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Good day, dear men and women who like and love sports, betting and different kind of games, who bring us joy and excitement. I was thinking to myself, why and where from I do love and like playing different kind of games with dices. Dices are like poker interpretation of a fast and furious situations , where you feel and experience high level of adrenaline and many dozes of concentration and brain stimulation.

To be stimulated is somehow or sometimes connected with the the sophisticated and gentle provocative sign. Dices tell us the numbers and the episodes that will follow in out lives. Maybe most of you had played backgammon or watched how the eldest did it, with this smart look and eyes concentrated. Figures, numbers on the dices are like the stars in the sky. Yes, you can touch them and dream about them, but what is the exact information they give you and what mystery do they hide deep inside the glamour and the glory they are covered with.

It was one of those nights, when the beer was finished in the fridge, most of the people went to bed , but the sleep was not about to knock at my door. Suddenly someone knocked at my door and brought me a delivery. It was not a huge box, not too heavy and not too light. I put my sign on the document and did not even have a guess what this surprise could be. Surprise always are the fallen stars, which start singing on our shoulders and bring us that prominent flash of lightening, which lightens up our way and give us great satisfaction. The content of the box was – green dandy hat, green glasses and green visits card with a message for a meeting and the exact place and time of it. Only one man was capable of doing and performing such a surprise.

I put the green hat, took the glasses and the visit card and took a cab to the appointed place. I was kindly asked to go down , under the ground level in a big hall, which was all lightened with candles and full with people with the same dress code as mine. They were all drinking champagne and were curious what was all this about. There were also 13 green tables with green cover and with a three big dices on them. What a mind had produced and created such an atmosphere? We were all nervous but the same time astonished and fever was shaking every cell of our bodies. And all these candles around, they were bringing romance and mystery, maybe they were part and key for solving this enigma.

The long wait was interrupted by his presence. He came with a glamour and elegance of Arabic horse, like a prince , like a falling star, who had and has no other choice, except of being the gentleman and dandy of perfect harmony with the rest of the world. He smiled to us and told us the rules and the big price. We were about to play” barbut” for the whole night. It was a game with three dices , the one who makes 5500 point is the winner. The rules were simple – 1 is counted as 100 points, 5 as 50 points , 111 is 1000 points, 666 – you lose all your points ,123 – 200 points, 234 – 300 points, 456 – 500 points,222 – 200 points, 333- 300 points, 555- 500 points . If you make a winning combination you can write it down or continue to roll the dices. I was aware of this game and thought, I could win.

We played the whole night , there was a lot of champagne a lot of laugh and pleasant time and moments. During the whole play, we stayed with the hats and glasses , it was one of the rules. We were all hypnotized by the magic of the dices,by the figures on the sheet, by the candles who were our friends and companions in this memorable night. I was not the winner at the end of the night, but the interesting this was, that all of us won. We won , because we were invited by Mr. Green to participate in this unique tournament. We won, because we learnt a lesson. We learnt something that words could not describe, it is a lesson of all the senses. I told you than I will tell you also now, many thanks for this experience and night Mr.Green. You made all of us to feel special , to be part of your society. To get closer to your sense of live and entertainment, while playing different kinds of games. He might not have been played all the games in the world, but he knows which are the best for you , for me and for us. He is the creator of a wonderful society.

Do you want to join to this society? It is one click away from you. And what was the big win- it was a trip, weekend in Japan. This is all I can say .As you know in Japan playing and betting on everything is a great fun. Take your part of the fun and provoke Mr. Green the way he did with us the other night. He will appreciate all your efforts …..

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Style + class = smooth jazz

Hello , my friends. This is a special story , a true moment , a long lasting taste of unique emotion and experience. We people, are created that way to remember the things that touched our senses and our inner strings.  Every single one of us is like a masterpiece violin , made by the hands of Italians masters. The true stories, the real friends the unique experience moment, are the ones , which produced the best music, which stays forever.

It was not long ago. I was in a special piano bar in my city, gathered with friends, drinking whiskey and listening to a smooth jazz singer. People were speaking in a low voices and were enjoying the music, the atmosphere, all dressed in perfect suits . It may looked a little bit snobbish , but at this places you can feel this music at its essence and to taste some good wines and whiskeys.

The night was getting older, when something happened. Something that stayed forever in our hearts. A moment ,which if I was a painter, would have paint  in green. One big green picture with him in the center of it. When he entered the club all the chats stopped, the singer lowered her voice, all the people attention and eyes were concentrated on him. Who was him? A very tall and modern looking gentleman – dressed in green. We all wanted to see his eyes, but they were covered by his elegant hat.

He stood on the bar , asked for a whiskey and said few words to some friends of his. Ladies were amazed, men felt a little bit jealousy . We were all curios what is his occupation, education? What was his story ? One man of excellence just came and ruined our calm , Friday night life in the club. He gathered all the attention and many question appeared in everyone ‘s heads.

He had a very long and elegant fingers. Probably he was a piano musician ,painter or just coming from the aristocracy to meet the normal people. Believe me, I am a man of great imagination and could not find what his profession might be. After 15 minutes from his arriving, the man dressed in green , came to our table and just gave us a card , his visit card. He went to the singer and asked her to sing a song for all the visitors in the club – Sade with  “Smooth operator “, that was his musical request.  After that he disappeared with a smile on his face.

From that moment on, I am a huge fan of this gentleman and of his deeds. I am fan of style, class and smooth jazz also. I like him a lot because the casino operator he is representing , gives us more then expected :

  1. Perfect customer service. Available for 07:00 till 01 : 00 CET. They are available on chat , phone and e-mail. Always helpful and friendly.
  2. Amazing range of the best casino live slots and roulette games. Believe me , I have large experience in the world of gambling for over 20 years and here , you will find the best choices  and places to have entertainment.
  3. In this place you can adjust 7 days limits per wagering, depositing and losing. This means , that they are aware of your position to have fun, not to lose it all.
  4. They offer the best methods for depositing and withdrawals : Skrill, Neteller, PayPal , Visa/ Master Cards, Paysafecards + Bank transfers.
  5. Incredible design of the site . Page and casino operator, that welcomes you to its special private territory , where you can play for real or for fun. Just to have the fun and enjoyment to be their honorable guest.

After this words of recommendation, I will share you my point of view , why you should also stay on my side:

  1. Mr. Green is 3 times consecutive winner as online casino operator of the year. This is the biggest prize given as per all the efforts of their team and achieving one product , that people like and use.
  2. Amazing rewarding plans and bonuses , including a very good VIP program, with personal VIP manager assigned to you.
  3. They are among the top 50 companies in the EGR magazine classification. These are the top 50 world most reliable companies for online betting .

On the last place but not the least, I would like to thank to three Swedish people, the creators of the idea,company and whole the manners of excellence in service , showing us the new horizons of casino games and their most genuine part- excitement and enjoyment. Please give your big  applause to : Fredrik Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist and Mikael Pawlo. Also here is the right place and time to thank to Mr. Green for being my proud sponsor.