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Ultras – not movie stars and criminals

Hello, dear friends. It is very nice to have a place, where you can share and writhe the things from sports live, that happen and are about to be eternal passion for all generations – previous and future. This post came to my mind very rapidly and did not let me down, till I sat and start writing.

The “Ultras Culture” is something very specific, deep and magical. Only the ones , who have not been in that circle of sport live during the stadium and on the pitch, now what the feeling is. Yes, there are hard core fans  , who are coming to bring violence and destruction in all the phases of the game, which is not correct and appropriate. Today article will be devoted to my favorite team from Italy – SS Lazio and its fans.

When we speak about ultra fans, the first word that comes on my mind is love. Love mixed with great passion, to stand next to your friend on the stadium, to shout and scream from happiness, to cry when your team has beat the rivals from Napoli in the last game from previous season(2-4 for Lazio). After the game, around 500 loyal supporters waited on the training base to congratulate our trainer and the boys with hearts of lions.

Yesterday, Lazio won in Verona , while was losing half time 1-0 but 2 goals from Biglia and Parolo , made the 3 points and victory come to Rome. The spirit of the team is same as the spirit of the public, when they believe in you, fro the very first minute of the game. The real “ultras” I always close to the team. They are like shadows that protect, believe and have faith, that all the time their favorite players and the trainer can beat anyone, and can fight like Roman soldier army.

It was a game in the previous season of Italy, Seria A. The eagles were playing against Inter at home. Both fans of the teams have friendly relationships, but when it is about the victory- friendship stops. The pubic was making noise the whole time of the game, even when Lazio were with 2 red cards and were on the wings of the ultras singing fro the terraces. The most sad thing was when Hernanez , scored the ball behind the net of Berisha. Former Lazio players, was about to cry, but this was reality(now he is playing for Juventus) . The main point here is the public of Lazio.


These people are heroes, they were not one, nut 3 hearts. To make such atmosphere on Olymico and any other stadiums is honor for the payers. They are not movie stars and do not cameras to picture them. Their only weapon is passion , not violence and destruction. Their most powerful way to dominate on their home stadium is their choreography. If you have time, just watch some beautiful and breath -taking pictures , who were something like 20 m length and 80 m height, covering all the Curva Nord. Before every game of the team, the eagle Olympia is making circles on the stadium.

This is the ultra spirit, this is passion and unique and grand love. This is Lazio. Non mollare mai!!!


P.S I forgot to say grand thanks to Mr. Pioli. One of the best trainers SS Lazio have had in the last 15 years.




Piolli and Lulic- two names of one goal ,VICTORY

Hello dear all.

Dear mates from all around the world. I would like to say thanks to every single one of you , who is visiting this new blog and finds something interesting, something that provokes or just stays for a long time.

This is a story of a long run, of a devoted men , of a brave hearts and of one final point-the final.

The ones from you who are not aware-Lazio is the first team in the capital of Rome, established in 1900.
It had suffered many years of success and different trainers and many world known , classy players , who stayed forever in the minds and hearts of the fans.I will just mention you some names, who played for the “blues” and I bet that after reading my article you will find another info for this great squad.
Let’s start with Bepe Signori-the little magician , who is 3 times goal scorer winner in Seria A.This man is the “prince” of Rome, not the simmulative “Totti”.
Juan Sebastian Veron- “the little witch”. An argentinian , who had no secrets on the pitch.The guy with the perfect pass and never was tired to run and press the opponents.
Muslera – the goal-keeper of Uruguay , who is now playing for Galatasaray. A man of Glory, I still remember the final in 2009 for the Copa Italia against Sampdoria, when he saved two penalties.
Nedved, anyone knows this name , who now is an icon for Juve. Nedved is from the type of players, who has two lungs and 4 hearts. Player who stays forever in the souls of fans.
Hernan Crespo, he is a very strange person but player with many qualities and great passion for goal. He played during the years in several team, but Lazio fans love and like him till now.
Let’s say something about the players form the team who know is 1 point back from Roma in standing of Seria A (third place) and it is on the final for Copa Italia at Stadio OLimpico.
Miroslva Klose- modest giant with the perfect discipline and German soldier attitude to score at anytime, no matter of the game and tourney.
Candreva -IL Capitano . Man of braveness and total devotion on the pitch.He is the brain and soul of the team, after Hernanez left to Inetnazionale Milano.
Marchetti , the goal keeper who is one of the best in Europe.
The barzilian magician -Felipe Andersson ,small guy who has a speed like Hussein Bolt, no one can stop him.This guy has a class like Ronaldo, Messi and Edden Hazard.
On the last place the heroes of this artile -Senad Lulic and the wonderful trainer Mister Stefano Pioli.

Senad was injured for a long time and he came on the pitch at San Paolo , with one mission to eliminate and erase . Napoli had beaten us for the Championship with one goal, and had stolen a draw and very comfortable result for them in the previous match for the cup(1-1).I remember Senad was the hero of our previous final against Roma. In that game he was again the hero who scored at the end of the game.

This words are for the greatest trainer recently Lazio had.
Thanks Mister Piolli, thanks for all the good work been done.Thank you that you motivated that team to play like a fist, like a roman empire army and to have no fear of any opponent.
We are all grateful for the 8 consecutive wins in all tourneys.
Thank you for the good work and for the souldthank you for the magic that you brought , thank you for your patience .

The Cup of Italy will be for Lazio. Juventus you are the next, beware we are coming with no fear.All we have and will do is to beat you down.

Non Mollare Mai!!!!

P.s For those of you who read my artivle few days ago(It is time for eagles to smash the neapolitans) , congratulation if you made a bet on Lazio.