because, the major sport I was training was basketball. Than during the years, I began to fell in love with fitness , with every single work-out I did practice in the gym. Here is the time to share with you some of the reasons, because I train hard and do love this sport with every cell of my body;

1. I can choose what, how ,when to create and stimulate . Every single day I can put my body in new exercise mode.

2. To be able to shape the shapes and the forms you need, combined with special diets and “soldier” schedule.

3. With every training I make, I try to overcome my potential : to lift more, to jump higher with the rope, to do more “super ” series, to learn from the others.

4. To be able to fix the training according to the season and its specifications.

5. To discover every summer “streetfitness with eagerness and enthusiasm of a small child.

6. To help people or friends , who do have problems with motivation. To give them or to learn them, how to make the first steps. Always the first steps are hard to make.

7.Always to add something to your cardio work-out.

I love this sport, I love it really. If you do feel the same , I am opened to read your opinions and ideas.

Train hard, because the life is too short 🙂