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FC Sevilla – fear nobody

A great game is about to come SevillaBarcelona , for the Super Cup of Europe- tonight. I was about to start with some stats, but this is information, that you can find in another sites. Let’s try this way- there is a trend for nearly 10 years, that Spanish teams do dominate in the European tournaments.

It was long ago when everyone was afraid and scared from the English teams. Yes, they do have many stars playing in UK, Premier League , but when it comes to European football scene,Spanish are far away from the others.

The perfect example is Sevilla. They are wining the Europa League title, just for the sport. For the last 10 years, they won this trophey 4 times. They had competition, in the previous edition of the tournament only from the team of Zenith. All other games were easily won, including the final against the brave team of Dnipro( who previously had kicked out Napoli from the semi-finals stage of eliminations). FC Sevilla is a rare diamond , that brights that strong, that could be seen in different directions of the Universe.

FC Barcelona, they are too strong to play in whatever championship you may think of. Just few names and words will be of no need : Rakitic, Alves, Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Actually , I am a keen fan of Real Madrid, but at this time and point of view, Barce do have one of the best teams in the world, also one of the most loyal fans. Everyone of us, do perfectly remember, how easy they won the final agains Juventus. We also do remember the tears of Pirlo ( a genius with the ball). With few words – Barcelona is a dream team.

My expectations from tonight games are that Sevilla will try to score an early goal , and will press their opponents hard. Barcelona is very strong , when its players do pass the ball for a long period of time and have a smashing ball possession , something like 65% -75% of the regular playing time. One of the main players for Barca is Rakitic, he will be playing against his former team-mates from Sevilla. He is very special and rare football layer, who is creating magic and magnificent passes , no matter how many defenders he has around. Neymay is injured and he will be substituted by Pedro. Every single one of us expects a lot from Messi, tonight is his time to show , why he is the best football player in the world.

At the end, I will allow myself to give you some betting advice. It will be a game with many goals and corners. Both teams play very attractive and open game. I think that Sevilla will take the Super Cup. They already had won against Barcelona for the same Cup in 2006.

Wish you many nice and wonderful emotions with the Europa Super Cup final, many winning and many smiles after the end of this brilliant game, which is so great expected. 


New start

The time is close for the upcoming qualifications for Champions Leagua and Europa League . Not to forget the Super Cup of Europe , the clash between Sevilla and Barcelona(a perfect game for over 3.5 goals).

Dear friends,all I wanted to say to you is pay attention to the little details. Friendly and qualification round, games are the big time for harvesting for the great punters. If you had followed and read many of my artlices by now ,you should perfectly now what I am meaning.

Here ,I would like to add one announcement that in near future I have plans to write something about tennis. This sport has its special place ,in the hearts of millions of fans.

Wait for my new stories and thank you for your growing interest. Send you all best wishes for more profits from lovely and rainy Slovenia.

P.S With the coming of the new sports season I am planning to surprise you with more interesting tips and articles to remember. Check out every day and I promise never to let you down. Do not forget to tell your friends to visit this blog. Togethet we are stronger. Let’s shake the betting industry with mutual efforts. Jump on board,I am waiting for you.

Champion Vs. Tough Ukrainians

Today is the day with the big D in front. The final of Europa League will be played in 12 hours . All the eyes of spectators and fans of both teams will be pointed to Warsaw, Stadium “Narodowi”.

Sevilla played many games in which they were not only the dominating team , but also as a professional chess players , they were sneaking and chasing for the perfect moment to make their killing attack or score a goal, who kills all the dreams of their opponents. Remember the situation in Sankt Peterburgh and also the two killing counter -attacks against Fiorentina in Florence.

Dnipro was treated by everyone as the big surprise in the tourney. This team gained my sympathy form the first game they played against Napoli. Great defense , perfect goal-keeper and 11 players who are like a fist , who hits very hard , no matter if the team is pressing, defending or counter-attacking.

The odds are on the side of Spanish team, but I expect great game from the brave team of Dnipro. On my opinion both teams will score and why not to see a final who will go in extra time.

Wish you many profitable moments today and let the best win tonight and lift up the Cup of Europa League .


P.S In this game there could be a red card awarded in the regular time, because the defenders of Dnipro are very rude. The odds for this red card, for yes in William Hill is 4 (decimal). I would advice  anyone who likes the risk to try it with a small stake 🙂



Sevilla -Zenith ,pearl in the crown

Tonight we gonna watch a great clash between two opponents of extraordinary class. There will be brazilians playing,Hulk -the guy who has no secrets in this game. But among all is the passion for winning. Sevilla who had won the trophey twice is one of the team I like most.
Zenith have a wonderful trainer -Andre Villas Boas who is writing history with the Russian team.Zenith have no fear from anyone and they will score at least a goal at Ramon Sanchez Pisquan .
My hint for you ,my friends is search and bet on goals.
Good luck and big winnings!