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One totally crazy game…

Good day  , dear friends. Yesterday night we saw several nice games from the Champions League elimination round, one phase before the true games for entering the Group stage. One of them was the match between Crvena Zvezda – Ludogoretz. A game that had everything in it.

First game in Razgrad ended 2-2 and no one convinced the visiting squad to be the winner after the second game, which has been expected to be played against 50 000 fanatic fans of the Serbian team. Mala Marakana expected this game for a days now. Even some of the home team Ultras went in front of the hotel of the Bulgarians and flamed piro effect, which was very cowardice and mousy thing to do. They wanted to scared the “eagles”, but …..

I am actually fan of Levski Sofia, this is my team and this is where my heart belongs to. Levski are in crisis, not capable to overcome Maribor from Slovenia after two draw games. But we are here today to speak about Ludogoretz. I am not quite sure how many people have believed in a miracle in Serbia to happen last night. The results from previous game had put Serbians as favorite, because of their crazy and devoted fans. If you want to pass to the next level , you will be needing a result like 3-3 or to win by a goal difference. No Bulgarian team has been achieved this in the previous match-ups in such phases in Euro Football Competitions. But traditions are always to be broken in some way and in some time ….

Most of us, you, me , fans, people who regularly visit the stadiums, they are there for the game to see passion, suspense and many goals. All of you perfectly know what is the feeling , when your favorite teams scores, scores and early opener and you start to scream and sing and all the crowd is totally mad, full delirium… This is is what happened yesterday night, Zvezda scored the first goal, and this was it… Vlado Stoyanov made a mistake after the long shot, but he is human. I respect that man a lot, he saved a penalty from Ronaldo , not only for his team- Ludogoretz , but also in friendly game we played and we had won against Portugal , earlier this year. He is not just a goal keeper, he is a hero and great motivator. He had no chance to save the penalty for the equalizer 2-2 at the beginning of the second half, but he did many brilliant saves ever after.

Bulgarian team, played the game in the best technical and pragmatical way. The players of  Ludogoretz waited patiently to hit the opponent in fast and killing counter-attacks. This was how the 2 goals in the extra time were scored. There is one man  , who made the miracle a fact and a story to tell in the upcoming months. He is a Brazilain and his name is Wanderson. He scored 3 goals and killed the intrigue in extra time. He is very fast and I thin many good games, and many goals are up front to come…

I have to say good words for Zvezda players , they also played good game. It is one of the best games,   I have seen recently. We are proud of you Bulgrian heroes, not because you are passing the next round, it is because of the critics , you had. All which did not believe in the final win, are not very happy and dream big, maybe we will see againn Real Madrid or Barcelona in Sofia, only Fortune can tell us.





Lions of Bulgaria

These days in Sofia is held the European Championship in volleyball. This tourney is held in two countries Bulgaria and Italy. Many games have been played and on Saturday there will be semifinal games : SloveniaItaly and BulgariaFrance.

Today I am here to write about Bulgarian National team in volleyball. Man of honor, these are the first words I am able to say after the long night of celebration after the winning game against Germany, won yesterday night with 3-0 score. It was one of the best game, I have ever seen . There was fight and sweat, if it was another sport, maybe there would have been blood  and tears on the play ground.

Both very motivated teams had appeared on the pitch , to play in front of over 13.5 k exalted fans in the Armeec Arena, Sofia.  The atmosphere around the hall and in the capital of Bulgaria, few hours before the games start was like in a boiling pot, like a volcano  who is about to explode any minute. If you had been a visitor of my beautiful city, you might have seen a sea, an ocean of Bulgarian national flags and many happy men and women singing the songs of victory.

Both teams have met in the preliminary stage of this tourney in Group A. It was the first match in the group and Bulgarian lions had won again with result 3-0. Great result in the first game, which was followed by 2 victories against Czech Republic and Netherlands with result 3-2.

Yesterday game was a great clash between two very smart and ambitious trainers – Plamen Konstantinov and Vital Heynen. The last one was penalized with a 80 000 Eur fine, because he said the German team deliberately lost the first game on order to face again Bulgarians and to go through the semifinals easily. But what exactly had happened:

  1. The hall was full with fans , who came to see and support only victorious team. They were preparing the whole day for this grand spectacle , which was about to come.
  2. Lions of Bulgaria vs. The Eagles of Germany. German volleyball players were ready to take revenge from the first game, which they lost. It was not just a pressure , it was like a energy and power gathered in the hall , created from some atomic energetic central.
  3. Both trainers have played millions of scenarios in their heads , the night before the game. Here I would like to say few words about Plamen Konstantinov. He was one of the best Bulgarian volleyball players, but not only my opinion is that he is about to be one of the best coaches not only in Europe, but in the World. He is smart, sensitive, sees the game in every little aspect and detail. He reminds me of the big chess gross masters , who have the feeling and the skills how to provoke their opponents and to predict moves, this way – that they would be able to win at the end with elegance and intelligence. Bravo ,Plamen ! You are more of a hero.You are the engine and brain  of the team.
  4. Nikolay Penchev – if a true lion has 2 hearts and nine lives, this Bulgarian hero has 5 hearts and 11 lives. His father died one day before this important game. You can imagine how hard was for him to stand on the pitch and to play. After the winning of the game , all the boys from National team dedicated the victory to NIki’s father.
  5. National anthem of Bulgaria – all the players and public sang as one. Even though you do not realize the words and the meaning of this great song, you can shiver and stand stoned , while you see the harmony and unification of players with their fans, and all together as proud Bulgarians.
  6. Vlado Stoyanov – 38 years of age captain. This man, this gladiator, this lion showed  the world what and how the Bulgarian spirit looks like. He is most of a warrior, he is genius who has no age. In some of his killing points scored , the German trainer was looking so helpless. It is not only the professionalism , it is the will to show to the youngest that you worth.
  7. We are playing against France on Saturday. Maybe we will win, but if we are playing the same way as yesterday night. We will definitely be on the final.

Dear friends, I wish you all to  live that emotion. It does not matter if it is on volleyball, basketball or football. The sport has one great quality – to unite people and to give them power for great things, if you wish innovations. Support your national team and believe. When you believe in your boys, they become not only soldiers but the bravest warriors.