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How I started betting(chapter 4)

When you are in the betting industry,the first thing you have to learn is that money stands an the beginning and at the end of gambling cycle,all other time you are dealing with value.Actually “value” in betting is the ball in football and basketball. When you are not having in it , there is a big problem going on. I will call “value” , the ball in this article.

So , you have to be in full control of the ball. It is your opinion, who and why to trust. My advise is trust to yourself. Rebound the ball, do as many passes as you can, beware and watch the game( the bookies issues in pre-event and live status), listen what the “old dogs” are doing and score a goals ( basket) in the most unexpected moment. Surprise is the time and moment , when you can hit and hurt the bookies more. When you have a profile of easy to predict player, then your time with sports betting is finished.Also one very special thing to add: invest and spent your time smart. So when you are able to deal perfectly with the ball, surprise and time, you can even overcome and over score Jordan and Pele.


I learnt that the value is the most important thing in betting. There are different types of value:to have specific info,to be better than the others in mats and stats.

When you woke up and read this article,I wish to all of you to find your specific value and turn in into income and positive profit.

Have a wonderful day and never close your eyes,value is everywhere around you!



How I started betting (chapter 3)

When you are in the world of bets , you discover new things every single day . Being part of a big family ,you do your best to obtain brain and tricks from different guys with experience.
There are interesting places all around Europe and other continents where people gather together and discuss all info and stats about their favorite teams and sports.Do you have  a place like this on your own?

I had such one back in the days. You watch and listen to the eldest guys,they have the guts and experience you would like to achieve some day.It could be a cafe , an restaurant or just a bench in the park, where some people gather regularly and discuss all the sports and match, that have passed. They share their opinions about bets, stakes, slips and some “magnificent” combination, who will make them rich and powerful some day. The power is to listen to all , but to take brains from some , a very little number from these persons. Everyone is open to give you an advice, but the best advise it to listen to yourself,everyone has it’s path finder called “inner voice”, if you become open enough and confident to be the winner of your own, then you will here the inner voice speaking regularly to you.

When you meet and listen to men like this ,you realize that betting is a passion ,a sport in which strategy is your winning hand .

Without strategy,even the greatest bankroll can not save you from bankruptcy.


How I started betting (Chapter 2)

When you have won some sum in betting, you see and feel the wings on your back.Yes, you can fly and harvest on any market and event you would like to.
After I had the winning of my first bet , I stared learning a lot , reading and watching all the games from any sport on Earth. I became in depth knowledge of what I intended to do for living.
When you are at the start anyone tells you what and how to do .My advice is listen to your inner voice, it is 95% right when it whispers something to you.

The next step was to implement maths and stats in betting and taking value and advantage from my local bookie. Bookies are very interesting institutions, they have very common things with banks, but also they can rob you, if you are not totally aware of what you are doing.

Third step is to follow not over 5 teams in top Championship and learn and know all about them.

Information makes you fell powerful and also it gives you money and cash back in long term.

Are you too interested and wanting to read my new article?

I am here for you and soon it will come…….



How I Started betting(chapter 1)

I will start with the very beginning. Right there , you see a 13 years old lad, who does not know what he want from life, does not know which way to go. Yes, he does not know , but his father gave him a sports newspaper and a slip with some matches from Spain, England and Italy and he said to his son:”scratch few of them , few of your favorite and we will see if you realize or know anything about the greatest game, called football”.
The lad scratched 5 games (5 folds) , five of his favorite teams in Europe , excluding one strange game from France , League 1 .
A week had passed and the boy went to his dad and wanted to know,what have happened with the slip. His father was smiling, gleaming at him and gave him 25 euros. Yes , the boy had won , with a single small stake , on 5 games ,the first win on betting, just like that, like a piece of cake, like a cream on your mouth, like a clap with a finger, like a blink of an eye. ” Good job , lad” – father said …

This was just the beginning. 22 years have passed from this thrilling moment for me .I still remember the teams I had placed bets ,one of them was Real Madrid.After this winning slip , I began to learn about football and betting.Began getting deep into this industry .Started learning, watching, analyzing .Become one of the most keen fans of this game. I started being one of the weird mathematicians and physicians , who wanted to know and point the level and value of winning.Most importantly , taking the profit and the margin from bookies to my own pocket in long term period.

I became a warrior, a solid and knowing well what-to-do professional.I watched everything that stand behind the figures, I have started calculating the meaning of everything. Started to think of every single sport event in numbers and mathematical steps.

Actually my Dad helped me to find my self.

Rest in peace , daddy .Your sun is about to be the best tipster and bettor all around the globe.

Do you want to join me ???