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Croatia – Greece

It will be an interesting game tomorrow from the final draw of the qualification for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. We are speaking about football. I have not written a long time, and the time for a new post has come.

Actually, i would love Croatia to have an easy win with many goals. It will be very difficult as the stats from the games between the opponents show and say another thing.  If we strictly follow the mathematics and the figures, we should bet on draw result and under 2,5 goals in the game. Take the odds from 1xbet.com

The interesting fact is the Croatian team consists of many stars: Modric, Kalinic, Modric and Rog.  They can win over any team in the world. Just imagine the perfectly sharp passes of Modric, Everyone is watching him in Real  Madrid and what tricks and magic he is creating with the ball in his legs. He is a definite magician like Pirlo, Balukov and Steve G. Words cannot describe what he is doing on the football pitch. Also, Croatins have awesome supporters. They are passionate and devoted till the very end of any single game.

Opinion from the specialist: under 2,5 goals, many yellow cards and probably win for the Croatian team with 2-0 result. I do not underestimate the Greek team, but they do not have a chance in Croatia. Good luck to all teams in this qualification stage.



Euro qualifiers tips

Hello, dear readers. As I promised , I will give some prognosis of mine of today Euro 2016 qualifiers stage. There are some very interesting games, in which anything can happen. Sometimes , you can blame your knowledge or luck, that your predictions are far away from the final result.

Today we will try to be one, as a team, winners, predictors and good bettors. Usually , the best punters count their yield or ROI at the end of some period i.e 3 months, 6 months or a year time. We do not have that wide range for now, so the counting should be done after the ending of the last match predicted. Let’s see  what I have prepared for you today:

  1. AzerbeidjanCroatia : Croatians are the only unbeaten team in this qualification stage. They have wide number of stars : Mandjukic ,Perisic , Surna, Kovacic , Brozovic and Modric. Actually they have one of the most talented team on the Balkans and in whole Europe. My expectations are for total over game. Croatians do play very attractive and high -scoring game. I do remember the game of their against Norway at Maximir. 5-1 was the smallest result for the team of Norway that they could get. My prediction is for 5-0 victory for team of Croatia.
  2. BelgiumBosnia and Hercegovina : here the favorite obviously is the team of Belgium ( Fellaini and Hazzard can score at any moment, not forgetting the brilliant Tiboux Curtoais). In the team of Bosna has a brilliant goal-scorer in the face of Dzeko. He is now in perfect shape and is also a perfect goal master. My expectations here are both teams to score and Belgium to win at the end. Also over 2.5 goals line is definite to be backed.
  3. BulgariaNorway : the main problem for Ivaylo Petev is the goal- keeper position. Both main figures are injured and Bojidar Mitrev will be playing today for the home squad. The previous team between those two teams was lost by Bulgarians in Oslo with result 1-2. Today is the match of the truth for the home team, if they make a draw result or lose this one, they will have no chance for the Euro 2016. The team of Norway is very tough one and I am positive that they will score a goal. At the end victory will be for Bulgarians.

These are my betting tips for today. Maybe you already have some of your own. It’s worth trying mine as well. Wish you all the best, for all the rest , we will count on goals and brilliant football played by our favorites.