Love to

ernandez - July 28, 2017

It is funny how the world goes around. Usually when we speak about planets we imagine balls. The oval shape, which describes the magic, the live and the eternal spirit of each human being to perfection. Perfection and beauty : these words stay behind each of the most dramatic, loved and amazing sports in our times. Yes,  I am speaking about: football, basketball and tennis. Among this sports I will put casino -roulette. As the ball in roulette is the most eminent player. When the ball will find and land in the correct number, which symbolises : birth date, number of favourite player or just the zero sector and the glory of birth and death. So this article is not a poem or something in deep connection with literature, So I will try to emphasise on the aspects of my point of view- why I love to bet: Just I love the numbers and odds – 1,5 , 3.5 , 11 and 21. Why not …

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Grigor Dimitrov

ernandez - March 12, 2017

I want to say few words about Grigor Dimitrov. He is making a very good and impressive year in tennis. Is it because of his new trainer or because he is growing old and somehow his mentality is changing, we will see. In this article I will speak about human qualities, not for the professional ones. I will get straight to the points, I do not want to lose mine and your time: Baby Fed – this is why I have put this pic for the post. This comparison maybe gave too much star dust and megalomania to the spirit and thinking of Grisho. Federer is humble and concentrate man, Bulgaria above all – your country  always stays on the top of everything. It does not matter if it is about money, fame, women and whatsoever. Dimitrov resigned to take part one year ago in the same tourney Garanti koza as this year, he won the same one. This was a very big mistake of …

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Old man is back !

ernandez - February 4, 2017

Good day , dear fans of tennis. I must apologize to all of you, who have not seen recently articles about this wonderful sport. Recently one big tourney has ended and one old man showed to the world , how the things are right and precisely to be done 🙂 I have to admit that I watched almost all the games in the wonderful Australian Open 2017 tennis tournament. There was one game which directed the bets and the eyes of the professional critics in this sport. It was Nishikori vs. Federer. Here is the time mad space to tell, that I am a huge fan of Rafa Nadal, but the only one who stands next to him in grandeur and in the spot of the lights of the cameras is the Swiss Genius – Fed man 🙂 I do not know if there is any so complex player who can hit the ball that smart, that even referees lose their breath and attention. He …

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My precious

ernandez - January 16, 2016

Good morning , dear friends. In my city is snowing and I can assure you, that this is the most beautiful thing on earth. Why not to say it is one of the marvels of nature and God . When speaking of marvels, all of us have noticed one of the miracles on the Universe, that is changing , interfering and smoothly manipulating our lives. This is the little painter, that has the powers to create masterpieces. When you are about to create or to make something, you got to have direction, idea and motivation. You got to have will, to more rocks, stones and giants who will appear along your way. You got to be stronger than your will, than your inner spirit and conviction , that the way you have taken is the right one. Maybe some of you had made an association with the head of the article with the movie and the book “Lord of the ring”, but this is not …

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Djokovic vs. “The World”

ernandez - October 10, 2015

Good morning, dear friends. Yesterday there were many qualification games played for different tournaments – Europe and World Cup competition- who will qualify. But actually I was impressed by the game of Djokovic played against Isner. What we had seen in this game? It was obvious that Isner suffered a lot from the smart passing shots, diagonals and counter-attacks of the Serbian. Actually it was a game between two giants, not only big man , but tennis players who have that power in serving and hitting the ball, that they almost could kill some one. The interesting thing here is while I was watching Djokovic , I did see some of the best moves and tricks from his opponents now and during the years. If you want to be a good tennis player, you have to move very soft, to hit hard and to be that fast with the legs, like Mohammad Ali in the previous times of like Mike Tyson, you have to be …

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Sports madness

ernandez - October 8, 2015

Hello, dear all. It is raining in my country and I am very positive about how we will grow up. I say “we”  , because without you, my blog would have gone away, long time ago. Writing is not just a pleasure , it is an adrenaline that does not let you down till you finished your post, or until the last word of idea that is coming regularly to your mind and dreams. The dream come trough is when you watch, participate, feel, love, adore and cannot live without sports. In my daily routine I do practice fitness, basketball and table tennis. It is no need to explain you what energy you have and how powerful you feel after practicing the most beloved sports. It does not matter from the age or from your social status, but sports are the most valuable motive and scenario, which helps us to survive during the long way called life and freedom. Have you ever thought that the …

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Djokovic vs. Federer (genius at work)

ernandez - July 11, 2015

Two great men, two heroes,two symbols of modern tennis will meat each other at the final of Wimbledon 2015. Djokovic was brilliant against Gasqye. Federer did not let any hope to Murray with plays of high class. Tennis on grass is something very special and unique. There are few chosen on the planet who can play perfectly well at these  conditions. Ball is faster,options for injuries are bigger. As a tipster and bettor my advice for you is to take the over 3.5 sets line and over games line in this brilliant final,which will soon bega. As a conclusion,I would picj Djokovic as the winner in the game. He is younger,faster and hes got that determination to fight for every single ball and point in the set. Beker is probably the best choice for trainer. Both Djokovic and Beker made a “killing”duo ,who will rule the empire of tennis for along years period.  

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Djokovic is good(God)

ernandez - July 8, 2015

Anyone of you who had seen the game from Wimbledon man session yesterday, between Djokovic and Kevin Anderson, would have gone crazy and out of mind and explanation. Djokovic turned back, after loosing 0-2 sets and made the game to go to last 5th set and even took it with 7-5 games. The conclusion after this game, especially for me , is that Djokovic is hell of a good player. What he did is a bravery. I had watched many wonderful men and women, but he did the incredible things and made returns and plays, that only Gods are only capable of. Just or the stats after Kevin Anderson took the first 2 sets, he did have 16 aces. It is also magnificent, meaning that you are playing versus the best, and you would have been capable to lay on a 150% of your abilities. Than Djokovic revived and took the other 2 sets : 6-1 and 6-4, and than darkness fallen down. Second part …

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Wimbledon – masterpieces on grass

ernandez - June 28, 2015

The oldest tennis tourney is about to start just in a day. All the worlds critics , fans, trainers and players are filled with passion and eagerness to see, applause, win and cheer for all the nice and breath taking moments that soon will conquer the world. I do not know about you, but when sports are played on grass it is a different feeling and emotion. There is some kind of miracle and a piece of magic when the ball hits the white lines on the grass i.e like in tennis, baseball,football, american football etc. This tourney will answer many questions. Is Djokovic too good enough and will he have any competition till the final? Can Grigor Dimitrov make it to the semi-final, why not to the final? Is Federer too old and tired to make something to remember in London? When Nadal will show his great power and the skills we were used to see from him ? Will Sharapova be able to …

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Balls or numbers

ernandez - June 9, 2015

Hello, dear mates. It is starting to get very interesting having a blog and sharing different feelings about the world of betting and sports as a whole. This magic keeps us passionate, leave us without sleep or make us cry from great and indescribable joy. As from my point of view , every single game looks like a sequel and row of figure, numbers, possibilities, odds and percentages.This is just because I am for too long time in the industry and had changed my mind above the limits . The most interesting and intriguing sports are the ones with balls : football, basketball ,volleyball, tennis, baseball, handball , snooker , rugby , cricket , american football etc. I will try to explain you, how every single game from any of these sports, looks from my points of view: 1. When it comes to football it is a great range of numbers. When you see the starting line ups , you start thinking about the first …

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