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April 15, 2017

Chelsea till the end

April 15, 2017

Victory at any means….

April 15, 2017

One big derby is about to be played in the next few hours. Derby for pride, honor and most important – points. Points needed for one team to qualify for the next season Europa League stage games.

Yes , you all had recognized what the derby will be and who are the main participants in it : Inter and Milan. Two rivalries who suffer a lot last years. I do not know if the right word , should be crisis or just a sequel of bad decisions made  for a frame of a long period of time. It is sad to see on 6th and 7th position on the standing of Seria A , those two marvelous teams.

At “San Siro” a lot of start will glitter , but only the stars of magnificent players, who will try to fight for the win, the most important stars will be the ones in the eyes of the most devoted fans. Those fans called “ultras” have the faith and the will to stand behind the team, even when the situation is totally out of control.

I can write a lot , but this is a blog for football predictions and mu obligation and pleasure is to share with you my opinion and professional point of view. I will just emphasize on the most reasonable outcomes, which will bring you value and winnings:) :

  1.  Both teams to score – yes : the odds is dropping at the level of 1,5 and before the game it will go to 1.44 I guess. But it deserves  attention in big percentage of stake, lets say 50 % from your maximum bet.
  2. Over 2,5 ; over 2,75 and over 3 goals in the game – my prediction is for 4 goals. The game from the previous stage of the championship ended 2-2. Italy is no longer a territory forbidden for over 2,5 goals games. This time the game will finish 3-1 for “nerradzurri”.
  3. Asian handicap lines for Inter – this will be the game which will save the season for the blues. I suggest you to take with 25% of your maximum stake the following lines : -0,5 ; -0,75 and -1 goals for the so called home team in the derby match. GIgi Dunaruma is a very good player but the boys of Stefano Pioli have nothing to lose and they will pay only for win.
  4. Over 6,5 cards in the game ( odds is 1,66 in bet365)- it is the most reasonable market to bet on. Even if there are no goals or corners, there will be a definitely a lot of yellow card, why not a red card at the some time in the second half. Derby without cards is not a derby at all.
  5. Over 11,5 corners in the game– it seems very confident bet as most of the saves of the goal keeper of Milan, will go for corner. Also corners in the first 5 minutes , yes will lead you to a sure winnings.

The most valuable thing in a derby game is to expect the unexpected. There are also people, who go , bet and shout loud only at these games. My advice is to open a beer, sit in front of the TV and start calculating all the winning predictions, I have given to you.



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