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Be/beat the bookie

Hello, dear mates. We all live in very dynamic, interesting and changing world. World of new opportunities, new inventions, new technologies and new bookies every day. New players on the scene, who want to improve themselves and to gather as many players as they could.

What to you think I put in the meaning ” be the bookie” ?

to be the bookies is meaning – to be up to date to all new tendencies .

to be the bookie : to offer as many markets and events as you could for pre-match and in-play betting

to be the bookie : always to listen to all your clients needs and to improve yourself in every single step and innovation

to be the bookie : to offer all the range of betting games including :casino, poker, bingo, horse racing and sports betting.

to be the bookie: to offer new promotions for new players …

to be the bookie : to be the best.

All the bookies, you see on my blog are covering all these criterion . Just pick one and find out how perfectly right I am.

What am I implementing in the words to “beat the bookie“?

Here comes the player or the players:

1. When you open a betting site and see the odds to know which way to take, with the correct stake.

2. When you see  a random live game, to spot the value in few seconds.

3. When you spot an outright, to bet small and to win big.

4. When you are doing arbitrage betting, to have as much account in different bookies as needed, not more neither less.

5. To be smart enough, not to get your account limited for stupid stakes on “bad” events.

6. Just be you and be a winner.

We cannot be bookies, so let’s try to beat the bookies and to have fun while doing it.

The day is perfect , take all the needed and good things from it.