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Ultras – not movie stars and criminals

Hello, dear friends. It is very nice to have a place, where you can share and writhe the things from sports live, that happen and are about to be eternal passion for all generations – previous and future. This post came to my mind very rapidly and did not let me down, till I sat and start writing.

The “Ultras Culture” is something very specific, deep and magical. Only the ones , who have not been in that circle of sport live during the stadium and on the pitch, now what the feeling is. Yes, there are hard core fans  , who are coming to bring violence and destruction in all the phases of the game, which is not correct and appropriate. Today article will be devoted to my favorite team from Italy – SS Lazio and its fans.

When we speak about ultra fans, the first word that comes on my mind is love. Love mixed with great passion, to stand next to your friend on the stadium, to shout and scream from happiness, to cry when your team has beat the rivals from Napoli in the last game from previous season(2-4 for Lazio). After the game, around 500 loyal supporters waited on the training base to congratulate our trainer and the boys with hearts of lions.

Yesterday, Lazio won in Verona , while was losing half time 1-0 but 2 goals from Biglia and Parolo , made the 3 points and victory come to Rome. The spirit of the team is same as the spirit of the public, when they believe in you, fro the very first minute of the game. The real “ultras” I always close to the team. They are like shadows that protect, believe and have faith, that all the time their favorite players and the trainer can beat anyone, and can fight like Roman soldier army.

It was a game in the previous season of Italy, Seria A. The eagles were playing against Inter at home. Both fans of the teams have friendly relationships, but when it is about the victory- friendship stops. The pubic was making noise the whole time of the game, even when Lazio were with 2 red cards and were on the wings of the ultras singing fro the terraces. The most sad thing was when Hernanez , scored the ball behind the net of Berisha. Former Lazio players, was about to cry, but this was reality(now he is playing for Juventus) . The main point here is the public of Lazio.


These people are heroes, they were not one, nut 3 hearts. To make such atmosphere on Olymico and any other stadiums is honor for the payers. They are not movie stars and do not cameras to picture them. Their only weapon is passion , not violence and destruction. Their most powerful way to dominate on their home stadium is their choreography. If you have time, just watch some beautiful and breath -taking pictures , who were something like 20 m length and 80 m height, covering all the Curva Nord. Before every game of the team, the eagle Olympia is making circles on the stadium.

This is the ultra spirit, this is passion and unique and grand love. This is Lazio. Non mollare mai!!!


P.S I forgot to say grand thanks to Mr. Pioli. One of the best trainers SS Lazio have had in the last 15 years.




Weekend jackpot

Good morning, dear friends. The sun is about to appear among the heavy clouds and my mood is wonderful. As like the most weekend before, I am about to give you some free tips form best football Championships in Europe. Saturday is a special day and I will try to give you most of my best efforts and skills.

As I already mentioned in some of the previous posts of mine, I will concentrate on 3 picks, in order to be more effective and not to cause you any financial trouble or damage. Today I had taken one game from UK, Premier League, another from GermanyBundesliga and the last one, a great derby of Italy, Seria A.

Let’s get to work and point out the winning outcomes for today:

  1. TottenhamManchester City : I do not know what really had happened to Harry Kane, may be he got to much star dust over his shoulders. The last game between those two team ended with 0-1 victory for the “citizens”. Today it will be different: Lamella is playing good for the Spurs, City are also team who is thinking to score more, in order to make loyal fans and all the public in front of the TV’s very happy and satisfied. I would advise you to back the over 2.5 goals option, both team to score and also the over corners line. In such games regualrly and usually there are many corners taken.
  2. HamburgerSchalke 04 : when I took Schalke 04 previous year in a prognosis of mine, I was never right. It will be different in this new season. The team is playing very nice , they are in top 5 of the standing ot Bundesliga and not on the last place, they have many and too loyal and mad fans. Hamburger is playing good at home and they will score at leas one goal. I think that the game will end draw or with a win of Schalke 04, both teams will score and there will be goals in the both halves.
  3. NapoliJuventus : what a derby is about to be played in Naples. San Paolo is waiting for a great clash , for a great spectacle , for a show to be remembered and spoken about for a long, long time.  The home team had lost previous season two times by””old segnora”with result 1-3. Now is the perfect time to take revenge. I think and I am also convinced the the teams from Southern Italy will have the win today. Both teams will score and game will be definitely over 2.5 goals one. Also I expect many yellow card to be shown, Juventus are under heavy pressure because of the bad start of the season  in Seria A.

The interesting thing is that I am very passionate when I write posts about predictions. To give someone , something is a special thing. Take the best from the day , including your winning stakes and positive smiles, while celebrating with me at the end of the day and in the beginning of the night.


Bet with me

Hello, dear mates.  Yesterday we had a profitable day and night. Let’s proceed with this streak. I had picked few events for you. I deliberately do not give advice for stakes , because everyone has its single bank and percentage that he can afford.

Let’ s see now what I had prepared for you. I prefer to take not over 2 games from one Championship. I do regularly follow and watch special teams from top countries. Here is what I am speaking about:

  1. SwanseaManchester United : Luis Van Gaal is on the right way with his team and players. We all had seen what and how the “devils” played and the magnificent hat-trick of Wayne Rooney. In this game they ought to have the victory against the “swans”. My opinion is that United will score at least 2 goals. This can give you a hint also for asian handicap lines.
  2. DortmundHertha : what we can say about Dormund. This is one of my top,favorite teams in the world. Everyone has a clear memory what they did previous season in Bundesliga. They were close to relegation and qualified with their last game victory for Europa League. In the same competition few days ago the smashed Odd(Norway) with a basketball result : 7-2. In today game public on Signal Iduna Park will expect many goals from : Abumeyang , Gundogan and Reus. My prognosis is 4-0 win for the team with one of the most “crazy” fans – Borussia Dortmund.
  3. RomaJuventus : all the eyes of the fans in Italy , Europe and world will be focused on this classical derby. Previous year the game ended 1-1 in Roma. This will be a great dule of two very smart trainers : Rudi Garzia and Max Allegri. There are new names in both teams, but the power and energy of this game is huge. My prognosis is for draw result and both teams to score. It will be a spectacular game in “Olympico“.
  4. AZ AlkmaarRoda : when you are betting on Dutch games, there is always alarm for goal/goal situation and at least over 2.5 goals line. Alkmaar had a difficult game with Astra(Giurgiu) , which they won 2-0 for the Europa League qualifications. Today it will be different and they will play with not that big pressure on their shoulders. My prediction is for home team victory and over 2.75 goals line at the end of the match.

Go to you bookie kiosk or open your account and start betting. Today will be a great day for winning. See you very soon.


Outright betting – lack of knowledge or..?

Hello to all. This is an article, which was about to appear long time ago, but I said every time to my self that I am not ready to write it. Now the time has come and let’s try to figure out with mutual efforts this type of betting, which actually is more interesting for the professional punters than to the ordinary bettors.

First of all, in my betting experience I rarely put outright bets. The reason for this is that in football, basketball ( Euroleague and NBA), baseball -seasons are too long and you cannot predict every situation that is about to happen. Most of the people do bet on their favorite team, this is now wring way , but mostly is the mosrt profitable for the bookies. The main clue, the most important reason is to have deep and solid info what is happening with the team on and off the pitch. Usually most memorable and important thing do happen in the Lockersrooms.

I will try to give you some examples with some outright winners , in already finished Championships in Basketball and European football:

1. Real Madrid and its Euroleague title. Real have not won this one for a long period. They were dominating the whole season in Spain and by all reason they finished the season with winning the Euroleague title .

2. Chelsea and the early killed competition in UK , Premier League. Mourinho is type of rare genius, who is eager to win everywhere , everything.Previous season he did not won anything, so the simple logic and the statistical measures do had directed to winning of at least 2 titles, which have happened.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers and the way to the final. This is most probably the event in outright section of bookies , with best turnover. The Lebron mania is something which can be compared with the era of M.Jordan. This product of basketball and marketing is created so , that in order great sales to be made, his current team, could go at least to the final. Congratulations to Stev Kerry and marvelous Warriors, they were just incredible.

4. “Old Segnora” – who had e doubt that they will take the both titles in Italy –Scudetto and Coppa Italia. The good and unexpectedly competition cam from Lazio. The squad from Roma, tried and gave their best to finish third and to try to compete and win against the best in Italy.

5. Zenit Petersburg – the magic from Petersburg. I am very sad for them , because they were very close to eliminate Sevilla in Europa League semi final. Probably one of the best teams in Europa in the last 10 years.It was more than expected , they to be entitled for the Champions in Russia Premier League.

6. Mexico to win the ConcacafGold Cup 2015. I had an article which you may read after this one. Meico and USa were the two favorites, but my opinion is that the pressure came too much on the shoulders on Jurgen Klinsmann boys.

7.Bayern– they always win few months before the end of the  season. The only thing they did not win , was the DFB Pokal. With this layers and the amazing trainer – Pep Guardiola, I do have expectations that they can take this year Champions League.

I hope you like this article and may find it useful for your future outright betting. The main point for me is to be able to sort and deal very delicate with information and to implement it in the most profitable way for you.

Have a wonderful day, dear reader , bettor and friend 🙂