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Trace the space

Good evening, my friends and dear fellows. The night is young and Juventus scored a nice goal against Milan. If you had followed or made bet on my previous prognosis, you will perfectly know what I am speaking about. It is a promising and long night that starts and grows up in front of our eyes.

If you move your look from out side of your window, you will see the universe of a billions of stars , watching you and smiling to your luck and chances in life. It is the space and universe the right place from we came, as you perfectly know the theory of the ” Big Bang “. This forum, this blog, this place of mine where I like to share some inner points and parts of my soul has become famous in the last few months. It has been and standing famous, because I have your respect and attention. I like to thank to all of you, who came by and find what is needed, or just having fun while they are reading my posts.

So you see the sky , the space, the universe and it is full with stars. Some are small, some are big, some are falling down , some may be super nova’s, some may be the stars of your fortune and destiny. Stars are our eyes, let’s say the eyes of our dreams. If you dare to dream big, you may have friends among the starts with countless numbers. It is not in the way to have many stars, but to try to live as many dreams as you can.

Have you ever thought what is the feeling in the heads of pilots and astronauts, when they conquer the sky and speak with the stars? What is their power and spirit to chase and smile to their dreams, every time the plane or rocket starts to leave this planet? Can we stay on our planet and face the space and our beloved starts, which we spoke with when we were younger?

So many questions, so many answers we search for every single day. But this is the point to get to a place, where we feel special, where we feel like starts, where we are the center of the Universe. You may think, I am speaking about some special hotel, exotic island or destination in Asia .. NO , you are not on the right trace. Just hold your breath and have a little more patience.

I am actually speaking about a very big friend of mine. A friend that always stands by me and supports me in the hard moments. Friend , who is looking in the same direction as me, when we are gazing at the stars. This is a rare and very special friend, who gave all his time, efforts and brilliant skills of a gentleman to create a masterpiece..

His name is Mr. Green, he is not only a friend of mine but also a proud sponsor of this project.  I am very thankful to him, for this confidence and trust. He told me to invite you personally to his world, to the world of space , magic and stars and VIP treatments. The world of relax , enjoy and total excitement. Yes , I know you have payed in many other casino rooms, I know you are the perfect bettor and gamblers, but ..

But listen to his special words, look to the design of the site. Take a look, play for free or deposit small sum at first and see what immense and luxurious range of games, he had prepared for you. All the atmosphere at Mr. Green is cozy, classy and stylish. Be his guest , and you will never regret it. Are you still hesitating :)?





Slots work for you

It is a nice and sunny Monday. Usually Monday’s are not the most beloved days of the week, but in my case it is different. When you see the sun on your window, suddenly smile and will to work appears in your mind. Maybe when we speak about betting in different levels or types, we always think or involve our minds.

Actually the slots are mind-storm machines, who are designed to make us feel good and not thinking of winning and losing, while we are playing. It is a kind of  “wonder land” , were we are taken away from the reality. Yes, the fun is great, but we have to be aware at any time how far we can go in this journey.

This blog has been created in favor of you customers, friends, bettors and punters. In favor of all, who want to be winners at the end of the day. I will give my best in today’s post to point you out some small tricks and tricks to be hero on slots, not super hero, but the one who stays on plus , when the night comes down:

  1. Number of lines on slots, can only cost you bigger bank roll. But, you may prefer one slot with many lines. The point is to now when to stop, when the machine is not giving any profit for a long run period.
  2. Then you decide, to change the machine or to reduce down the number of lines.
  3. Slots are designed like a numerous games of football or chess and mathematical formulas, can predict your behavior. It is just the way, to be one move ahead .
  4. Just see the bookies on my site, or bookies at all. They offer a huge range of machines. Usually the most popular ones, are in the net of a lot of casino game rooms and the chance these machines to pay you , is bigger.
  5. New slots always pay more, than the old ones.
  6. If you do not feel confident and in good shape, you may spin the wheel of roulette. Most of the time casino and slots betting is like a boxing game. You just sneak and try to capture the value and the best moment for winning.
  7. What maximum bet gives you? Several max bets can re-fresh your tactics  , or just put a mist over your mind. Max bet in slots is like the high pilot , sky way flight in the scene of arbitrage betting. You have to be aware in every muscle and cell of your body , what exactly are you doing!!!
  8. All you have to realize is that you are playing a mathematical game. Like solving a problem in geometry – just be patient and smart. The second thing is not that hard.

Let the sun come to your day and choose the best slot from the list of my advertised bookies. Be good and be winning . See you ……