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Rebel for victory

Hi, all. It is all my pleasure to have you here. You  may consider this place as a special one.  A place, where different people can meet, read and speak loud about sport, sport betting, punters and arbitrage betting.

Actually , I had created this place on my own, but the vision and all the new implements on the site are done, because of you: my regular readers and visitors. Ideas , become reality when you dare and want to win in any case.

I will speak today , about how good is to be a rebel. In my section: gambling and sports betting, it is very hard to make innovations or new, fresh ideas. It is one of the most biggest industry in world and has its conservative rules.

Here comes the rebel, the one who is determined to hit the rules and to claim his own truth , every single time he feels , he has the right and privilege to shout loud. I am standing here to shout and to give you alarms about:

  • You are a rebel. One of the reasons is, that you are now reading this article.
  • Victory is the main symbol of success and main feature of a true rebel.
  • Together we can capture all the hits and spaces let by the bookies. Call it value, call it someone was left asleep. But we have to try.
  • Betting, sports betting and betting tips or predicting of a game is a not 24 hours intense sport , it is 25 hours, because every single day, you are thinking of what to gather in the next one.
  • If you have been  or you currently are a sportsman, you do understand every single clue in this article.
  • We are motivated. Every failure or a lost pick, gives us the strength to change our steps, without hesitating that we are on the right way.
  • Rebel can stand high, even he is losing or even when he is feeling betrayed.