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How I started betting ( chapter 9)

This is my favorite sequel in this blog of mine. I am trying to show and explain you all the small steps that I made during my betting and gambling experience. Some of you may just wave with a hand or put ironic smile on their faces, thinking that it is a joke or it is not serious, or probably that I had lost my mind. As most of you perfectly know, there are many men and women who make descent money from betting. Not it is time to continue my story..

It all began very easy when the bookies started to appear on line, and it was much of an ease- for us the customers to win or lose big, because there was all the range in the world of sports and events, regarding live and pre-match offer. I will open a bracket here, that bookies on my blog have a great variety of sports, casino games and poker rooms for every taste.

What do you do when , you see a new on-line bookie? I will tell you what is my experience. I just go and see the casino games and live platform for sports betting. You may find this strange, but explanation is on its way.

1. Casino games : it is a masterpiece to have a big range of casino games. One way or another, you may play on them when you have a spare time or just wait for the bonus level to come, or just to enjoy what marvel programmers had made.

2. Live platform : it is a professional habit of mine to know at every single minute of the day what event can be available live, for betting. When you are for at least 9 years in the industry , you have eyes of a snake and spot all that is needed for a zero time.

3. Range of events and markets on live : my favorite Asian handicap lines, if it is a basketball(point betting over under on every quarter, half time and full time),if it is baseball or hockey ( again plenty of market is necessary to be there).

After that brief view, comes the source of all the sports, outright, poker rooms, financials and bingo spy. Football is mine and yours , and 99% of the world most favorite type and way of betting. Top 5 European football championships are offer from almost every bookies. If you want to find the special bookmaker for you , search for small leagues, not that popular games and see what markets are you capable to bet on.

Let’s try to mark why betting on-line was the hit in the industry and is gaining more popularity every single second, even while I am writing this article:

1. It is simple an easy. You create an account, make fast deposit and that jump in the world, of variety of plenty of betting options.

2. There are no special skills needed to place a bet.Just go to live platform, play casino or poker torneys.

3. You can make a thousands of multiple bets on different games and sports.

4. If you are professional bettor, you can make money with arbitrage.

5. If you have made account with Skrill, you can make easy and save deposits and withdrawals.

6. Lot of the bookies, have a vast and very friendly bonus system,not only for sports, but for casino games and poker also.

7. If you are confident enough , you can place big stakes on live events , especially when a favorite team of yours is playing. One of my favorite bets for live is a combination of overs: over corners in the game multiple by over 2.5 goals in the same event.

8 . You can test all the mathematical and statistical skill you have and place stakes on the non standard markets like : cards, corners, off-sides, throw -ins , ball possession time and percentage, triple-double in NBA games, with there be a grand slam in baseball game and not on the last place passing and receiving yards of the players in American football.

9. You can be the one that creates new strategies, not another who just obey them blindly.

It is definitely perfect to have so many bookies on -line. Choose the best you like from my blog and start earning. But remember, small steps guarantees big wins at the end of day.

Enjoy your summer , big cash is waiting for you behind the corner 🙂




Poker – chess with cards

As I promised, this blog will be a very different one and I will try to add and write articles about all well known sports, places or passions on which people like to play , win or lose any money.

I will not give you or tell you any facts about that magical game that you already know. I will try to put my unique point of view. Actually every single one of us has it.

You will say to your self where are the common things between chess and poker. Let me give you my arguments:

1. Poker is a game of tactics and strategy, you have to know perfectly yourself and the future plans of your opponents. Same is with chess.

2. In chess you have figures that symbolize the quality and the quantity of play and hit. As in poker, you have perfectly to know in every single moment, when to hit or with what to improvise a surprise or “all in” measurement.

3. Both games are old as as the world. Ancient people always tried to invent games with which to kill some time or why not to win any money.

4. Both : chess and poker are games like a total war . You are fighting with all the weapons you have: brain, skill, cunning, to predict the next move and card of all the opponents in the table. In war, love, poker and chess anything can happen and there are no rules and forbidden things in the name of victory.

5. Passion and thrill . In chess , you think from the beginning, without making a single move hot to capture the opponent’s King, in poker you see and think about capturing other men capabilities. Passion is when you see and hear the cards move , when you see the eyes of the opponents sharpen or hidden behind the fog of a great fear…

6. Both games had produced great geniuses and men world and wide known. Kasparov, Karpov, Boby Fischer, Kapablanka , Veselin Topalov, Kramnik . For the side of poker : Tony G , Ole Scemion , Dan Smith, Scott Seiver , Bryn Kenney.

We all love both types of games. For each one of them , you have to have great skill, knowledge and “balls” to compere among the best.

Aces and math in 3 moves are waiting for you, just go and fetch them…..




Men Vs. Women ( who is better?)

When I started and created this blog, I wanted to have and to maintain one different place, for interesting articles, betting advice and sport views for the main sports. Betting as a whole is some kind of very thrilling sport and each and single one of us want to participate in it.

Both genres have their interesting point of view for the alternatives in sports, casino, poker , poker and horse racing – betting. It is not a secret for anyone that most of the positions in this industry are occupied by man, most of the sports traders are man ( at least 95 %) , actually it is a kind of business, dominated by men.

But here I open a bracket , put a comma, not a full stop. I will speak a lot about the women in the industry and also for those who practice betting in one way or another.  You may think , that I am crazy , but you have the full right to have your personal opinion.

I will make the effort to lay the benefits and handicaps women do have over man in this tricky sport:

1. Women are very sensitive. This may help them and give them when to stop or whether to take big risk.

2. They are not so good in maths and stats but know curios facts i.e about some footballers, basketball players etc.

3. Passion is the main difference between men and women. Believe I saw many women, who burn in the passion of them game, scream, shout , jump, yell or even cry for their team, for their bet for the lucky flip on the slot, or even for the winning hand in poker.

4. Their main joker is that they are always underestimated. This their main weapon. When you are under-rated ,you can enlarge all the possibilities , capabilities and dreams that you have , you can spread your wings and conquer everything.

5.One of the best sports journalists in USA are women . I have watched a lot of games from NBA 2013?2014 Playoffs and there were many women who did interviews with Lebron James. I was astonished from their vast sport culture.

6. It does not matter how big the loss is, women always take it with a smile. I saw many women losing piles of money on slots and casino . They were like, nothing happened. Maybe somewhere deep inside, they had bad feelings and sorrow, but for the public they gave huge smiles .

7. Stress test winners . Nature created women, to be more flexible and accurate on stress. They just wave with the hand and skip the emotion . You can imagine what is for us -men, if our favorite team lost in the last minute of the game, or the captain of the national team, missed a penalty.

As a conclusion , I can say : do not underestimate women, they are coming with large steps in the world of betting and soon will be the time, when a woman will be a chief head officer of a big betting company.

Have a brilliant day 🙂