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Color of freedom

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Good morning, dear fans. It is early in the morning in my country, but I have one idea, which wants to appear in my blog. Have you ever thought and asked yourself about the special colors of any given club? What they symbolize and why fans wear it with pride? In live, as well in sport , there are symbols and logical circumstances, which can give you explanation from almost everything.

It is not a secret to anyone, that I support 3 blues teams : Levski  , SS Lazio and FC Chelsea. Maybe the words , which explain right this affection and pure love are : blue religion. The people , which support red teams, may also find themselves in these words. Everyone has its believes and has to fight and stand for them.

As I have written in the heading of the post, we will be speaking about the color of freedom, the color which explains everything and which attracts many new people … I will tell you my reason why I love this color and thus  , I am also keen fan of the above mentioned teams:

  1. Every day you woke up or even you go go to bed, you take a look at the sky. The sky is not just blue, it is a blue continuum with all the stars and planets symbolizing our dreams and trophies of our favorite teams – Levski, Lazio and Chelsea.
  2. Our planet , as seen from the place is called the “blue planet “, it is because of the color of the atmosphere and the many water resources.
  3. Eyes of the Apostle of freedom Vasil Levski :  blue eyes of dignity , pride , self esteem and will to surmount all the difficulties. We have this symbol in one of our favorite chants for the team.
  4. Free men create , free souls, mind and phenomenal teams : we can turn our eyes back in times, seeing how the blue brotherhood teams have been created , by patriots , humble man with great ideals and dreams.
  5. Water  which is 81 % of our planet, is blue . To love your teams, does not  always make you to love the sea, but it is a privilege . The blue sea of scarfs , banner , flags and colored faces is seen every time you go to : Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, Stadio Olimpico and Stamford Bridge. The feeling has to be felt, it cannot be described just like that.
  6. Color of the universe, space is dark blue.Most of you may think it is dark black, but you are wrong. So in this color, there is something perfect, something of which the whole space is made of.
  7. “Blue is the color “- the famous song of Chelsea players.I know all of you heard it. Blue is the color this song tells almost everything, I try to explain you in my post.
  8. The anthem of Lazio – Non Mollare Mai . Even if you do no understand the language, you will feel the power and the energy of this song, the energy of freedom.
  9. And it is time for the anthem of FC Levski Sofia, our beloved and most eminent team. The symbol of freedom and faith in the dark ages of communism. The symbol of all our believes – Samo Levski . I started crying, every time I hear and sing this song, it written with special feeling and love. Our love is stronger then their hatred!!!

Every good article comes to its logical end. I wanted to write very strong words, but I will post this video about Vasil Levski , the club, the hero, the national ideal and human heart, which lead us and shined they way to the infinity. Blue is the color of magnificence- We are Levski!



Gundi – smile of an angel

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Good day, to all of you who like and enjoy my place. I called it place, because here I feel comfortable to share all my dreams and thoughts with you. To speak loud and free for everything, to be me in 120 %. Today post will be about a great man, a player, father, husband and an angel. Yes, he was an angel,soon you will understand why.

My grandfather told me once, bad man cannot smile in a shiny , childish manner, like everything he is doing is the great gift from God. You all know in what times we live. Times of bad people, thieves, layers , killers, double-faced, people who only cherish money and power. People , who are all dark even when they are smiling….

Now when I am posting these lines I am in a mood from shy smile to tears trying to drop down on the keyboard. The same feeling I had , while I was writing the post about Karlovo and Vasil Levski in my other blog. There are such humans , idols, legends which come for a short time and makes everything to look simple, they show you the way and then God takes them back to himself. Are they angels, I will leave this decision to you ….

One of these angles is Georgi Asparuhov – GUndi. The man who was chosen for the best Bulgarian football player for the past 100 years. The man in whom all the women and girls were in love. The humble boy , who had a jump like Michael Jordan ( Gundi trained for several years volleyball). Hero of the blue public and the maestro with the ball. He had the smile, which can melt any bad heart or strong eyes. As my grandfather told me, he was never brutal, aggressive, even he did not have may yellow cards in his career. But the defenders where very brutal and rough with him, that is why he was having injuries all the time of his short career. He was wanted in many movies in Bulgaria, to take part in. He was a light in the tunnel  of bad and bloody communist times…. He was and he is a star  , that shows us the way and teach us how to be better humans . Why do I believe that he was a fallen angel among us:

  1. Please look at this smile on all of pictures in the books written about him or the ones in the net. Look what purity and what eyes , like shining stars. Only children and 100% pure people can smile this way.
  2. Do you know what Asparuhov was doing exrecises after the official training of the teams, he was staying to train his shot with the head from outside the penalty box , he trained his left and right hand kick as well. He wanted to be best of the bests. And many people were around the pitch, waiting to see him, to take an autograph , to have a picture. And to all these fans he reacted gently with a smile. Pure kindness.
  3. Do you know that when he died in a car accident in Vitinya, he was in a hurry to go to a generosity game with his friend Nikola Kotkov? He never drank, because many people from team, which does not exist any more, tell and write on the walls such non-senses.  I had the chance to speak with Dimitur Penev about him, he told me that he was the guy who was like German players, always on time , the best in training and always open to help.
  4. Can you imagine what love is , when you speak with old men and women about him , they start to cry in the same time, they start to speak about Gundi? That man had that power among people, he was giving them love, with his play, with his smile, with the big  heart he had. He was the angle of kindness.
  5. I saw several interviews with Euzebio . When he started speaking about Gundi, he was like a sun , shining brightly and than started crying. Every football European legend of that time, tells that we have lost a diamond, a genius and a pure man – one of a kind.
  6. Our stadium named after him- this is not just an honor . It is a great sign and blink to Georgi. Because it is important for the young people, kids and foreign fans, to know to what a holly place they are coming. Holly place named after a saint…..
  7. Who is the best Bulgarian footballer Gundi or Stoichkov? I will tell you the things this way. If Gundi was alive and among us, he would gently and kindly give the reward to Stoichkov. Georgi Asparuhov lives in the hearts of every man, of every fan of every child or just a foreigner. Humble, good people, do not behave like jerks, do not swear journalists or even beat them. Good humans, behave like normal people. Once we all will meet in the same place.

The points are seven as a reminder of that great 7-2 against our enemy, which is not existing anymore. Three goals of Gundi and amazing play of all the members of Levski at that game. I know Gundi is watching us from somewhere  , he is smiling , he is happy or sad , but mostly he is with his friends- the other angles ( including NIkola Kotkov). He had only 28 years to show  what his mission was, but he left so much love , as he was living for 280 years. Now I am also crying, because I love Gundi, I love Levski and our love is stronger  then any hatred of other teams. I am positive that miracles happen and angels come, when he have strong belief and faith. I do believe that soon we will have and produce such talent. Only Levski and Gundi is immortal, I guess he liked my post and he is smiling back to me from somewhere above, all we know that this place is called – heaven...