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Trace the space

Good evening, my friends and dear fellows. The night is young and Juventus scored a nice goal against Milan. If you had followed or made bet on my previous prognosis, you will perfectly know what I am speaking about. It is a promising and long night that starts and grows up in front of our eyes.

If you move your look from out side of your window, you will see the universe of a billions of stars , watching you and smiling to your luck and chances in life. It is the space and universe the right place from we came, as you perfectly know the theory of the ” Big Bang “. This forum, this blog, this place of mine where I like to share some inner points and parts of my soul has become famous in the last few months. It has been and standing famous, because I have your respect and attention. I like to thank to all of you, who came by and find what is needed, or just having fun while they are reading my posts.

So you see the sky , the space, the universe and it is full with stars. Some are small, some are big, some are falling down , some may be super nova’s, some may be the stars of your fortune and destiny. Stars are our eyes, let’s say the eyes of our dreams. If you dare to dream big, you may have friends among the starts with countless numbers. It is not in the way to have many stars, but to try to live as many dreams as you can.

Have you ever thought what is the feeling in the heads of pilots and astronauts, when they conquer the sky and speak with the stars? What is their power and spirit to chase and smile to their dreams, every time the plane or rocket starts to leave this planet? Can we stay on our planet and face the space and our beloved starts, which we spoke with when we were younger?

So many questions, so many answers we search for every single day. But this is the point to get to a place, where we feel special, where we feel like starts, where we are the center of the Universe. You may think, I am speaking about some special hotel, exotic island or destination in Asia .. NO , you are not on the right trace. Just hold your breath and have a little more patience.

I am actually speaking about a very big friend of mine. A friend that always stands by me and supports me in the hard moments. Friend , who is looking in the same direction as me, when we are gazing at the stars. This is a rare and very special friend, who gave all his time, efforts and brilliant skills of a gentleman to create a masterpiece..

His name is Mr. Green, he is not only a friend of mine but also a proud sponsor of this project.  I am very thankful to him, for this confidence and trust. He told me to invite you personally to his world, to the world of space , magic and stars and VIP treatments. The world of relax , enjoy and total excitement. Yes , I know you have payed in many other casino rooms, I know you are the perfect bettor and gamblers, but ..

But listen to his special words, look to the design of the site. Take a look, play for free or deposit small sum at first and see what immense and luxurious range of games, he had prepared for you. All the atmosphere at Mr. Green is cozy, classy and stylish. Be his guest , and you will never regret it. Are you still hesitating :)?





Faith on more

Good morning, dear friends. I like standing on the table, listening to good music and starting to write a new post. The new post is like a new horizon, you travel,you go and explore the limits of your imagination. Today I intend to play with your and my imagination as well. Imagination and faith had brought people and whole nations to big steps and to indescribable mountain peaks. Let’s start to climb…

Have you ever though how many times a day you are counting something? Counting the steps from your parked car to the shop. Counting sheep , when you are not able to sleep after midnight. Counting the minutes, while you are waiting your girlfriend to come on the date. Yes, it is all about numbers and figures and the magical content they have inside them.

Just think to yourself,that every action , every moment on Earth is connected with numbers. It is like a big matrix, we are all in, every single one of us is a micro space of this matrix, with its own elements – starting from 0 to 9 🙂 We count and estimate the years, the seconds, the hours the times we fell in love, we count the number of flowers we gave to our most beloved ones. This is what we are doing, we are addicted to numbers…

Numbers and addiction, take our hands and minds and put us in the ship of development. We start crossing oceans, seas , lakes, rivers etc. We are travelling the world of our imagination and inner spirit, in order to find answers to some of our questions, which did not let us sleep normally at night. Men and women, want to explain to them selves how and why everything is made this way and why some things are happening in any or another sequence.

I might sound too abstract for you today, but this are the first lines of a picture . I guess one very good example, of how I discovered and started to explore one game. A game which is ancient as the world. A game that explains everything and is also mystic like a woman, you like to know more and more, but she is pushing you away, every time you come closer.  This is the game that combines : the routine of a poker player, the smart brains of a chess master and some kind of great touch to maths and stats.

Most of you have come to the decision that I am speaking and will be speaking about roulette- the magic reel. When I speak about roulette , I am think in my mind like one of the biggest mathematical problem in the Universe. Every time I go to the green table, I feel like Marco Polo or Cristopher Columbus, I am discovering many and new things.

You can discover the riches and great range of European , French, American and live roulette at my proud sponsor Mr. Green. It is style , class and fascination to play at their tables, but bear in mind that when the trill and passion come to addiction you have to stop. The support of Mr. Green site are always friendly and open to help. I had the idea to tell you what are mine strategies and tips to win, but.. This is a unique surviving, and experience and travel , you have to do by yourself. You have to make your steps and if I am your captain, the passion will not be the same. All I will say is that I am amazed by two numbers 0 and 17 . That’s because you can bet straight on the, splits and when the ball goes on them I feel great satisfaction.

The final lines are here to say something special to you and me. While I was writing this post , I listen to the song of “Faith no more” – Easy. Be easy , be chill and bet to the enigma, bet on your inner inspiration and taste roulette . Roulette has always something to give you and do has a great challenge , even when you guessed a sequence of 20 numbers in a row. Rien ne va plus !!!




Chase the dream – Gonzalo and Jack

Good evening , my mates. I call you this way, because I feel we have a lot in common. Maybe most of you are men, maybe there are women also, I do not know. I am just very happy  and enthusiastic , that the number of the articles is getting bigger and you ,my loyal fans become and visit my site – more and more each day. The main engine of mine and your emotions are bets and sports,but also we have to mention some heroes, some men who gave us a good example.

Each human being is created that way, to dare for more and to want to reach to the stars somehow, somewhere or by any means. Every little boy, same as I did , was wanting to be a pilot or to fly with a rocket , or to be a scientist. Dreams and our inner wishes, are like the wings of an eagle, which we, I emphasize only we , can determine and direct in what exact direction to fly.

Every single dream , that is our companion during the years from our childhood , till we get old and mature is like a brick. We gather a lot of bricks, during these years and decide , how and where to build the house of our confidence. Thus we made a confidence in our selves , we have created a castle, where we put, grow and smile to our biggest dream.  And the main point is to make the first, the big the most hesitating step called:”I made my dream come true”.

Today, actually in Sofia is night , we will speak about two men, about two heroes by them selves, about two persons who dared to face their heroism and to escape from the mud and grey face of the reality. They  saw the flight just before they spread their wings into the face of the upcoming dangers. Their names are Gonzalo and Jack.

Gonzalo Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador , who wanted and went to South America in search of the lost city of El Dorado. The other one, was Jack, commonly known from the fairy tale as Jack and the Bean Stalk. Jack was given a “magic beans” and went to a stalk to the sky, where he took a great fortune and gave it to its step mother. Yes, the giant, found the missing things, but Jack somehow managed to broke the stalk, and they all lived together happily with his step mother for a hundred of years. You may ask me, why I have came this far with a story about two men , who have nothing in common. One of them was a real and existing person, the other was a hero from a brilliant fairy tale, for children. Please, do have patience.

The common thing they have is  that they are offered by my proud sponsor Mr. Green on their platform for slots, and these games have been created by NetEnt. Also the most interesting issue is that both , did not have fear from anything or anyone, they wanted to see their dreams come true. One- to have the glory and to be a hero, another- to escape from poverty and to win versus an evilish and enormously big giant with two heads. They climbed and faced their Everest. Can we also try to do and achieve so ?

Yes , we can do so, while we will be playing on both slot games – Gonzo’s quest and Jack and the Bean Stalk. These are my favorite games for 5 years. Believe me, I have a great experience and played many games, land based and on internet platforms. These two are some kind of masterpieces, not because they are proudly offered from Mr. Green, but because customers and developers of casino games, do love them and play them a lot. I intended to give you a lot of details, but I will leave the mystic from the unknown, to be your leader and guide along the way. While you are playing these games, no matter if you had deposited 100$ or 10000 $ , you are feeling great excitement and do feel the stories of the above mentioned heroes. You become part of one secret, of one creation, that can inspire you and provoke you.

If you are not familiar with your self, whether to place a real money playing it, after you made an account with Mr. Green, you can try to play for free and learn all the ways and steps to success. This was may way. I wish you pleasant night and always remember, every day try to make one of your little dreams come true. Dream big, because you deserve it and the hero always is sneaking behind the corner of your inner power, just wake him up 🙂




Style + class = smooth jazz

Hello , my friends. This is a special story , a true moment , a long lasting taste of unique emotion and experience. We people, are created that way to remember the things that touched our senses and our inner strings.  Every single one of us is like a masterpiece violin , made by the hands of Italians masters. The true stories, the real friends the unique experience moment, are the ones , which produced the best music, which stays forever.

It was not long ago. I was in a special piano bar in my city, gathered with friends, drinking whiskey and listening to a smooth jazz singer. People were speaking in a low voices and were enjoying the music, the atmosphere, all dressed in perfect suits . It may looked a little bit snobbish , but at this places you can feel this music at its essence and to taste some good wines and whiskeys.

The night was getting older, when something happened. Something that stayed forever in our hearts. A moment ,which if I was a painter, would have paint  in green. One big green picture with him in the center of it. When he entered the club all the chats stopped, the singer lowered her voice, all the people attention and eyes were concentrated on him. Who was him? A very tall and modern looking gentleman – dressed in green. We all wanted to see his eyes, but they were covered by his elegant hat.

He stood on the bar , asked for a whiskey and said few words to some friends of his. Ladies were amazed, men felt a little bit jealousy . We were all curios what is his occupation, education? What was his story ? One man of excellence just came and ruined our calm , Friday night life in the club. He gathered all the attention and many question appeared in everyone ‘s heads.

He had a very long and elegant fingers. Probably he was a piano musician ,painter or just coming from the aristocracy to meet the normal people. Believe me, I am a man of great imagination and could not find what his profession might be. After 15 minutes from his arriving, the man dressed in green , came to our table and just gave us a card , his visit card. He went to the singer and asked her to sing a song for all the visitors in the club – Sade with  “Smooth operator “, that was his musical request.  After that he disappeared with a smile on his face.

From that moment on, I am a huge fan of this gentleman and of his deeds. I am fan of style, class and smooth jazz also. I like him a lot because the casino operator he is representing , gives us more then expected :

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  5. Incredible design of the site . Page and casino operator, that welcomes you to its special private territory , where you can play for real or for fun. Just to have the fun and enjoyment to be their honorable guest.

After this words of recommendation, I will share you my point of view , why you should also stay on my side:

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On the last place but not the least, I would like to thank to three Swedish people, the creators of the idea,company and whole the manners of excellence in service , showing us the new horizons of casino games and their most genuine part- excitement and enjoyment. Please give your big  applause to :  Fredrik Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist and Mikael Pawlo. Also here is the right place and time to thank to Mr. Green for being my proud sponsor.