Прогнози за днес

Хубаво е да има квалификации и респективно за Шампионска Лига. За жалост няма български тим в този тур, но така ще е, докато Левски и ЦСКА(София) са далеч от формата и славата си в Европа, в близкото минало.

Подбрал съм 3 мача, които ще ви предложа, за да спечелим заедно днес :

  • Виктория (Пилзин)- Олимпиакос Пирея – чешките тимове играят винаги приличен футбол в европейските турнири. Тук ще заложа на единица и над 2.5 гола в мача. Според мен резултата ще е 2-1 за домакините. Може да се пробва и гол/гол.
  • ПСВ(Айндховен) – Базел – тук пак залагам на домакините и много голове в мача. Коефициентът за единица е 1.5 и е с тенденция да се срине под 1.4 преди да стартира мача. Също ще опитам над 2.5 и над 3.5 гола в двубоя. Все пак играя холандки тим и всички знаем какъв футбол идповядват те.
  • ТНС – Копенхаген – тук очаквам победа с 3 гола разлика за гостите от Дания. Все пак те са редовни участници в груповата фаза на Шампионска лига и ще вземат добър аванс при гостуването си в Уелс.

Where is Argentina?

It is not a good choice not to be a fan of Argentina. I actually like a lot Cristiano Ronaldo, but argentinians player really good football. There are always rumours that Messi is not giving 100% of his capability and football skills. I have and had the same doubt and I am having it right now, soon after the game with Brazil.

it is strange, because there are a lot of people who are having serious arguments who is better Maradona or Messi. I had the chance to watch them both and can say with a hand on my heart that Diego Armando is far more better, when playing with the national team shirt. It was like Maradona was a great inspirator, natural-born leader and motivator. He was able to dribble, run, score and even quarrel with the referrees. He was and is an icon, a living legend.

Messi plays just perfect when he is in Barcelona. The whole team is playing for him. The schemes and tactics are made jus like , he to feel comfortable in all the situations. But in the national team there are another players like : Aguero, Di Maria , Higuain , Lautar Martinez. The sad thing was that Martinez seems to be the new leader in the team . I am not speaking only about his goasl, but also about his presence on the pitch. You can also see what he is doing and how he is performing in his club team Inter(Milano). And for me is a big surprise why Iccardi is not playing in the national team.

Where is Argentina?

  • If we speak as individuals – Argentina is having the best players from all around the globe. You all know their names and the names of their clubs.
  • Messi– he is too old now and he will definitely will not win anything with the national team. It is too sad, but it is true.
  • Icardi, Martinez, Higuain, Aguero and Di Maria – look at the national team of Croatia, they do not have that much stars and were very close to be and become World Champions. There are huge problem in the locker rooms of the south american team. I cannot figure out, how they have not won anything in the already passed 5 years.
  • So Argentina is in the middle on nowhere – they are having plenty of talents and this is it.

Final words: I expect from Chile a lot of heroic performances. I have a slight doubt that Brazil will not win the trophey.