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Love to ..bet

It is funny how the world goes around. Usually when we speak about planets we imagine balls. The oval shape, which describes the magic, the live and the eternal spirit of each human being to perfection. Perfection and beauty : these words stay behind each of the most dramatic, loved and amazing sports in our times.

Yes,  I am speaking about: football, basketball and tennis. Among this sports I will put casino -roulette. As the ball in roulette is the most eminent player. When the ball will find and land in the correct number, which symbolises : birth date, number of favourite player or just the zero sector and the glory of birth and death.

So this article is not a poem or something in deep connection with literature, So I will try to emphasise on the aspects of my point of view- why I love to bet:

  1. Just I love the numbers and odds – 1,5 , 3.5 , 11 and 21. Why not 1.95 on 1.95 the lines on low margin for NBA games in pinnacle. Numbers are like the symbols of eternal search. Search of dominance and winning stakes…
  2. When the ball is moving ? You know in tennis, basket and football that dynamics of the ball is a function of many qualities of the players.. Recently I watch and bet a lot on tennis. What we see there: huge athletes show their precise and gentle hits. They are flirting with the ball in some kind of a weird way, but this is the drama and the suspense. This is the reason why millions of people play and bet on this game.
  3. Basketball – my first and never ending love. When I watch and bet on basket, I am like totally hypnotised. It is all about maths and powers of impossible to predict events, baskets, blocks, assists and breath taking lay-ups, slams or halley-ups. It is the magic of everything concentrated in a small playground with 10 super athletes. It is just gorgeous..
  4. Football – it is a crazy competition for goals, cards and corners. First of all I love the crowd, the crazy shouting fans , who come to demons and then fell on their seat exhausted if their favourite team failed to win….
  5. Casino-roulette –  it is a flirt with the ball and the numbers : small ones, dozens, big ones and her majesty – the green goddess “zero”.  I never placed bets on colour, just some logical stakes. Roulette playing is like participating in a tour of Formula 1. The speed of all the emotions could lift you up to a heaven or hell. In all that time of high adrenalin, you feel your self in another dimension and level.

Words can be a good fellows or sometimes they turn back and kill you softly. I think in those post, they help us both. Tell me why you love to bet? Where your passion comes from ? Be good and stake with reasonable amounts :):):)


Grigor Dimitrov

I want to say few words about Grigor Dimitrov. He is making a very good and impressive year in tennis. Is it because of his new trainer or because he is growing old and somehow his mentality is changing, we will see. In this article I will speak about human qualities, not for the professional ones.

I will get straight to the points, I do not want to lose mine and your time:

  1. Baby Fed – this is why I have put this pic for the post. This comparison maybe gave too much star dust and megalomania to the spirit and thinking of Grisho. Federer is humble and concentrate man,
  2. Bulgaria above all – your country  always stays on the top of everything. It does not matter if it is about money, fame, women and whatsoever. Dimitrov resigned to take part one year ago in the same tourney Garanti koza as this year, he won the same one. This was a very big mistake of his. There are children who admire him, and which tears I saw, when he told to the media, that he will not come. One month later he went to Istanbul for a tourney of the same ranking. You , dear readers can make the conclusion.
  3. To speak your own language – I am ashamed of the way he is speaking Bulgarian, he is born here, studied here and yes he is now training in USA, but.. What example this would be for the small children. He has to be the best ambassador of the country.
  4. Cheering the fans – you know how Djokovic is treating the fans, what a good and smiley man he is. He always is speaking Serbian , congratulating them and staying for a long time, in order for the fans to take pics. Grisho is like a snobbish star, who does not have time for this things.
  5. In the Olympics – most of his team maters from another sports, said that he is not looking at them , never cheering them up and somehow feeling ashamed. This is ridiculous and a gesture of total stupidity. They are all there for one goal, to defend their pride and the pride of their country.
  6. If you want to be American – just be : you can change your passport and be an American. All your deeds show that you are ashamed from your origin. But , I would like to remind you, that you are what you are now, just because of it. Because you breathe the air of honored man and women in this sacred land, because you are writing on the one of the first alphabets – Cyrillic. And when there were not too many countries in the world , Bularia was the 4ht in Europe and we had civilization and on the place of your favorite America, were only Indians.

You may think , that there is too much hatred in this post. NO, these are my thoughts and opinion. I am watching every step of this tennis player. And in a conclusion I will give one example. When you go to Belgrade, there are many big, very big posters of Novak Djokovic– he is also living and training abroad, but he would rather die , but never betray his country.


Old man is back !

Good day , dear fans of tennis. I must apologize to all of you, who have not seen recently articles about this wonderful sport. Recently one big tourney has ended and one old man showed to the world , how the things are right and precisely to be done 🙂

I have to admit that I watched almost all the games in the wonderful Australian Open 2017 tennis tournament. There was one game which directed the bets and the eyes of the professional critics in this sport. It was Nishikori vs. Federer. Here is the time mad space to tell, that I am a huge fan of Rafa Nadal, but the only one who stands next to him in grandeur and in the spot of the lights of the cameras is the Swiss Genius – Fed man 🙂 I do not know if there is any so complex player who can hit the ball that smart, that even referees lose their breath and attention. He is the big master of back hand with one arm and he is so damn concentrated. In the game with Nishkori he made things from other planet. I am watching tennis for nearly 30 year and cannot remember such incredible performance.

Yes, Roger is old. But you now the sentence of old and gold. Now he see how gold is he. The old man revealed all his potential, capacity and soldier spirit.. This 36 years old man, was moving like a 18 years old youngster, like this was his first tourney , he want to win and to gain attention of the public. Yes, he won his 18th title  from Grand Slam Competition and this is gorgeous. But the most important is the grace and the genius hits of the ball, he did all the games.

About the final, who ever dreamed of better one? The old friends and furious enemies on the court . Those two men are like two lions, who have that sports hatred and talent. They remind me a lot about Agassi and Sampras. In those competition true man and real friendships got born. There are moment in life, when you are waiting to see such suspense, show or even performance , that moment which you will share with your children and best friends. For that moment we love and die for watching tennis.

On the last place, I like to say special thanks to Mr. Federer. No one was thinking he will made to the final or even to win it. He showed that talent has no age motivation has heart and will for success is the main moment to keep winning and showing to the world, that if you are on the feet, stood up and focused, no power or top tennis players can stop you. His determination is motivating , not only for me, I guess for you and for all the fans around. One last word before it go. If you remember there was a slogan , when he was playing : “Shht , genius at work .. ”



My precious

Good morning , dear friends. In my city is snowing and I can assure you, that this is the most beautiful thing on earth. Why not to say it is one of the marvels of nature and God . When speaking of marvels, all of us have noticed one of the miracles on the Universe, that is changing , interfering and smoothly manipulating our lives. This is the little painter, that has the powers to create masterpieces.

When you are about to create or to make something, you got to have direction, idea and motivation. You got to have will, to more rocks, stones and giants who will appear along your way. You got to be stronger than your will, than your inner spirit and conviction , that the way you have taken is the right one. Maybe some of you had made an association with the head of the article with the movie and the book “Lord of the ring”, but this is not the main essence of this post 🙂

When you have direction, idea and motivation, you would also like to benefit from your idea? Benefit is a simple word  with many meanings. For different people money and great means are the symbol of success. Maybe this is right, but maybe there is a pearl, a diamond that is more precious then money…

For me is just simple. I want to have enough time to write, to spend with my family, to go to different destinations in different continents. I just like to be the ruler and king of my time, but it does not happen always as I want to..Let me show you my points of view about the precious and utmost power of its majesty ” TIME” :

  1. Time and space are own place, our home. Yes, we live in a wonderful planet , but just imagine how many planets are out there. Time is the connection between dreams, reality and new horizons.
  2. Timing in sports – lets give two examples with tennis and basketball. In tennis you have to know , feel and be able to have the right timing and to decide what to do in small parts of a second, no matter if it is a service or a winning smash. In basketball you have all the zones and periods of game dependent on time. 24 seconds for attacking, 3 seconds to stay in the penalty field, 8 seconds to move the ball from your field to the opponents, to score a buzzer-beater in the last second. Timing is the king of beauty in this magnificent sports.
  3. Start with no end- have you asked myself which is the eternal dimension, which is the one and only perpetum mobile, which is the winner in all games?? I will answer you this way – just see the pyramids and the sphynx . Time is the winner , it is like immortal Michael Jordan, who is slam dunking in our face and with its smile, tell us that we can try to understand it, but we will fail to understand it , as we are all mortal.
  4. Seasons – the clothes of time . The best clothes , that fit you give you the outstanding performance. As per the season we have to harmonize our lives, thinking and motivation. Even when the temperatures are sub zero , we can create miracles.
  5. The best investment – for me and most probably to all of you, the best spent time is the one that give you satisfaction. Good ideas , provoked and implemented in the right time, are the milestones for a secure success. For me the best time to create and invest in my talents is early in the morning and late at night.
  6. Time measures all the important thing and memories in our lives.  If we know and try how to treat it right, time can come on our side. Maybe I am speaking here about poker players, casino players, punters , bettors on live events.. You have the right to think , the best way you can and want.
  7. Time is the main reason for existing of this blog. I wanted to have one, but I was hesitating. I wanted to write , but did not know and was not quite sure how all the idea will look like. I asked my questions to “time” and we come to a conclusion , that if you want really fro your heart one thing to happen and a dream to come true, there will be always time to sit and work for it. If you do not welcome your time as a friend, it will definitely become your enemy.

It is very comfortable and cozy to sit and create, to write about the things you like and love. I would like to thank to my “time”,which helped me out to understand many things. How you are treating and investing yours?




Djokovic vs. “The World”

Good morning, dear friends. Yesterday there were many qualification games played for different tournaments – Europe and World Cup competition- who will qualify. But actually I was impressed by the game of Djokovic played against Isner.

What we had seen in this game? It was obvious that Isner suffered a lot from the smart passing shots, diagonals and counter-attacks of the Serbian. Actually it was a game between two giants, not only big man , but tennis players who have that power in serving and hitting the ball, that they almost could kill some one. The interesting thing here is while I was watching Djokovic , I did see some of the best moves and tricks from his opponents now and during the years.

If you want to be a good tennis player, you have to move very soft, to hit hard and to be that fast with the legs, like Mohammad Ali in the previous times of like Mike Tyson, you have to be having string wings , which will move your legs right after the ball. Djokovic is a complex machine. He has everything and had learnt a lot during the past 5 years. Let’s me show you things from my point of view:

  1. He was that precise and sharp as Federer in his young age. To be able to do and take best from the situation is very rare quality. This quality belongs simply to geniuses.
  2. He is now strong enough as Nadal, Murry and Kevin Anderson. That power , gives hi the strength to control the game in every aspect and details, no matter if he is on losing or winning run.
  3. His service became sharper and stronger and productive for aces. Boris Becker was a good player, obviously he is also one of the best trainers nowadays.
  4. Concentration – I will tell you this way, the concentration of good players helps them to see situations and game as a whole from different angles. The same is in chess, football, poker, basketball. Djokovic is smart and intelligent enough to be good in some other sports ,not only in tennis.
  5. 6-2 , 6-2 : when you see that result in tennis , you think that other player was injured or not motivated enough. The reason was that Djokovic is playing tennis from another dimension, from another universe.
  6. People, fan and supporters like him a lot. I saw the crowd yesterday in Beijing, they were crazy about him. Around the big players, there is some kind of magic around them.
  7. Let’s say big applause for Isner. He is not a bad tennis player. He is in the top of the standings for aces in tennis for all times. But when you have a perfectly shaped, conditioned and motivated machine- you are not able to do anything , than losing with a head up .

I was going to give you some football pick, but changed my mind, while I was thinking about the tennis game in Beijing. I am actually a fan of Nadal, but he will not soon be in the shape we are all used to see him in. The Serbian is born 575 km from where I am now writing this post and maybe we have something common. While I am sitting and writing the idea came to my mind. What we have in common is- passion.  He has it for playing and winning in tennis, I have it to write for those who inspire and provoke me to write each time for the best of mankind invention- sports. Keep being the best Nole, I feel sad about Nadal and Grigor Dimitov , but when we have geniuses and smart players, all we have to do is show  them respect and admiration.


Sports madness

Hello, dear all. It is raining in my country and I am very positive about how we will grow up. I say “we”  , because without you, my blog would have gone away, long time ago. Writing is not just a pleasure , it is an adrenaline that does not let you down till you finished your post, or until the last word of idea that is coming regularly to your mind and dreams.

The dream come trough is when you watch, participate, feel, love, adore and cannot live without sports. In my daily routine I do practice fitness, basketball and table tennis. It is no need to explain you what energy you have and how powerful you feel after practicing the most beloved sports. It does not matter from the age or from your social status, but sports are the most valuable motive and scenario, which helps us to survive during the long way called life and freedom.

Have you ever thought that the most free people are the mad ones, they do not obey rules and do follow directions , whispered by their inner voice. We have come today to speak about sports madness and how I had such one several years ago. It was a crazy decision taken by impulse and I never regret about it. I gave myself a word , that I will watch sports events for 24 hours, no matter of the sport, no matter of where the event is watched – PC or TV, just watching and obtaining emotions .During that process , I tried to keep all of my senses open, because afterwards, I was about to make an analysis.

This day was a sunny Saturday morning. I started with football from South Korea, with the morning coffee. The next episode was a game from Japan, J-League 2.( When you are totally in love with sports, the time just passes like that, like a blink of an eye, or just a click with  fingers). The third game was Philippine’s basketball game(in this country, they do play very nice and interesting games, with many players from US and the rules of NBA ). On the scene came the early game from UK, Premier League on the TV. There are moment, when you just hear how the fans are singing. I have my favorite moments , when I listen to fans singing from Italy, UK ,Germany,Japan and Argentina. The most memorable thing is that they sing not only during the time-play of the game , they sing even before and after it. The feeling is gorgeous. It was time to change the sports and watch some tennis. I love Nadal, Rafa, This is the guy who knows how to play not only in clay. He has very smart hits and is moving like a tiger all around the corner, chasing every hard ball accepted. In my opinion there are top 5 best tennis player for all time – Nadal,Djokovic, Federer , Agassi and Sampras.  Suddenly , I felt interest to watch football again and switched the TV on Eurosport for a German, Bundesliga game. I have to say big thanks and to ask you to move your hats down for the fans of Borussia Dortmund ,Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich. In all of the games of these teams, I had watched, they were that noisy , that the feeling was as you have been in the center of volcano or like storm going strong. During the time of that marathon, I tried not to be for a long period away from my source of sports madness.It was 20:05 and was about time for the early game in NBA. When I watch basketball, I do totally crazy. I begin to shout , to jump , to say bad words 🙂 I am totally in the game. I love this game and most magical and amazing team is when the ball goes in the basket, trough the net. Three hours later , there was another game from the best basketball Championship all around the globe. I watched a lot and decided till 09:00 in the morning on the next day to watch only baseball. It was not long ago, when I traded baseball. It is not that popular here , in Europe, but it is a sport with a special magic and blaze of glory.

After the final game ended , it was time to mane an analysis, about what was the feeling during that 24 hours marathon in watching different sports:

  1. My mind was full with new impressions and ideas. My eyes were hurting , but it did not matter. I was happy.
  2. Sports is some special world, when you are in the deep parts of it, you never want to leave it or to stay away from it. I was one with fans, with players and trainers.
  3. I was united with ball, net , bat and the spirit of the different games. I watched the eyes and the strategies in different games , no matter if they were individual or team ones including.
  4. I watched every game in a different language . But the most powerful and inspiring thing is that the language of sport is one and it is unified. If you are in love with what you watch and practice , you perfectly realize what and how is happening.
  5. My adrenaline was on an unknown level. This was what I wanted to achieve, to jump that high in order to get to a new orbit. I love that orbit and that place.

Actually, my dear friends, I introduced you to a small part of my universe. I guess, you liked being part of it. If I was not in deep love with sports, we might never had met each other. The pleasure is all mine . See you in the next post. Be mad for every thing that you do, in order to shine not just to glitter 🙂



Djokovic vs. Federer (genius at work)

Two great men, two heroes,two symbols of modern tennis will meat each other at the final of Wimbledon 2015.

Djokovic was brilliant against Gasqye. Federer did not let any hope to Murray with plays of high class.

Tennis on grass is something very special and unique. There are few chosen on the planet who can play perfectly well at these  conditions. Ball is faster,options for injuries are bigger.

As a tipster and bettor my advice for you is to take the over 3.5 sets line and over games line in this brilliant final,which will soon bega.

As a conclusion,I would picj Djokovic as the winner in the game. He is younger,faster and hes got that determination to fight for every single ball and point in the set. Beker is probably the best choice for trainer. Both Djokovic and Beker made a “killing”duo ,who will rule the empire of tennis for along years period.


Djokovic is good(God)

Anyone of you who had seen the game from Wimbledon man session yesterday, between Djokovic and Kevin Anderson, would have gone crazy and out of mind and explanation. Djokovic turned back, after loosing 0-2 sets and made the game to go to last 5th set and even took it with 7-5 games.

The conclusion after this game, especially for me , is that Djokovic is hell of a good player. What he did is a bravery. I had watched many wonderful men and women, but he did the incredible things and made returns and plays, that only Gods are only capable of.

Just or the stats after Kevin Anderson took the first 2 sets, he did have 16 aces. It is also magnificent, meaning that you are playing versus the best, and you would have been capable to lay on a 150% of your abilities. Than Djokovic revived and took the other 2 sets : 6-1 and 6-4, and than darkness fallen down.

Second part of this dramatic game, was played yesterday. Everyone of the players took the game, he was serving in. Than Djokovic made a break and you perfectly know what happened at the end. All the crowd on the central court + all the fans in front of the TV ‘s were on their legs , shouting probably for the best tennis player ever born.

Actually I am a keen fan of Rafael Nadal, but after many injuries he had , he is not the same machine and magnificent “maestro” as he was back in the days. Federer is the genius, who never does sleep and he also has one of the most precise backhands and forehands. Andy Murray is gaining confidence with every game he plays. Dimitrov changed his trainer.

Among this wonderful tennis players, there is one name who is shining that bright, that could be seen and recognized in the whole universe – Djokovic . He is definitely a human, but the grand and marvelous plays , he made in his match with K. Andersson were blessed by God.

Let’s hope we could watch the magnificence of the Serbian player for many years ahead..





Wimbledon – masterpieces on grass

The oldest tennis tourney is about to start just in a day. All the worlds critics , fans, trainers and players are filled with passion and eagerness to see, applause, win and cheer for all the nice and breath taking moments that soon will conquer the world.

I do not know about you, but when sports are played on grass it is a different feeling and emotion. There is some kind of miracle and a piece of magic when the ball hits the white lines on the grass i.e like in tennis, baseball,football, american football etc.

This tourney will answer many questions. Is Djokovic too good enough and will he have any competition till the final? Can Grigor Dimitrov make it to the semi-final, why not to the final? Is Federer too old and tired to make something to remember in London? When Nadal will show his great power and the skills we were used to see from him ? Will Sharapova be able to attack the second place in WTP standing? Will Petra Kvitova have the title again, as she did in 2014?

Let me tell you what my expectations are . I think that Djokovic will take the men’s title , as he is playing tennis from another planet. The choice he made , with exquisite trainer and former player Boris Beker, gave him all the discipline, sharp and strong hits , that guarantees number one place in the ranking for a long period. Grigor Dimitrov can do someting here, as he was Champion in the youth format of the tourney few years ago. Roger Federer will be the leader, sneaking in the shadows and trying to take the maximum here. Andy Murray has the advantage of the home crowd, which is not to be underestimated.

As per women, I have a doubt between Sharapova and Kvitova. Williams is not that good on grass. Much of the surprises in this tourney , I expect in the women pool.

About the doubles, I think Bryan brother will make their best effort to have the title this year. Their main competition will be the winning double from previous years : Vasek Pospisil and Jack Sock.

It will be a wonderful tourney, no one has a doubt about it. We will watch , bet and shout for our favorite tennis players. What I can wish you is never lose your focus and try to watch the tournament from the very singe game.

Take the best from this marvelous Sunday.


Balls or numbers

Hello, dear mates. It is starting to get very interesting having a blog and sharing different feelings about the world of betting and sports as a whole. This magic keeps us passionate, leave us without sleep or make us cry from great and indescribable joy.

As from my point of view , every single game looks like a sequel and row of figure, numbers, possibilities, odds and percentages.This is just because I am for too long time in the industry and had changed my mind above the limits .

The most interesting and intriguing sports are the ones with balls : football, basketball ,volleyball, tennis, baseball, handball , snooker , rugby , cricket , american football etc. I will try to explain you, how every single game from any of these sports, looks from my points of view:

1. When it comes to football it is a great range of numbers. When you see the starting line ups , you start thinking about the first things to happen : corner in the first 5 minutes , card in the first 5 minutes, odds for the ball possession for the both halves, percentage of accurate shots on goal who will have more corners, will the underdog score first . When you know the performances of the most valuable team players, you just count and calculate all the outcomes and odds of all the events of the game , that you have on your mind.

2. Baseball – when you know the starting pitchers, you start to think when the first home run will be scored and automatically there is an odd and definitely and possibility when it will happen. You have thoughts on you mind over or under i.e 6.5 runs will there be in the game. When you think of possibilities, you transfer the mathematical and statistical way into the odds you perfectly are aware of : fractional, decimal, american.

3. Handball – the main players there are the goal keepers. Here you have Asian handicap and over/under line. Regularly in the sports with balls and many players, you have first to see the best and the worst of them,this is the main key to calculate the correct outcome of any market.

4. Snooker -this is close game to poker. Snooker player are much alike like poker and chess ones. They have in their heads geometry of every single shot and possibilities , percentages. Snooker players, poker players and chess player could be on of the best traders and punters in the betting industry.

5. Rugby – it is something difficult . You have to have deep knowledge in order to calculate all the issues and outcomes.

6. Cricket -for some people it is “terra-incognita”, but it is one of the most intriguing game. Yes, the game usually takes to long, but when there is a wicket scored it makes all the fans and public wake-up.

7.Basketball – this is probably after the baseball, the sport with the biggest stats for everything. When you see the starting line-ups  , you just start to imagine : rebounds made, free throws percentages,3 points attempted and scored , method of first basket in the game, over/under lines for quarters and for the game as a whole, who will be the player with most assists, which team will have most turnovers…

8.Volleyball and tennis – this games depend on the service. In tennis , you have a second chance , but in volleyball service has to be precised and very powerful. Tennis is also a scene and field of mathematics, odds and percentages are also calculated upon the form of the player and how is playing forehand, backhand , on the net and from the back of the court. In volleyball, main part plays the blocks of the defense.

9. American football– the thing here comes from the quarter backs, they are the engines of the teams.Without a good quarterback , you can not score good touch down , have steals and fetch the attention of the public. As form previous lines we can compare quarter back to snooker, chess and poker players.

I hope you liked this article. At the end of the day, no matter losing or winning, the main principle is to have fun. I like many sports and also the figures and possibilities that stands behind the scene.

Have the best day in your life today. See you soon …………………..