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This time for Liverpool

It is very thrilling when two big teams are playing in Uk, Premier League. Tonight we will watch a great derby in London – Arsenal vs. Liverpool. This is not just a great clash but a duel between two great men and managers.

I am a Chelsea fan and would love to the gunners down at their home pitch – “Emirates| Stadium. But the truth is that the game looks like the perfect draw game with at least two goals scored and both teams at least to score one. The appropriate result looks like 1-1.

Let’s take the game from different perspectives :

  1. Klopp will not lose this derby. He is good enough and his team is playing brilliantly.
  2. Mo Sallah is in a perfect shape with 20 goals scored so far in all the tournaments.
  3. Arsenal scored hard, but do not like to lose games in Emirates. Their last game versus West Ham, 1-0 victory showed that there are many things and aspects of the team performance which need to be changed.
  4. Liverpool has not lost a single game in the last 5 with Arsenal.
  5. Will there be a lot of corners? Definitely yes.
  6. Can Liverpool win here with at least 2 goals difference? This is what I was thinking of before starting to write this post.
  7. Wenger that fox has a lot of tricks and he will try not to love this dramatic game.
  8. Bet all on uner 2,5 goals. I have unders in the games, but this will be definitely and under2,5 goals game.

Wish you happy holidays and many wins in the end of this year and at the beginning of the upcoming 2018.




Birkirkara -stand up for the heroes

This is an article which appears just to say one big “thank you” to those brave 11 players form the humble Maltese team of Birkirkara. They played two brilliant games and just the roulette of penalties, took away the chance to play in the next round of Europa League.

It was a battle of David vs. Goliath. West Ham are far too good team, they have brilliant players and one very good manager in the face of Slaven BIlic , who recently was manager of Besiktas. One of the “hammers” player is favorite of mine during his stay in LazioMauro Zarate. All the stats and mats did say that West Hame will not have any problems with the team from Malta. But what exactly happened:

1. Early goal and the total result was 1-1 from both games.

2. Red card for a player of West Ham in the end of the first half.

3. Second half and extra time, no goals were scored…

4. The roulette of penalties … The better team , did not win:(

5. This is why we love football.

Hands up and hats down for those 11 heroes of Malta. Good job lads, you showed the world that humble teams can do a lot and can make people talk for they grand games for a long time.