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All eyes on them

Good evening , dear friends. There has been a lot if interesting moments and game during the past weekend. Weekend is a special place and time, for us – bettors, punters and sports traders. A whole week labor and effort , may come to a great winning conclusion of the week, even if your team has not taken the needed 3 points or missed the chance to score in the last minute of the game. But this is football and that is why we love it so much and love to bet on it…

The section great football derbies on the blog has been covered with dust for a period of 6 months. To clean the dust and take everything in order is not such an easy process. But now I am here and I am about to give and expand the best of me. It will be a very interesting and intense weekend, especially when we will be about to watch and get thrilled by the most expected game in Italy, Seria A. The great clash for “scudetto” between Napoli and Juventus @ San Paolo.

I will also give you some betting tips as per the odds from my proud betting partner William Hill. I try not to miss every single game that both teams are playing . I must say that I am totally impressed by the spirit of the boys of Maurizio Sarri. Perhaps Napoli are the second best playing football team in the world after Barcelona, the only chance they are missing is that this class and show are not seen on Champions League, but this will soon happen. On the other hand , Juventus started very bad the season but now they are on the run of twelve consecutive wins. The great disappointment there is Poghba – maybe he is too young to take such big pressure of a leader, of such strong and balanced team. Mario Mandjukic and Dybala are capable to make the difference in any game. The total tornado in this epic derby will be Gonzalo Higuain. He scored by now 24 goals in all tourneys and reminds a lot of Maradona. Maybe Argentina should have won the World Title , also they should have won the Coppa America but.. Most of the fans blame him for the missed chances and missed penalty, but he is great football player and has the will of a hungry lion, who want to achieve more and more….

Let’s see what odds and outcomes  we have in William Hill for this nice game. I will try to point out the several markets which are having great value as per mine opinion. If on some of the markers mine and your opinion is the same, then you can take the chance and make a bigger stake :

  1. The fair result from this game should have to be 2-2 , which directly leads to race to 2 goals odds for both teams : Napoli – 3,8 and Juve– 2,6. Correct score 2-2 is in decimal odds – 17.
  2. Match result and both teams to score – draw @ 4,2 . Both teams will be motivated to score and perform their best.
  3.  First and second halves over 1,5 goals – 3,25 and 2,3. Probably some of you will expect  a shy game from both teams, but they will push hard the tempo form the first whistle, do not forget that Higuain, Hamshik , Poghba, Mandjukic – will be ready to score at any given chance or possibility.
  4. Double result on the game – draw/draw  @ 4.75. The main thing here is that the intrigue in the Italian Championship will be kept alive by the end on the season, meaning that as per mine opinion the result will be draw by any means.
  5. Both teams to score in both halves, a very interesting market ( Juve @ 4,3 and visiting team @ 4.75). Even Gigi Buffon is one of the best goal-keepers in the world, he will had very hard times on the upcoming Saturday.
  6. Let’s check about the number of goals – over 2 @ 2,1 : over 3 @ 4 and exact number of goal four – 6.5
  7. And the last markets which I have prepared for you : exact score at first and second half 1-1 with the respective odds ( 8 and 6.5).

This is all from me about the upcoming derby. Maybe when the corner market are up, I will add my predictions for this part of the game, also I can give you advise about the cards ( usually there are many smart punter who will huge pile of money on that special market). Have a nice evening and remember derbies are bigger, as there are bigger legends who stand in the beginning of great rivalries , in our case two KingsMaradona and Platini. Take care and be good ….


Bet for rate

Good morning, dear readers. It is time to show up with some good tips as per the odds of my proud betting partner and odds provider William Hill.  It is very strange when in the midweek, we do not have games from the European Tournaments, but some game from the local Cups competition in football.

Usually January is not the best month to make profit from bets, but I am here from you to destroy this rule. Every new beginning is hard to start 🙂 But when you make the first steps, you even forgot what problems have persisted , while you were hesitating.

I have prepared 3 games for you. They are from different countries and I saw some value, which should and have to be taken. Value can be hidden in corner, cards or goal markets. Let’s start with the matches :

  1. Fiorentina Lazio : Lazio are having very bad season in Seria A  and very good and winning streak games played in Europa League. They will be facing one of the best team in Italy at the moment. “La Viola” are on the second pace in the standings and are a potential pretender for the title. Let’s focus on the markets, that will matter and bring us wins tomorrow : race to 2 goals for Fiorentina – 2,2 ; total match goals over 2,5 – 1,95 ; both score no draw , yes – 2,75 ( William Hill ) ; Nikola Kalinic and Miroslav Klose to score at anytime – 7 ; match result and both teams to score for Fiorentna – 4.
  2. Real MadridDeportivo La Coruna : since Real are having new trainer, the expectations become bigger. Zinedin Zidan was a marvelous player, not the time h come to show his excellence and magnificence as a coach. Actually “white ballet ” will not about to have troubles in this game. Let’s concentrate on the work of the W. Hill’s traders : 1st and 2nd half over 1,5 goals – 1,73 and 1,44 ; 2nd , 3rd and 4th goal score bu Real – 1,22 , 1,44 and 1,95 ; total match goals five – 5,5 ; Benzema to score and Real to win – 2; both score no draw – 2,1; correct score for Real – 4-1.
  3. ArsenalSunderland : ” The gunners ” are playing the most attractive football in UK this season. I think that Arsenal will have a win here but the question is with how many goals. Let’s check the markets on this event : race to 2 and race to 3 goals for Arsenal : 1,35 and 1,91; to win to nil Arsenal @ 2; correct score 3-0 for Arsenal -8 ; 2nd half over 1,5 goals – 1,67 ; total match goals over 2,5 -1,44.

Wish you a remarkable weekend. If you create an account with William Hill and follow my picks, I will not get mad at you. Be good and be on the winning side always 🙂



Sunday – money day

It is a wonderful day. Sun is shining and why not to try to make some “easy” money today. The first games from UK, Premier league had been played yesterday. Today we have 3 interesting games. I do plan in this sequel to give you some prognosis of mine for a three , maximum four games in the same day, the article is published.

1. NewcastleSouthampton : both teams will try to give their best in order not lose points. My first intentions was to give an over 2.5 goals advise, but on my opinion the bet that is more likely to come out is both teams to score. My expectations are for an open game and many goal chances. At the end , the result will be at Saint James Park , 1-1.

2. Slavia SofiaBeroe Stara Zagora: Beroe is one of the teams that is playing very decent football for a 5 years period now. The game according to stats and weather conditions is definitely under 2.5 goals. Both team players and trainers will concentrate powers and effort in the middle field clash. Probably there will be only one goal or neither team will score.

3. ArsenalWest Ham : this is a classical London derby. The boys of Wenger had recently won Community Shield and definitely are the team who is producing effective and nice football for the fans. My expectations here are at least for 3 goals scored by the “gunners“. Also they will be winners in both halves. In such game like this one, you can also bet on the over corners line in the match ( 2 way and 3 way). Emirates stadium will be crowded and the fans will expect much more than the best from Ozil ,Czech and Giroux.

The good thing of the weekend is that if you have missed any chances for winning in Saturday , you can take what is yours in Sunday. The best adviser of a good punter is the correct stake. As most of you already know and read, this is one of the main key to success in the betting industry. I wishall to you: winning stakes and nice profit for the tonight party time- tonight 🙂


League Europa – start to win

It is the start of the Qualifications for Europa League tournament. All the eyes of European fans will be gaze over the stadiums all around the continent. It is fever , that cannot be explained ,it can be simply felt. I have on my mind some tips , the I would like to share with you. Let’s try to take some smooth view at the games that soon will get started:

1. KukesiZhodino : Albanian team is a strong one, when playing at home. On the other hand Zhodino will definitely score a goal. All the stats give here over 2.5 goal outcome in this game. Prognosis 2-1 victory for the team of Kukesi.

2. Santa JuliaRanders : the home team is a modest one. Randers will come here for a victory with at least 4 goals. 5-1 for the visiting squad.

3. CeljeSlask Wroclaw : it will be a very dramatic game here. My expectations are for draw result , with goals. The pick I would advise you  to take here is both teams to score.

4. Skonto RigaSaint Patricks : this will be a very tough one. Both teams play with big motivation and devotion. My expectations are for a draw game ,under 2.5 goals scored and one goal in both halves. Final result 1-1

Wish you the best of luck and concentration today. It is not easy to predict the outcomes of all games, but why not to follow my predictions. Have wonderful emotions tonight , and let the best win.