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Feng Shui for punters

Morning is rising and transforming into a day. I see it will be a wonderful one, as the sun is slowly appearing and showing its grandeur over the horizon. Sun is our motivator and my inspiration during this fast year and 34 before it. Sun and energy are the main powers for all the positive and influential processes on our planet.

China and Chinese people are among the countries and people, who had created and invented many things. There are actually two countries which I long to see soon – China and Japan. I had written post about Japan 3 months ago, now the time has come to show my respect to China. I had met several people from this amazing country and I was impressed. Here is a sports betting blog and I will continue my lines with the sports betting part , I would not like to bother you with mystery theories and how to make your life better and more beneficial.

Maybe this article had the first seed in my soul when I was a keen roulette player , several years ago. It was a long night on the electronic roulette with many players changing. It is very hard to stay for a long period and to be total winner on the game with the “magic ” numbers and with the “nonstopping” ball. The first thing I saw about his man was his ring, it was with a big jade stone. When I am saying big,  I mean huge, massive and solid. It had a special power and the man firstly put the hand with the ring, then made 5 straight winning bets .After the last winning spin, he disappeared out of the casino. I saw him in the next year few times and the “scenario “was just the same- max bets and max wins, after that just vanished in the haze.

All of us as gamblers, punters and bettors are superstitious in any or more aspects. But how superstitious minds and feelings are connected with feng shui ???  It is all about energy and what we like and how we like to make it or not. In feng shui there is a specially designed compass , according to which ancient architectures and engineers have made and created massive and solid buildings. In out case mind and heart is our compass. When you are in a full harmony with your voices , inner senses and mind concentration, nothing can stop you. This was the case with this mysterious Chinese guy in Sofia, which I met by accident 10 years ago. And this man had his “special ” ring with big  Jade stone.

I am not directing you to buy anything like this, or to start following and reading about this ancient art , called feng shui. I just want to give you some hint how to make a harmonious relation between your passion for betting and the energy that surrounds us, and is in all of us. Thinking of a bet, making it , waiting for the event to come, waiting to bet more on live is a special process and it has to be done carefully and with an ease. Some of my friends are betting right after the sun rise, others do not bet on the 13th date on any month, or especially when 13th is on Friday. Others have talismans , like special small presents from people close to their hearts. Is it all about belief ? Is it just a big doze of superstitious thought and elements? It is a mix of everything. But most of all is to accept betting as a fun process, as something that is leading you to something , to some other level. If you lose, it does not actually mean you are lost.It means that you paid a price to learn more. Price is not always money, bets, incomes, profit. Price is the way and the steps to find and live in you inner harmony. Sometimes all the answers are in a hand distance close to us, but we are not in the position to find them and realize their meanings. There was a Chinese proverb– “When the student is ready , teacher comes”.

Do I want to be your teacher? Maybe, but my time has not come yet. I want to be your friend and to give you advises , if you like to have and accept them. Maybe , I am a student and there are many teachers who are now reading these lines. Let’s try to teach each other many and good things. Life is to short to be wasted for non senses. In the end of this article I would like to thank to one special author, about his marvelous book- Robert M. Pirsig – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values .






Japan-love from first sight

Hello,dear fellows. This will be a very special post. A post that was about to appear few months ago ,but I did not have the gutts to write it,or probably there where few ideas which I liked to add to the body of the article. Lets see what I have for you today.

My first touch to Japan and Japaneese culture,was when I started training aikido in 5th grade of high school- when I was 12 years of age.I was impressed from the first time ,I went into the hall and onto the “tatami”.When we were practicing,we counted on Japaneese:ich,nee,san,chi.. Yes,I was very small,but I got estonished and felt in love-felt in love with this martial art and with the wonderful country -Japan.

When you feel and have strong emotions and vibes,you want to know everything about the object of your feelings. The next step was to read the book “Shogun” by James Klavel. I had learnt many useful information and many words -“ukarimas ka?”.

While the time was passing and I was getting older ,I learnt a lot about kendo,origami ,yakudza. I also began to read a lot of poetry from Japaneese authors. Had watched the movie “Last samurai” with Tom Cruze more then 10 times. I was working for 7 years in different hotels,where I had spoken with many people from Japan. One of my favorite authors is Haruki Murakami. He is a genius.

But we are  gathered to speak here about sports. Some Japaneese sportsmen gain attention all around the globe,where and in which stadiums they are playing:

  1. Key Nishikori – magnificent and briliant young player. He soon will be in top 3.
  2. All the brave Japaneese football players participating in top 10 teams in Europe:Honda,Nagatomo,Kagawa.
  3. Baseball – this is a special area for smart Japaneese players.

I would like to say something about betting in Japan. For asians mostly it is fun,relax and entertainment. They accept it like drinking of beer or chatting with a friend. One of the best punters and gamblers are the ones,who do not take themselves too seriously.

I would like to come and see Japan some day and to exchange knowledge face to face with my readors from that very loved type of the world. Sayonara:)

P.S I am very proud with one man ,because he comes from my country -Kotooshu:) Also I forgot to mention ,I love reading and writing “haiku”. Also not on the last place to say about “Bushido”- the moral codex of every warrior and samurai.


Arbitrage betting – punters’ lounge

Dear readers and visitors, first I would like to say high and big thanks , that you exist and , your interest makes me feel good and provokes me to write new and much more interesting and provoking articles. The world of betting and world of sport are totally connected, the best players are the ones who can take the best and the most valuable profit , by the odds which determine pre-event and live games in different sports.

Actually I was thinking of writing this article a month ago. I needed that time, in order the ideas to grow up , and the frame and everything to be cleared out. Everyone from you had heard or did an arbitrage bet. It is not that hard, but the best are making money everyday simply from it, not knowing anything from different sports in details , just calculating the odds to work for their own means. I will try to avoid , to bore you with something you had already read and knew. Arbitrage betting is type of placing bets on both outcomes of an event, in order to get sure win at the end of the day. Usually best punters have a solid bank and many accounts in order to do that regularly, not worrying of any stats or teams momentum form. I will try to define some kind of arbitrage betting which I did and know :

1. Arbitrage in columns(multiple arbitrage betting): this is when you saw a dramatic drop down of an odds in some bookmakers , but in the ones you do have account with the odds remain  high. In cases like this , you do make a combination with another two selections in odds between 1.03 to 1.1 , in order the bet , to not be monitored by traders, who are on shift.

2. Classical arbitrage : or example you have one strong favorite and the odds go from 1.5 to 1.2 .There are always bookies, who are not that fast and aware of changes in odds, or their system is not that fast.The mentioned odds are for 3 way market in football. SO you place a bet on the big odds in one house, then you place very precisely calculated sum on the double chance market, in order to get the previously mentioned sure win option.

3. To catch the corridor in lines i.e in  basketball, handball, tennis and volleyball. Just a simple notification in the over/under line is 185,5 and drops to 180,5 , you just catch the high point, of bookies who did not already change it -play the under and if the line continues to drop, you take the lowest and play the over. The principle is much alike in the other mentioned sports.

4. Asian handicaps for half time and full time , especially in football. This is how ,most of the “high class” punters earn “easy money”. Dropping of odds in football, automatically means that the Asian handicaps are gone mad. When the regular seasons had started in most European Championships, it is hard for a single man to watch all this heavy odds changes, so in this case there are paid services of robots, who do monitor this changes and do give you alert, what and where to bet.

5. To make arbitrage with preevent and live games. There are many players and punters , who are not welcomed in the bookmakers house, or are too limited. In such cases, the opportunities are limited and if you like to continue doing arbitrage betting, you have to make multiples combining few markets from live + the event which is with most values of yours.

I guess, you had found this article useful. I am not doing arbitrages for a long time, but the passion and fever of doing it , is simply great. Whatever you do , just do it in a professional and precise manner :