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Spaich – hero and saint

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Good evening , dear friends. First of all I wish you Happy New Year.In 2017 , I wish you all to have the luck to make all your dreams come true, to win in live, love and sports, to be good and generous and never to forget heroes, who makes us proud to  stand and say : ” We are Bulgarians”.

What is the nature of one hero ? How a hero defines himself and what is the difference between him and the others? On my humble opinion heroes have hearts with power and energy that cure, heel or erase…. Heroes are like stars , who show the way and then just vanish in the haze or in the pure space of their beliefs and love..

When I was a small boy, my grandfather told me stories of faith , belief and great men. Those men, heroes and saints were : Vasil Levski, Georgi Asparuhov – Gundi and Dimitur Spisarevski – Spaich. The last one is the pilot and hero, which marvelous sacrifice and military braveness are studied all around the world. It is not a  man , it is a super hero, who risked his life in order to safe the sky of Sofia , clear from bombs and enemy planes….

You have heard a lot about Spaich, this was the short name of this handsome warrior , given by his friends. After you read a lot about him , you find similarities with the life of Gundi:

  1. Both were total patriots – willing only the good times of Bulgaria. People who make everyone follow them just with a smile.
  2. Spaich and Gundi played for our favorite team Levski Sofia .
  3. Tall, handsome men – they were like movie stars. All women felt in love with them.
  4. As people with hearts of fire both died in accidents, Spisarevski risking and losing his life , hitting B24 fortress plane, Gundi and Kotkov died in the Alfa Romeo , near Vitinya. The fire was their life and they found death in it.
  5. Genius die young –  Spaich at the age of 27 , Gundi at the age of 28. How many of you can imagine what national diamonds and treasures we could have , if they could live at least 20 years more ? Unfortunately God takes his angels first 🙁
  6. Love of the people, not only in Bulgaria – survived American pilots went to the mother of Dimitur Spisarevski to give all their medallions and orders, just to show their great respect to this demon in the sky. Also in many military books, the attack of Spaich is written and learnt till nowadays. On the funeral of Gundi there were many people and teams from abroad,even now players of his time start to cry while they whisper his name.
  7. Graves covered with flowers – when you have time, go  in the central Sofia cemetery and see what people love means. Those two saints will never be forgotten by us, proud Bulgarians , fans of Levski and patriots.

Capitain Dimiturs Spisarevki is a rare person, it is like a candle in the wind, it is like a lake across the desert. He did all he could, because he kept in his eyes and heart the love for Bulgaria, the love for his countrymen , the love for the sky and the love for freedom and independence. He was not just a pilot, hero or marvelous saint, he is that light in the darkness of these bad times we live in. His heroic deed has come to show us , what people are we, we are and have to be always proud of our nationality – Bulgarians. So , dear captain Spisarevski ,I hope you are know with the angel smile – Gundi , somewhere watching and praying for better times for our country and for our beloved team – Fc Levski Sofia. In a conclusion, dear all my advise is never to forget our heroes , without them our lives and our mission on this planet , would be meaningless.

Chase the dream – Gonzalo and Jack

Good evening , my mates. I call you this way, because I feel we have a lot in common. Maybe most of you are men, maybe there are women also, I do not know. I am just very happy  and enthusiastic , that the number of the articles is getting bigger and you ,my loyal fans become and visit my site – more and more each day. The main engine of mine and your emotions are bets and sports,but also we have to mention some heroes, some men who gave us a good example.

Each human being is created that way, to dare for more and to want to reach to the stars somehow, somewhere or by any means. Every little boy, same as I did , was wanting to be a pilot or to fly with a rocket , or to be a scientist. Dreams and our inner wishes, are like the wings of an eagle, which we, I emphasize only we , can determine and direct in what exact direction to fly.

Every single dream , that is our companion during the years from our childhood , till we get old and mature is like a brick. We gather a lot of bricks, during these years and decide , how and where to build the house of our confidence. Thus we made a confidence in our selves , we have created a castle, where we put, grow and smile to our biggest dream.  And the main point is to make the first, the big the most hesitating step called:”I made my dream come true”.

Today, actually in Sofia is night , we will speak about two men, about two heroes by them selves, about two persons who dared to face their heroism and to escape from the mud and grey face of the reality. They  saw the flight just before they spread their wings into the face of the upcoming dangers. Their names are Gonzalo and Jack.

Gonzalo Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador , who wanted and went to South America in search of the lost city of El Dorado. The other one, was Jack, commonly known from the fairy tale as Jack and the Bean Stalk. Jack was given a “magic beans” and went to a stalk to the sky, where he took a great fortune and gave it to its step mother. Yes, the giant, found the missing things, but Jack somehow managed to broke the stalk, and they all lived together happily with his step mother for a hundred of years. You may ask me, why I have came this far with a story about two men , who have nothing in common. One of them was a real and existing person, the other was a hero from a brilliant fairy tale, for children. Please, do have patience.

The common thing they have is  that they are offered by my proud sponsor Mr. Green on their platform for slots, and these games have been created by NetEnt. Also the most interesting issue is that both , did not have fear from anything or anyone, they wanted to see their dreams come true. One- to have the glory and to be a hero, another- to escape from poverty and to win versus an evilish and enormously big giant with two heads. They climbed and faced their Everest. Can we also try to do and achieve so ?

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If you are not familiar with your self, whether to place a real money playing it, after you made an account with Mr. Green, you can try to play for free and learn all the ways and steps to success. This was may way. I wish you pleasant night and always remember, every day try to make one of your little dreams come true. Dream big, because you deserve it and the hero always is sneaking behind the corner of your inner power, just wake him up 🙂




Buffon- 150 pieces of magic

Good evening, dear friends. I am calling you friends, because now we are on the same side. Friendship is our key to fight bookies and to roll over and turn stakes into profits- we will make it and we are currently making it. Tonight I want to speak about one great goalkeeper.

What actually is the role of goalkeepers in the modern football?  I will start this way, goalkeepers is the last man standing in the fortress of any football team defense. Goalkeeper is the the magician , who has 2 hands and heart of a lion. Please, excuse me – the best goalkeepers has a heart of bunch of lions. Goalkeepers is like some on the best chess masters in the world, he has the scenario of how any attacking opponent will try to make his life difficult. Goalkeeper is the solid rock who has not 9 lives as a cat, he has 1001 reflexes and skills to keep the net and the door save. Goalkeeper is like the saint, who is praying and cherishing . He is leveling the skills of his own faith and domination, against the will of 11 players and one trainer to score him the winning goal.

This paragraph , I would like to start with my belonging as a fan to SS Lazio. But I like a lot Gigi Buffon. Yes, he  is from Juventus and he is a legend of that team. He is more that a saint, he is a hero for many supporters from different generations and countries. The true warrior has no team, he has a heart that does not like and obey any rulers. The hears of a winner and a man , who can learn others how to play better , and can motivate them to be better men and better humans. Gigi you are a great human.

What is sport without its heroes? We see nowadays very good players, who are not good humans. Being a good man is the main essence of live. Sport is your job. Gigi is always been doing it with great pleasure. I find resemblance with Jordan and Buffon. I will tell you the main issue about that theory of mine:

  1. Jordan went to the playground always with a smile and a head up. Look at Gigi games. The ones who knows what he is doing proper, always comes to the pitch as an emperor.
  2. Gigi has the reflex and skill which is trained not only with the teams . He had trained it, billion time in his mind. Jordan is a perfect scored, but one thing you do not know is that he got motivated from the missed shots and the “no’s” in his sports and professional life.
  3. No matter if you are losing and winning , keep smiling and respecting the opponents. You know in budism and the Asian theories for living and  enjoying live the main principle is respect your enemy and opponent.
  4. Eyes of a good man can make you cry and can make you smile. Just think, watch a game of this both giants in world sports – football and basketball, then tell me if I was right or not.
  5. Always connected with the ball. Just look at their fingers . When I was training basketball, long time ago a trainer of mine told me, learn your fingers to love and attract the ball. To attract, catch, have, save , take and be ruler of the ball is a piece of unique technique and master skills .
  6. To be the main leader of a great team , without shouting , without being a macho, without killing others with bad looks. These are the real rulers of the game. The men with capital “M” , who can have the world and attention of the fans of every single small moments in the game.
  7. They have medals , they have cups, they have won everything. I will tell and point you the details , that makes me shiver when I speak about great men. They have that innocent view of a small boy, of a small child , who is better than the rest, because he is always winning, in order to accomplish his dreams and to be motivator for all generations and to learn children to be good and to play their favorite sports.

As a conclusion I want to take Buffon and Jordan  , because they helped me to solve many problems not only in sports field . This port is for Gigi. He is pride Italian, he is a man , he is a hero, he is a good man. Remember, I will be always writing articles about good man an better heroes, who give reason for children to play and elders to bow down their hats.

Grazie Gigi per tutto !!!!