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Smile and enter

Hello, my beloved ones. This is the place and time to tell you something more. Something more about me and my blog. Something more about books and of course sports books ( have you created your account at William Hill or you are still concentrating on the banner of your language ?). It is time to open the book of interesting stories, maybe the book of creation. As I mention the word creation, there is a marvelous book with that name by the brilliant author Gor Vidal – a man of high and true educated mind and soul.

If we were not living in the era of global communication, internet and the social network, you might have read this posts or articles in books or newspapers. This blog of mine gives me the perfect pleasure and measure to reach to a great audience and try to produce a positive influence. It matters when after reading 1,2 or 10 posts , you had left with a smile, or just with a wish to change something in your betting live, something in the surrounding or something in the grey day-to-day activity. I just want to bring colors and these colors, to be our columns of success.

I apologize if I sound to deep or mind oppressing, I just want you to welcome to my world. Maybe I want to reveal you some secrets, or just want to have you next to me and to tell you the story of this beautiful blog which may produce a brilliant novel some day . In the contents of great creation, big idea, enormous building or a very long bridge stay the huge belief , madness and passion. Let’s see how passion helped me out, to bring some crazy ideas and to serve it to you in good shapes and pictures :

  1. I love reading all type and kind of books . I started reading since I was 5 years of age. I was curious to know a lot and everything about sports , history, geography, horror stories, adventure books.
  2. There was a time when i read 5 or 7 newspapers about sports a day  , in order to gather all the information needed. In that times there were no cell phones or internet invented. Very good times, I can say 🙂
  3. When you have learned or discovered a big island in the ocean of knowledge, you want to share the things you know, with good and honorable people. I learned many things about sports and sports betting, but did not know at first how to proceed.
  4. I had practiced basketball for 5 years in high school and wanted to be a professional player some day, but bad injury killed my dreams in one day . During the time , I was training I had a diary where I wrote what practices need to be done and what will be the next goals to be achieved. These were the small steps to big writing..
  5. I lost one dream, but the other to write a book , or something that will keep me in this wonderful and crazy process, was alive. While I was practicing my betting in different spheres like : roulette, slots, poker, sports betting and live betting, I read a lot of books. It is interesting fact, that the most powerful and influential thing you need, come from the corner of a book or of an author who has nothing in common with your interests.
  6. “Always read between the lines ” ,this was what my grand dad told me . Lines could be odds or odds movement in a sports book, or lines of a book or post in a blog. Reading is a great process, when you are devoted enough to it, there comes a moment when you start writing…
  7. On the 29 of March i wrote the first 5 posts in this blog of mine. This was the start , one dream came true and you my visitors, readers and fans,make it happen and live every single day. I have a big passion about sports, all kind of them and of course about betting. I want to share, to give and to advice you the best way I can. I want to be your friend, maybe your guru, if you let me 😉 I want us to be on the same winning and smiling side.

So , if this is your first post, do not hesitate take a long time and deep breath . I did and I am doing my best to give you plenty of useful information and useful odds, when big games are about to come. So, please smile and enter, you will like my world and I will be pleased and happy enough if you bring your color to the picture of this blog. Thank you for coming and reading 🙂



Chase the dream – Gonzalo and Jack

Good evening , my mates. I call you this way, because I feel we have a lot in common. Maybe most of you are men, maybe there are women also, I do not know. I am just very happy  and enthusiastic , that the number of the articles is getting bigger and you ,my loyal fans become and visit my site – more and more each day. The main engine of mine and your emotions are bets and sports,but also we have to mention some heroes, some men who gave us a good example.

Each human being is created that way, to dare for more and to want to reach to the stars somehow, somewhere or by any means. Every little boy, same as I did , was wanting to be a pilot or to fly with a rocket , or to be a scientist. Dreams and our inner wishes, are like the wings of an eagle, which we, I emphasize only we , can determine and direct in what exact direction to fly.

Every single dream , that is our companion during the years from our childhood , till we get old and mature is like a brick. We gather a lot of bricks, during these years and decide , how and where to build the house of our confidence. Thus we made a confidence in our selves , we have created a castle, where we put, grow and smile to our biggest dream.  And the main point is to make the first, the big the most hesitating step called:”I made my dream come true”.

Today, actually in Sofia is night , we will speak about two men, about two heroes by them selves, about two persons who dared to face their heroism and to escape from the mud and grey face of the reality. They  saw the flight just before they spread their wings into the face of the upcoming dangers. Their names are Gonzalo and Jack.

Gonzalo Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador , who wanted and went to South America in search of the lost city of El Dorado. The other one, was Jack, commonly known from the fairy tale as Jack and the Bean Stalk. Jack was given a “magic beans” and went to a stalk to the sky, where he took a great fortune and gave it to its step mother. Yes, the giant, found the missing things, but Jack somehow managed to broke the stalk, and they all lived together happily with his step mother for a hundred of years. You may ask me, why I have came this far with a story about two men , who have nothing in common. One of them was a real and existing person, the other was a hero from a brilliant fairy tale, for children. Please, do have patience.

The common thing they have is  that they are offered by my proud sponsor Mr. Green on their platform for slots, and these games have been created by NetEnt. Also the most interesting issue is that both , did not have fear from anything or anyone, they wanted to see their dreams come true. One- to have the glory and to be a hero, another- to escape from poverty and to win versus an evilish and enormously big giant with two heads. They climbed and faced their Everest. Can we also try to do and achieve so ?

Yes , we can do so, while we will be playing on both slot games – Gonzo’s quest and Jack and the Bean Stalk. These are my favorite games for 5 years. Believe me, I have a great experience and played many games, land based and on internet platforms. These two are some kind of masterpieces, not because they are proudly offered from Mr. Green, but because customers and developers of casino games, do love them and play them a lot. I intended to give you a lot of details, but I will leave the mystic from the unknown, to be your leader and guide along the way. While you are playing these games, no matter if you had deposited 100$ or 10000 $ , you are feeling great excitement and do feel the stories of the above mentioned heroes. You become part of one secret, of one creation, that can inspire you and provoke you.

If you are not familiar with your self, whether to place a real money playing it, after you made an account with Mr. Green, you can try to play for free and learn all the ways and steps to success. This was may way. I wish you pleasant night and always remember, every day try to make one of your little dreams come true. Dream big, because you deserve it and the hero always is sneaking behind the corner of your inner power, just wake him up 🙂




Verbs- symbols of success

Life and sport are always going hand by hand.The most powerful point of changes in life , is the movement- never to stay at one place. In sport and betting the main symbols are dynamics and escaping form the point of total calmness and comfort.

When we speak,think,want and provoke good things to happen ,it is always connected with verbs.Let me explain you , how do I see these opportunities :

1. Pass– the verb for non-selfish people .In sport , life and betting it’s the meaning of spreading and sharing most of the good and valuable things with close friends.

2. Dribble – sometimes it’s difficult to keep the ball always in your hands or legs,but never stop dribbling.It’s about the will and determination of every single bettor to slalom and balance ,while passing around difficult challenges and circumstances.

3.Keep and think-all the little things we do in our daily routine , are connected with strategy and perfect concentration.

4.Score – to win before the final whistle. One great basketball player, that before a single shot , who won a game or the final in conference, he first made a picture in his mind, how the ball goes into the net. In my words : to win before the final whistle.

5. To be fit – always aware for new preparation an situations. Perfect shape of body is the perfect status of mind. Mind and brain are your weapon for achieving great goals.

In a conclusion , I will will use a Latin proverb : ” Ani sana in corpore sano“. Success is the essential of every little move we make , to escape from apathy and harmony. Desire to chase new horizons,makes us to want to improve ourselves,with every action we take, every single day of our wonderful life.